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Our darken'd hearts illume with day, Our souls' defilements purge away, The band of conscious guilt unbind, And lighten the sin-burden'd mind.

Such favour, Lord, of Thee we pray, Thy blessing on this closing day, Sole Sovereign of the heavenly host, Thee Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Morning Hymn for Thursday

Æterna cæli gloria

O ETERNAL praise of heaven,
Blessed Hope to mortals given,
Partner of the Father's throne,
Thou the Virgin-born alone ;

Grant us, as from sleep we rise, Healthful thoughts to scale the skies, And to God with ardour raise

Due return of thankful praise.

By the star of morning led,

Lifts the sun his orient head :

Rescued from the gloom of night,
Lighten us with holy light.

Grant it in our hearts to dwell,
Thence the world's dark shades expel;
And through each succeeding time

Cleanse our breasts from taint of crime.

There may

Faith first strike her root,
Hope, with joy's delightful fruit,
And, the greatest of the three,
Thine own handmaid, Charity.

Hymning thus our matin lay,
Son of God, to Thee we pray ;
And join with Thine through endless days
The Father's and the Spirit's praise.


Evening Hymn for Thursday

Magnæ Deus potentiæ

God of all nature, great and good,
Who gavest the flood-engender'd brood,
Some in their liquid bed to lie,
And some to soar the lofty sky ;

Form’d or beneath the wave to swim,
Or the thin air uplifted skim,
Sprung from one stock, each varied race
Fills his appointed dwelling-place.

Meet grace to all Thy servants show;
Be theirs no lapse of guilt to know,
Cleansed by the blood, salvation's spring,
Nor bear of death the lingering sting.

Be none deprest by wilful fault,
Let none vain-glorious thoughts exalt,
Lest the weak mind, destruction's thrall,
O’erburden'd sink, o'ervaulting fall.

So be Thy will, Great Father, done,
And Thine, the well-beloved Son;
And Thine, who reign'st in union meet,
Spirit of life, blest Paraclete.

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