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Evening Hymn for Tuesday

Telluris alme Conditor

ALL-BOUNTEOUS Framer of the earth,
Thou who the seas, her kindred birth,
Didst drive apart; and give to stand
High o'er the flood the solid land :

That thence might spring the tender shoot,
The colour'd flower, the pleasant fruit;
The grass, her future tribes to feed;
And, wrapt in each, its genial seed:

The wounds of the diseased soul

Make thou with gracious freshness whole :

That she her sins in tears may steep,
Her lusts in due subjection keep;

To Thy commands allegiance pay;
From all that's evil turn away ;
At all that's good with pleasure glow;
Nor the keen sting of dying know.

So be Thy will, O Father, done;
And Thine, Co-equal only Son ;
And Thine, who sharest the imperial seat,
Spirit of life, blest Paraclete.


Morning Hymn for Wednesday

Consors paterni luminis

CONSORT of paternal light,

Light of Light, essential day,
Bidding farewell to the night,

Lo! to Thee we sing and pray.

Chase the darkness from the mind,

Chase the powers of night afar; Let not sleep our senses bind,

Nor the sluggish spirit mar.

Christ, behold with kind regard,

What to Thee in faith we bear; Let the morning hymn be heard,

Herald to the morning prayer.

Prayer and hymn receive, addrest

To Thy Father, and to Thee, And Thy Holy Spirit blest,

Reigning to eternity.



Evening Hymn for Wednesday

Cæli Deus sanctissime

THRICE Holy Sovereign of the sky,
Who o'er the lucid tracts on high
Thy fleecy brightness dost diffuse,
And paint them with thy beauteous hues :

Thou who along the expanse of air Didst wheel the sun's refulgent car, Ordain the moon's perpetual course, And curb the planets' wandering force :

Apt in their motions to divide
The morning from the evening tide;
And by each season's noted sign
The days, and months, and years define :

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