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That, when He the day shall close,

And the night successive bring, We, triumphant o'er our foes,

May our hymn of glory sing ;

Glory, Sire of all, to Thee;

And to Thee, Co-equal Son, With the Spirit, glory be;

One in Three, and Three in One.


Evening Hymn for Monday

Immense cæli Conditor

ALL-PRESENT Framer of the sky,
Who spread'st the firmament on high,
And badest the parted waters flow,
The broad expanse above, below;

Each to the space, for each assign'd,
By Thee in heaven and earth confined,
The heats by moisture to allay,
Lest earth's parch'd soil they waste away :

Pour out Thy Spirit, and embue
Our hearts with Thy perpetual dew;
Lest the deep taint of early time
Wear out the soul with recent crime.

Let Faith her growing light supply,
A sunbeam to the clouded eye ;
O'er falsehood's mists exalt her head,

And on the world's vain follies tread.

So be Thy will, O Father, done; And Thine, Co-equal only Son; With Him combined in union meet, The Holy Ghost, the Paraclete.


Morning Hymn for Tuesday

Ales diei nuntius

The bird, the harbinger of light,

Has sung his morning strain :
Hear ye not Christ our minds excite,

And call to life again ?


· Arise,' He cries, “your beds forsake,

Nor slothful, slumbering, lie ! Chaste, upright, temperate, wake, awake ;

For I, behold, am nigh.'

With prayer, and praise, and minds sedate

We, too, the Saviour rouse : For holy hearts delight to wait

On God with holy vows.

Do Thou, O Christ, our souls awake,

Burst Thou the chains of night ; Of ancient sin the bondage break,

And shine with new-form'd light !

To God the Father be addrest,

And to the only Son,
All glory, with the Spirit blest,

Eternal Three in One !

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