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become a weariness, and all his efforts would be to little purpose. Now, God seems to act on the same principle with regard to us His children. The Bible is our great lesson-book for eternity: and how many means does our heavenly Father use to bring home instruction to our dull hearts !

Sometimes, for instance, He gives us plain commands for our daily conduct. Sometimes He sets warnings before us, that we may be kept back from committing sin. Or else He threatens us, plainly showing us the danger we are in, if we live unholy lives. Or, on the other hand, He puts before us some precious promise, to leer us on in His happy service. B

re is yet another method

times adopts, which is



very instructive, and at the same time most deeply interesting. He teaches us by different Scripture histories, or stories. It is about one of these that I mean now to try and interest you—the Story of Ruth.

And as are sure that God placed it in the Bible for our benefit, let us endeavour to draw from it some useful hints for our own conduct. But let me stop you for a moment, my dear Reader, and ask you to lift up your heart to God with some such prayer as this,-“ O Lord, grant that I may be able to draw out some precious truths from this portion of thy word.”

In the days of the Judges (that is, above three thousand years ago—long before our Saviour came upon earth, when the Israelites were ruled over by es wareness and sl his efforts Weitse purpose. Now, God certain men called Judges), there was a Jewish family living in the town of Bethlehem, who were tolerably well off, and belonged to the upper ranks of life. This family consisted of four persons, Elimelech, and his wife Naomi, and their two sons Mahlon and Chilion. The land in which they were living was a very fruitful country. . It was often spoken of as “a land flowing with milk and honey,” that means,


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abounding in all the richest productions of the earth.” This, you know, was the chosen country, which the Lord had made over to Abraham, six hundred years before, and to his family after him. It was the finest spot in the whole earth, the spot which God fixed upon as the dwelling-place of His own peculiar people, the Jews.

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