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Sect. 4. --nor from St. Luke-St. Luke only says, that

all future Passover-suppers of the Disciples

with Christ were to le spiritualbut if, as

Jews, they could not all at once abdicate the

Passover to which they had been educated,

they were to celebrate it with a new meaning

- but no acknowledged permission of it to



Sect. 5. —nor from St. Paul-St. Paul only says, that

the Passover, as spiritualized by Jesus, was

allowed to his disciples, or to the Jewish

converts who could not all at once lay aside

their prejudices concerning it, but thùt it was

to lasi only for a time-different opinions

alout this time that of the Quakers. con-

cerning it


Sect. 6. Had a new Supper, disiinct from that of the

Passover, been intended as a ceremonial of the

Christian Church, it would have been com-

manded to others besides the Disciples, and

its duration would not have been limitell-

reasons from St. Paul, to show that he him-

self did not probably consider it as a Chris.

tian ordinance--whereas the Supper, enjoined

at Capernaum, was to be eternal and univer-

sul--and an essential with all Christians . 424



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