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judged, thy judges will decree thee guilty, and this, thy trial, is no more than the mere mockery of justice! But I've held converse with the young Lord Ravensburg, and if he follow an oki soldier's counsel, there may be still some hope, that the accused shall vanquish the accuser.

Enter Zastrow from the Door, bearing Agnes (who is senseless) in his Armshe places her on a Piece of broken Rock near the Wing.

Speak, Zastrow—is she condemn'd?

Zast. No—charge following charge, her boasted firmness forsook her; and fainting, as supposed, from conscious guilt, she was dismissed; but soon her sentence will be known, and all foresee the vengeance that awaits the Count Manfredi's daughter.

Ever. Manfredi's daughter \

Zast. Ay, that Italian traitor, who, on the Danube's banks destroyed the treasure he was bound to guard, and she (turning towards Agnes), imbibing the same kindred hate for those whom loyalty should make her love, late at the banquet of the Baron Ravensburg, infus'd a poisonous mixture in the draught of our lov'd Prince: but he, detecting her intent, the death, thank heaven, she design'd for him, will soon recoil upon herself.

Ever. And he, the Prince, is her accuser! Mark you that?

Zast. I do.

Ever. Then mark, (pointing to Agnes)r is that the countenance of guilt? .>:. «

Zast. How, Everard! when even Ravensburg, her benefactor's son, now loudly in the open court took part against her. (Everard shews emotion). He did ;—and thereby so increased the Prince's admiration Look! he's here!

Enter Ravensburg, hastily, in t/ie Dress of a Free Knight, with a Paper in his Hand, 'followed by Two Free Knights.

Ravens. Where is the traitress? Where the daughter of Manfredi?

Agnes (Starting up). That voice! still, still does it pursue me? My Lord! (Looking at him with a hope that he'll befriend her).

Ravens. Stand off!

Agnes. This! this from Ravensburg! (Bursts into tears).

Ravens. 'Tis past—it is pronounced! Readread that awful warrant.

Agnes (Taking it, but not looking at it). 'Tis past indeed! but e'er I meet my death, I swear fey Him who shall for ever live, .that I would rather be the culprit thus condemn'd, than those who have condemn'd me: for they, not I, must answer for a life unjustly sacrificed! and when deprived of utterance and of sense, think not 'twas consciousness of guilt o'ercame me! No, 'twas to hear myself accused by him, who, still

persisting in his cruelty, Why—wherefore

should I live? since he, since he is lost! I am most thankful for this final—(Casting her eyes on the warrant). Heavens! how! (Reading it apart). "Perceiving you were prejudged, "I opposed, to save you. The Free Knight who "conducts you to the solitary Cell, from which "'tis''meant that you should ne'er return, knows "of a secret passage. Confide in him, and your "devoted Ravensburg."

Havens. (Fiercely). Well! have you read ?—

Agnes (With sttffled fading). I have, and I repeat, I am most thankful, Sir.

Ravens. (To Everard). Conduct her to her cell—you know the rest—away, and quick return; for as his Highness passes from the Court, he must be told the traitress is secured.

Ever. He shall, my Lord.

Ravens. Away! (Agnes is about to thank Ravensburg, by kneeling to him, ivhen by action lie recalls her recollection). Away! (Everard and. Agnes exeuntZastrow and other Knights arefollowingRavensburg stops them). Let none follow; he is alone sufficient to secure a willing victim.

Zast. (Observing). Ha!

Enter Prince and Train, through the Doorway.

Prince (Looking earnestly around). How! gone! 'tis well! for she recalls such dreadful scenes, that, coward-like, I sicken at her sight.— But whither gone? Who was her guard?

Ravens. A loyal and a chosen Knight; they know him well, and saw him lead her to her cell.

Zast. We did, my Liege; but 'tis my duty to impart, as one of equal loyalty and honour

Ravens. (Hastily interrupting him). Peace! he returns!

Everard re-enters.

Prince (To Everard). Now, to your office, Sir! Speak, isHhe traitress .sujc? ...4 , *■ Ever. Quite, quite safe, my Liege.

[Looking at Ravcnsbiirg,who shews joy, aside.

Zast. (Aside to the Prince). My Liege, you are deceiv'd. Matk'd you their dark mysterious looks?

Prince. How !—more conspiracy? Can none, not e'en Free Knights, be trusted? And I, who

would avoid the hated sight—must I, myself

Well, *tis but one desperate effort more. Come, follow.

[Music. Agnes is seen escaping through the Apertures: she makes Signs to Ravensburg, who, unse?n. by the Prince and Train, returns them. Everard partakes in their joy. The Prince commands all to march.


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