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Don GOMEZ. I tell you, I'm innocent ! 'tis all a trick; and I'll go seize the Marquis, and drag him to the scaffold!

NAVARRO. Well! that may make amends.-Come, follow guards.

Don GOMEZ. Ay, follow guards ! and for yon fainting Jezabel! oh! woman! woman! abandon’d, treacherous, damned, woman ! Exit Don Gomez, Navarro, and Soldiers.

Rosa. Oh! Governor! Governor! silly, credulous coquetting Governor ! but I mustn't be idle ! no ; when all's quiet, l'll go watch and rally round the castle, and in the mean time I'll amuse myself with my castanets, for come what will, I'll not despond.



Oh ! we merry little Spanish Girls

Are ever free from woe ;

We rattle and prattle wherever we go.
O'er the mountains so lofty,

Thro’ the valleys so bright,
We trip it, and skip it,

From morning till night.
When we'er courted by the old men,

Our scorn we disclose,
But when lov'd by young and bold men.
"C'est toute autre chose.


We've a happy knack,
With our tick-a-tack,
Ting ting,
A, ring-a, ring.

Should my lover prove a cruel swain,

I'd never fume or fret,

But titter, and chatter, and flirt, and coquette ; For if sorrow once should wrinkle this beautiful

face, My skipping and tripping are quite out of

And the silly fickle creaturr,

Then his pity shews ;
But if beauty gilds each feature,

" C'est toute autre chose,
We've a happy knack, &c.


SCENE,-- An apartment in the castle. Enter BLÁBBO in great haste, with the Fire-ladder.

BLABRO, (fanning himself.) Pshaw !--If the Castle were really in flames, I conld'nt be hotter, for the Marquis is’nt to be found ; and by his cell door being wide open, I suspect he has been dragg'd forth and savagely murdered.-Oh that I could discover his assassins ! However, there are no secrets in another world, and gentlemen near the fire can't cool themselves as I do now. (Fanning) But this won't do-rouse Blabbo, rouse ! draw thy toledo, and prepare for


victory (Kneels) Look down, Oh God of War! and to ensure thy suppliant's success, descend from yon bright (Trap-door opens just before him.) I say de--scend ! Keeping his eye on the trap-door, and trembling. )-Oh ! dear ; 'tis somebody as--cen--ding.

ARABBO ascends the Trap-door, with a sabre in one hand and a dark-lanthorn in the other.

ARABBO, (seizing BlaBBO.) Peace ! or you die this instsnt !-Who are you?speak-confess—no secrets.

BLABBO. Thank ye, Sir, a thousand times !--for I could'nt keep a secret even to oblige such a genteel, handsome-devil as you are.

ARABBO. Devil !-Fool !-know, I am Arrabo, and if you are leagued with this vile Governor


Not I, Sir, I'm ju the minority—and when I came here to rescue the Marquis of Calatrava.

The Marquis of Calatrava !-You are his friend
then ?

I am, Sir, and your's, whatever side you take!

Then you are free—the name of Calatrava is your
passport ;--for once he sav'd Arabbo-and could


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I stay

I stay-but 'tis in vain-my comrades will expect me- So, mark me well!

[blocks in formation]

Beneath this chamber is a Cavern, filld with a chosen band of Pirates—and, on my stamping on the Floor, and sounding this (producing a Horn.) they are to ope the Trap, and welcome me with booty worth the danger-Then let the Marquis give my Signals

(offers the Horn.)

BLABBO. I understand, Sir ;-But when the Marquis gets below, mayn't the gentlemen make mince-meat of him?


No!—This Horn will prove that he's Arabbo's friend, and they will guide him to the coast.Farewell! remember what I've said : and, if you breathe one syllable to any but the Marquis, a Mine shall spring beneath your feet, and bury all in ruin !




Beware! beware !

“Lo ! the foe!

" Now below, " For desperate deeds prepare."



Only leave me,

And believe me,

I will take especial care.
CHORUS of PIRATES, ( under the Stage.)

Beware! beware !

Lo! the foe,

Now below;
For desperate deeds prepare.


So ; a pleasant situation ; If I move my tongue, up I'm blown by a Mine! and if I move my feet, down I go, among cut-throats !--but doui't be afraid of my doing either, gentlemen; for, as to the farmer, I shall keep it even a secret from the Marquis, and for the latter-here I go, over your heads, as you would over mine, were you robbing me of my last Maravedi—lightly; lightly, as a feather ! (treading lightly, and going) hah! who's here? By St. Dominick! the Marquis! and--Oh! I could sing--dance-no, I mustn't, lest-yes, 1 - there's no trap here !

T'ol, de rol, lol. tol de rol, lol, &c. Enter the MARQUIS, MARCHIONESS and JULIO,

MARQUIS. My child ! My Leonora ! thus, thus again let me embrace you ; and you too, faithful follower ! Oh! joy quite o'ercomes me !

may tho'

BLABBO. So it does me, my Lord ; I'm so full of extacy, F2


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