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Don Gomez.

Come along', I say; and in return for bringing me down a ladder, see how you'll look when you go up one—what, you demur; Guards! Guards!

Calling "Guards " vociferously, and Stamping violently ; at the same moment, Blabbo sounds the Horn : The trap-door opens under Dow Gomez's feet, he descends, calling " Guards "all the time.


Ha, ha! There you go down again, Governor! Don't be angry, my Lord.—he's gone where he'll have a very warm reception: But come, hereafter I'll explain the mystery. And now to pursue our journey.


Blabbo, Marchioness and Rosa.
Rosa, {without.)
Blabbo ! Blabbo! haste away.

Blabbo, and Marchioness,
We come! we come, without delay *


Lose not a moment, for I fear,
The cruel Governor is near.


No, no, the cruel Governor is there,

"And she foe

"Now below, ** For desperate deeds prepare."


Marchioness, Rosa and Blabbo,

Then now we'll sing from night till morn,
The praises of this merry horn,
That gave us joy and liberty.

Then now we'll sing, &c.

Exeunt at the Window.

. Scene the Last.

The Seashore, Light-house, §c.

Flourish.Enter Navarro and Soldiers.


Away! search all the coast, and scour the country round! the time, the place, will lead to their detection ; and tho' they've triumph'd o'er a coward Governor; they shall not escape Navarro.

Enter a Soldier. Well! what tidings?


My Lord, the Marquis and his lady are this moment captured; but their vile agent is not yet discovered.


No matter! the Marchioness is Manuel's prize, —go, bring her hither. (Exit Soldier.J And you, Guzman, conduct the Marquis to that fire-ship; there wait my orders.

(Exit Guzman.)

Navarro. Enter the Marchioness and Julio, guarded,



So, madam, you are prisoner to the Regent;—* Speak—will you listen to his suit?

Marchioness. Never!


Consider well !—he bade me tell you he was most unhappy.


I know—Villains are ever wretched ! let him but imitate my lov'd Alphonso, and e'en in death, virtue shall aid and cheer him !—


Villain !—Have a care—honor directs and guides him


Indeed !—'Tis honour then to tyrannize, to torture and destroy !—And when a Mother and a Wife prefer the blessings of connubial love, to an Usurper's offers—'tishonour that confines her Husband as a traitor, and nobly dooms him to despair and famine!


Hear then—:proud woman ! hear my last resolve: Accept the regent's offer, or lov'd Alphonso and your Son, shall perish instantly before you!

Marchioness, (after a pause.)

Well—be it so—Better lose every thing than pure honor, which Manuel never dreamt of—



And their last breath shall pray that Spain may see its youthful sovereign crown'd: for while Usurpers sway by terror and the sword—the Patriot Monarch knows the proud boast of reigning in the heart: and mothers then shall clasp their children in their arms; and not like me, be victim of a Tyrant and his Parasite.


Ferdinand—Seize that Boy—and bear him instant to the Rock—You guess the rest—away!

Ferdinand seizes Julio.


Hold! — Pm no more a heroine!—Pm a Mother! . • Navarro.

What! you relent! You'll share the love of Manuel?

Marchioness. Never!


Begone! Dispatch! And you {lo Guzman,) hast en to the shore, and give the usual signal to the Fire-Ship. Exit Guzman.

Ferdinand bears awau the Child. Marchioness falls on the ground.

Fire-Ship blows up.

Hark! the Marquis is no more; thus perish all the Regent's foes.

Blabbo. {without.)

Hold! for your ives.—

G Navarro.


How, that traitor! Ferdinand, dare not to hesitate; obey me, or—

Ferdinand appears on the Bock, with Julio in his arms, followed b// Blabbo, and his Dog Carlo; Ferdinand throws the Child into the Sea.The noise of his failing into the water recovers the Marchioness, who Starts up, and Screamsat the same instantthe Dog Carlo leaps from the Rock into the Waterand is seen swimming after the Child.

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Blabbo, (on the Rock.)

Don't be afraid; Carlo never fail'd in his life! Now he gets near him! push on, boy! push on! now he's nearer—now! huzza! he has him ! he has him! the child's safe—the mother's happy! and now, master Ferdinand, I'll try and give you a ducking.

Exit from the Rock, fighting with Ferdinand.

Marchioness, (rushing out.) My Julio!

Enter Rosa, with Julio in her arms.


Here madam—and to complete your joy—the Regent is deposed, and the young King crown'd! and Jloderigo having orders to liberate the Marquis, arrived time enough to prevent his going


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