Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

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Williams & Wilkins, 1879 - Nervous system
July 1918-1943 include reports of various neurological and psychiatric societies.

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Page 392 - I)., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine in the Medical College of Ohio ; Physician to the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, etc.
Page 133 - THE ANTAGONISM OF THERAPEUTIC AGENTS : AND WHAT IT TEACHES. The Essay to which was awarded the Fothergillian Gold Medal of the Medical Society of London for 1878. By J. Milner Fothergill, MD, Edin.
Page 576 - the Theory and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine In the Medical College of Ohio; Physician to the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, etc.
Page 189 - pages the practitioner will find the titles of parallels for his anomalous cases, accounts of new remedies, and the latest methods in therapeutics. The teacher will observe what is being written or taught by the masters of his art in all countries. The author will be enabled to add the latest views and cases to
Page 390 - secondly, paralyzing the peripheral sensory nerves and posterior roots of the spinal nerves. They increase the irritability of the peripheral motor nerves, and of the motor columns of the cord. 4. They do not induce muscular paralysis, but, on the contrary, increase the irritability of voluntary muscle. 5. They induce convulsions mainly through their augmenting the
Page 570 - action seems to be a source of serious danger, all the more that in two instances they occurred more than a minute after chloroform had ceased to be administered and after the recovery of the blood-pressure. 4. Ethideue reduces the blood-pressure by regular gradations, and not, so far as observed, by
Page 570 - 3. Chloroform has sometimes an unexpected and apparently capricious effect on the heart's action, the pressure being reduced with great rapidity almost to nil, while the pulsations are greatly retarded or even stopped. The occurrence of these sudden and unlooked-for effects on the
Page 576 - MARSHALL. A Description of the Human Body; its Structure and Functions. Illustrated by Physiological Diagrams. By JOHN MARSHALL, FRS, etc. Text in 1 volume. 4to. cloth.
Page 189 - These will be classed under subject headings, and will be followed by the titles of valuable original articles upon the same subject, found during the like period, in medical journals and transactions of medical societies. The periodicals thus indexed will comprise all current medical journals and transactions of value, so far as they can be obtained. At the close of each yearly volume a double

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