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Sir David Brewster, K.H. LL.D., F.R.S. L. and Ed., &c.,

Cor. Mem. Roy. Institute of France, &c.; Kingussie. 1841 Robert Brown, D.C.L., F.R.S., Vice President of the Linnean

Society; British Museum.
Rev. W. Buckland, D.D., F.R.S., &c., Professor of Mine-

ralogy and Geology; Oxford.
1835 William Clift, Esq., F.R.S., Royal College of Surgeons.

J. Dalton, D.C.L., F.R.S., Member of the Institute of France,

&c.; Manchester. 1835 Michael Faraday, D.C.L., F.R.S., Royal Institution. 1809 Charles Hatchett, Esq., F.R.S., Hammersmith. 1841 Sir John Frederick William Herschel, Bart., D.C.L., F.R.S.,

President of the Royal Astronomical Society ; Somerset

Sir William J. Hooker, LL.D., F.R.S. L. and Ed., Royal Bo-

tanic Garden, Kew.
The Rev. A. Sedgwick, A.M., F.R.S., &c., Woodwardian

· Lecturer, Cambridge. 1841 The Rev. William Whewell, B.D., F.R.S., Master of Trinity

College, Cambridge.


1841 G. Andral, M.D., Professor in the Faculty of Medicine; Con

sulting Physician to the King ; Paris. 1815 Paolo Asalini, M.D., Professor of Surgery, and Chief Surgeon

to the Military Hospital at Milan, &c. 1813 Jacob Berzelius, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the

University of Stockholm.
Carl Johan Eckström, K.P.S. and W., Physician to the King

of Sweden, First Surgeon to the Seraphim Hospital,

W. J. Edwards, M.D., F.R.S., Member of the Institute of

France ; Paris.
1841 Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg, Berlin.


Baron A. de Humboldt, Member of the Institute of France, &c.;

Berlin. 1841 James Jackson, M.D., Professor of Medicine in the Haward

University, Boston, Massachusetts. 1843 Justus Liebig, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the

University of Giessen, &c. 1841 P. C. A. Louis, M.D., Principal Clinical Professor of the

Faculty of Medicine ; Paris. 1841 F. Magendie, M.D., Member of the Institute; Physician to the

Hospital of the Salpetrière ; Paris. 1841 Johann Müller, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology ;

Director of the Royal Anatomical Museum ; Berlin.
J. C. Oersted, M.D., Professor of Physics in the University of

Copenhagen, &c. &c.
Professor Orfila, Dean of Faculty, and Physician to the King of

the French, &c., &c. ; Paris. 1841 Bartolomeo Panizza, M.D., Pavia. 1843 Philibert Joseph Roux, Member of the French Institute ; Sur

geon in Chief of the Hotel Dieu; Professor in the Faculty

of Medicine ; Paris. C. J. Temminck, Director of the Museum of Natural History

of the King of Holland; Amsterdam. Friedrich Tiedemann, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Phy

siology ; Heidelberg. Giacomo Tommasini, M.D., Parma. 1841 John Warren, M.D., Professor of Surgery in the Haward Uni

versity, Boston, Massachusetts.



List of Officers and Council . . . . . . iii

List of Referees . . . . . . . . iv

List of Fellows of the Society . . . . . . v

I. Case of paralysis without loss of sensation, from disease

of the cervical medulla ; by John Webster, M.D. .

II. Case of bronchial calculus, with observations on disease

of the bronchial glands; by John Charles Graham

Tice, M.D., Assistant-surgeon 8th (King's) Regiment

of Foot. Communicated by Sir James Macgrigor,

Bart. . . . . . . . . . 19

III. On congestive pneumonia consequent upon surgical ope-

rations, diseases, and injuries ; by John Erichsen, Esq. 29

IV. Researches into the connection existing between an

unnatural degree of compression of the blood contained

in the renal vessels, and the presence of certain abnor-

mal matters in the urine; by George Robinson, Esq.

Communicated by Marshall Hall, M.D., F.R.S. . . 51

V. An account of an unusually large biliary calculus voided

from the rectum; by James Arthur Wilson, M.D.,

Physician to St. George's Hospital . . . . 80

VI. On fatty degeneration of the arteries, with a note on

some other fatty degenerations ; by George Gulliver,

Esq. F.R.S. (With a Plate) . . . . . 86

VII. Remarks on the calculi in St. George's Hospital; by

Henry Bence Jones, M.A., Cantab., Licentiate of the

Royal College of Physicians. Communicated by Cæsar

Hawkins, Esq. . . . . . . . 101

VIII. Case of ulceration of the internal jugular vein commu-

nicating with an abscess; by W. Bloxam, Esq., Sur-

geon to Queen Adelaide's Lying-in Hospital, and

Lecturer on Midwifery at the School of Anatomy ad-

joining St. George's Hospital . . . . . 112

IX. Some account of an hysterical affection of the vocal ap-

paratus, with several cases; by Oscar Clayton, Esq. . 115

X. Case of erectile tumour in the popliteal space.-Removal;

By Robert Liston, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to University

College Hospital . . . . . . . 120

XI. Two cases of osteo-sarcoma of the thigh bone, requiring

amputation of the limb in both instances; by S. A.

Frogley, Esq., Hounslow. (With a plate.) Commu-

nicated by Samuel Lane, Esq. . . . . . 133

XII. Remarks on cancrum oris and the gangrenous erosion

of the cheek of Mr. Dease and Dr. Underwood, and

more particularly on the efficacy of the chlorate of potash

in the treatment of those diseases; by Henry Hunt, M.D. 142

XIII. Case of ulceration of the pulmonary artery into an

abscess of the lungs. With remarks by John Dal-

rymple, Esq.; by William Crowfoot, Jun., Esq., Beccles.

Communicated by John Dalrymple, Esq., Surgeon to

the London Ophthalmic Hospital . . . . 154

XIV. Cases of strangulated hernia reduced “ en masse,"

with observations ; by James Luke, Esq., Surgeon to

the London and St. Luke's Hospitals, and Lecturer on

Surgery. Communicated by Sir B. C. Brodie, Bart. . 159

XV. Observations on the medicinal properties of the Can-

nabis Sativa of India; by John Clendinning, M.D.,

F.R.S., Physician to the St. Marylebone Infirmary . 188

XVI. On the sugar in diabetic blood; by Henry Bence

Jones, M.A., Cantab. Communicated by Dr. Nairne . 212

XVII. A few observations on encysted hydrocele ; by Robert

Liston, F.R.S., Surgeon to University College Hospital 216

XVIII. Some account of an epidemic which prevailed at

Teheran, in the months of January and February, 1842;

by C. W. Bell, M.D., attached to H. B. M.'s mission

at the Court of Persia. Communicated by Alexander

Shaw, Esq. . . . . . . . . 224

XIX. On the nature of the ossification of encysted tumours;

by John Dalrymple, Esq., Surgeon to the London

Ophthalmic Hospital. (With a wood cut). . . 238

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