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Arteries, on fatty degeneration of the; by George Gulliver,

Esq., F.R.S. 86

Artery, pulmonary, case of abscess communicating with the

left branch of; by William Crowfoot, Esq. . . .154

Adventitious structures, on the anatomical characters of some;

by Thomas Hodgkin, M.D 242


Bell, C. W., M.D. Some account of a disease resembling
epilepsy, occurring as an epidemic, at Teheran, in Jan-
uary and February, 1842 224

Bloxam, William, Esq. Case of ulceration of the internal

jugular vein, communicating with an abscess . .112

Brodie, Sir B. C, Bart. Account of a case in which a fo-
reign body was lodged in the right bronchus . . 286

Bronchus, case of a foreign body lodged in the right; by

Sir B. C. Brodie, Bart 286


Calculi in St. George's Hospital, an account of the; by

Henry Bence Jones, M.A. . . . . .100

Calculus, bronchial, case of, with observations on disease of

the bronchial glands; by J. C. Graham Tice, M.D. . 19

Calculus, biliary, account of an unusually large, voided from

the rectum; by James Arthur Wilson, M.D. . . 80

Cancrum oris, remarks on, and on the efficacy of the chlo-
rate of potash in that disease; by Henry Hunt,M.D, 142


Cannabis sativa. See Clendinning.

Clendinning, J., M.D., F.R.S. Observations on the medicinal

properties of the cannabis sativa of India . . .188

Clayton, Oscar, Esq. On an hysterical affection of the

vocal apparatus 115

Crowfoot, W., Esq. Case of abscess in the lungs, commu-
nicating with the left branch of the pulmonary artery . 154


Dalrymple, John, Esq. On the nature of the ossification of

encysted tumours ........ 238

Diabetic blood, on the sugar in; by Henry Bence Jones,

M.A 212

Donations to the library . . . . . . .417


Ear, observations on the pathology of the—(2nd series); by

/. Toynbee, F.R.S 298

Epilepsy, some account of a disease resembling, occurring as

an epidemic in Teheran; by C. W. Bell, M.D. . . 224

Erichsen, John, Esq. On congestive pneumonia conse-
quent on surgical operations, injuries, &c. . . 29


Frogley, R. A., Esq. Two cases of osteo-sarcoma of the

thigh bone, requiring amputation . . . 133


Gulliver, George, Esq., F.R.S. On fatty degeneration of

the arteries . 86


Hernia, eases of strangulated, reduced "en masse;" by James

Luke, Esq 159

Hodgkin, Thomas, M.D. On the anatomical character of

some adventitious structures ..... 242


Hunt, Henry, M.D. On cancrum oris, and on the efficacy

of the chlorate of potash in that disease . . .142

Hydrocele, encysted, a few observations on; by Robert Liston,

Esq., F.R.S 216

Hydrocele, common, on the presence of spermatozoa in the

fluid of; by E. A. Lloyd, Esq 368

Hysterical affection of the vocal apparatus; by Oscar Clay-
ton, Esq. . . . . . . . .115


Jones, H. Bence, M.A. An account of the calculi in St.

George's Hospital 100

On the sugar in diabetic blood . 212

Insanity, remarks on, with statistics of Bethlem Hospital; by

John Webster, M.D. . . . . . .374


Liston, Robert, Esq., F.R.S. Case of erectile tumour in

the popliteal space.—Removal . . . . .120

A few observations on encys-
ted hydrocele 216

Lloyd, E. A., Esq. On the presence of spermatozoa in the

fluid of common hydrocele ..... 368

Luke, James, Esq. Cases of strangulated hernia reduced

"en masse." With observations .... 159


Osteo-sarcoma of the thigh-bone, requiring amputation; by

R.A.Frogley, Esq 133


Paralysis without loss of sensation, case of; by John Web-
ster, M.D 1

Pneumonia,congestive, consequent on surgical operations, in-
juries, &c.; by John Erichsen, Esq. . , . .29



Rickets, effects of, on the growth of the skull; by Alexander Shaw, Esq 336

Robinson, George, Esq. Researches into the connection exist-
ing between an unnatural degree of compression of the
blood contained in the renal vessels and the presence of
certain abnormal matters in the urine . . .51

Shaw, Alexander, Esq. On the effects of rickets on the

growth of the skull 336

Spermatozoa, on the presence of, in the fluid of common

hydrocele; by E. A. Lloyd, Esq. . ' . . . 368 discovered in the fluid of encysted hydrocele;

by Robert Liston, Esq 216

Tice, J. C. Graham, M.D. Case of bronchial calculus, with

observations on disease of the bronchial glands . . 19 Toynbee, Joseph, Esq. Observations on the pathology of the

ear—(second series) ....... 298

Tumour, erectile, in the popliteal space; by Robert Liston,

Esq.,F.R.S 120

Tumours, encysted, on the nature of the ossification of; by

John Dalrymple, Esq. ...... 238

V. Vein, internal jugular, ulceration of; by William Bloxam, Esq. 112


Webster, John, M.D. Statistics of Bethlem Hospital, with

observations on insanity ...... 374

Case of paralysis without loss of sensation, from disease of the cervical medulla . . 1

Wilson, James Arthur, M.D. An account of an unusually

large biliary calculus voided from the rectum . . 80


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