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Respecting the morbid appearances which the abdominal viscera exhibited on dissection, the instances of diseased alteration of structure in any of the patients were so few, as scarcely to admit of many remarks. However, it is right to state, that the liver was found to be affected in 5 cases; dropsical effusion had taken place in three patients; and in 3 other cases, there appeared decided marks of recent and violent inflammation of the contents of the abdomen; in two of which examples, the intestines had actually given way, so as to allow fæcal matter to escape into the peritoneal cavity; and a similar result would have likely supervened in the other case of intestinal inflammation, had the patient lived for a longer time.

Considering the present communication to have already much exceeded the limits originally proposed, I will not attempt to discuss cursorily the important question which now occupies many pathologists, regarding the rationale of the diseased appearances usually met with in the brains of lunatics on dissection after death, namely, whether the morbid alterations of structure, then observed, be the cause, or only the consequence of the patient's previous mental malady. In short, whether the opinions promulgated by the section of pathological physicians, denominated “the Anatomists,” or the views entertained by the other party," the Vitalists,” be the true doctrine. The former considering that the diseased alterations of structure observed in the brain produce the attacks of insanity : whilst the latter confidently assert the contrary. I therefore shall leave the decision of such important questions to others more competent than myself to give an opinion ; although I must confess, the numerous illustrations now detailed, the facts recorded in medical works, as well as the reasoning of authors upon insanity, greatly preponderate in favour of the Anatomists; whose conclusions, in my judgment at least, appear to be the most rational, and quite consistent with the present state of our pathological knowledge respecting mental diseases.





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