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78. A farmer carried seventy guineas to market, and brought 20l. 10s. 6d., home ; what sum did he spend ? Ans. 521. 19s. 5d.4. 79. From a bar of silver, weighing 5lb., an artist contrived to file off unperceived a piece weighing 40z. 3dwt. 2gr. ; what was the weight of the bar after this operation ? Ans. 4lb. 7 oz. 16dwt. 22gr. 80. A blacksmith bought 7 tons of iron, out of which he worked up during the first week 17 cwt. 24r. 114 lb. ; what quantity had he remaining Ans. 6t. 2Cwt. 1gr. 164 lb. 81. An apothecary mixed several drugs into a compound, weighing 3fb 23 1329 10gr. and after supplying his patients, he had lib 53 23 29 12gr. of the compound left; what quantity did he send out Ans. 1 # 83 63 29 18gr. 82. A pedestrian engaged to travel 17 miles in 3 hours, on foot, but was obliged to give up at the distance of 4m."5fur. 16p. short of his journey's end; what distance did he travel? Ans. 12m. 2fur. 24p. 83. Through the middle of a park, containing 127 acres, a canal was cut, which occupied 19a. 3r. 37p. ; what quantity of land did the park contain after this was accomplished 2 Ans. 107 a. 3p. 84. A shop-lifter purloined 14yds, 34r. ln. of ribband from off a roll of 37 yards; what quantity did he leave Ans. 22/d. 3m. 85. A ship of 200 tons burthen has already taken on board goods which occupy 38 cubic feet more than 158 tons; how much more is wanting to complete her lading Ans. 41t. 4f. 86. A countryman had a rundlet of elder wine, and after treating his friends and neighbours, he bottled off the remainder, which was only 8gal. 24t. 1pt. 3gills; what quantity did the good folks drink? Ans. 9gal. 1gt. 1gill. 87 By the leaking of a beer-butt, which was full at the first, 12gal. 34t. 14pt. was lost; what quantity remained in the butt after this accident? Ans. 95gal. #pt. 88 Two cart-horses thrust their heads into a bin, containing 3 quarters of oats, and had eaten, before they were detected, 3pk. Igal. 24t. 1pt. ; how much did they leave in the bin 2 Ans. 24r. 7bu. 1gt. 1pt. w 89. A watch, which usually goes 27 hours after winding up, stopped 8h. 13m. 43" short of the time; how long did the watch keep going? Ans. 18h. 46m.17".


89. Compound Multiplication teaches how to multiply compound numbers by simple ones.

90. When the multiplier does not ecceed 12.

RULE. Having written the multiplier under the lowest denomination of the multiplicand, multiply each denomination by it, beginning at the lowest, and reduce the several products as they arise to the next higher denomination; set down each remainder under its proper denomination, and carry the integers to the next succeeding product.


1. Multiply 437 l. 12s. 8d.: by 5.
OPERATION. Eaplanation.

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f The reason of this rule is plain from the first example, as may be seen by multiplying each denomination separately, reducing the several products to the highest denomination possible, and adding all the results together.

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