Central Criminal Court. Minutes of Evidence, Parts 326-403

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Page 539 - WILLIAM, by Divine Providence Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England and Metropolitan, most earnestly commend to your brotherly love the Right Rev.
Page 710 - I asked him what he was going to do with it, he said he was going to have a parting shot at Mr.
Page 389 - Now,' said I to Captain Dork, 'I want you to back this steamer due east to the island of Ushant.' "He looked at me and began to swear. He took me for a maniac, — a wild, crazy man, — and told me the best thing I could do would be to go below and turn in, and he would take me back to my friends, if I had any. "I didn't want to tell him what I was up to, but I found I had to, and so I explained to him that I was a rich sailor takin...
Page 469 - One may read your Book over as the Irish Man eat Whipt Cream, and when they asked him what he had been doing, he said he had been tasting a great Nothing.
Page 638 - Cashin upon the king's highway, putting him in fear, and taking from his person and against his will a box containing twentyfour gold seals, forty-five brooches, and a variety of other articles of jewellery.
Page 634 - I was intoxicated at the time, and did not know what I was doing." "Miserable man." exclaimed Napoleon, "to outrage a canoness worthy of respect, and bowed down by the calamities of war! I do not admit your excuse. I degrade you from the Legion of Honor. You are unworthy to wear that venerated symbol. General Dersonne, see that this order is exeDISPOSITIONS...
Page 623 - ... procure reference books which would have been most precious to me, and of which I can never again make use to this same advantage. I have been prevented from making the most interesting excursions among others the want of a few dollars prevented my seeing the birth-place of Ovid and Lake Facino.2 Now I do not know what will become of me, if I do not, in the course of Septr receive the money either from you or Mr G. I shall not have the means to leave Italy, nor even to return to Rome, if indeed...
Page 71 - In such rate the guardians of the poor of the parish of St. Luke, Middlesex...
Page 3 - ... aforesaid, the dwelling house of MN spinster, and AN spinster, there situate, feloniously and burglariously did break and enter, with intent the goods and chattels of the said MN and AN in the said dwelling house then and there being found, then and there feloniously and...
Page 291 - HE prisoner was indicted for forging, on the 1st of September, a certain promissory note for the payment of money, in the Polish language, and also for uttering. The description of the notes in the indictment, both in the original language and the translation, was similar to that set out in the previous cases. The common counts described the note as being for five florins, (not guldens, as in the former indictments, and also in the special...

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