United States Reports: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court, Volume 368

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Page 237 - of the Commission, and no report by the Commission of any investigation of any such accident, shall be admitted as evidence, or used for any other purpose, in any suit or action for damages growing out of any matter mentioned in such report or investigation." 49 USC 320(f). 10 E. g., United States
Page 390 - 11 The penalties under the 1959 amendments are as follows: "Any person who violates any order issued by the commission or board under subsection (b) of this section after such order has become final, and while such order is in effect, shall forfeit and pay to the United States a civil penalty of not more than
Page 363 - (D) a transfer by a corporation of all or a part of its assets to another corporation if immediately after the transfer the transferor or its shareholders or both are in control of the corporation to which the assets are transferred, or (E) a recapitalization, or (F) a mere change in identity, form, or place of organization, however effected.
Page 42 - at all in the history, purpose or language of the Act which provides recovery for any "injury or death resulting in whole or in part from the negligence of" the railroad 14 and there is no prior authority of this Court which requires or even permits us to disregard or impair
Page 449 - or laws of the United States, or that the court was without jurisdiction to impose such sentence, or that the sentence was in excess of the maximum authorized by law, or is otherwise subject to collateral attack, may move the court which imposed the sentence to vacate, set aside or correct the sentence.
Page 363 - in exchange solely for all or a part of its voting stock, of at least 80 per centum of the . . . stock of another corporation." " (Emphasis added.) This type of reorganization is commonly called a "(B) reorganization." There is no dispute between the parties about the fact that the transaction involved was not a "reorganization,
Page 342 - record. The Board may modify its findings as to the facts, or make new findings by reason of additional evidence so taken and filed, and it shall file such modified or new findings, which findings with respect to questions of fact if supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole shall be conclusive, and shall file its
Page 390 - for each violation .... Each separate violation of any such order shall be a separate offense, except that in the case of a violation through continuing failure or neglect to obey a final order of the commission or board each day of continuance of such failure or neglect shall be deemed a separate offense.
Page 236 - That neither said report nor any report of said investigation nor any part thereof shall be admitted as evidence or used for any purpose in any suit or action for damages growing out of any matter mentioned in said report or investigation.
Page 12 - 1961. They govern all proceedings in actions brought after they take effect and also all further proceedings in actions then pending, except to the extent that in the opinion of the court their application in a particular action pending when the amendments take effect would not be feasible or would work injustice, in which event the former procedure applies.

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