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6. Vermischte Sammlungen aus der Naturknnde zur

Erkliirung dor Leiligcn Schrift. Von Samuel Oedmau.


7. Descriptiones Plantarum et Animalinm, &c, quae in

Itinero Orientali observavit Petrus Forskal. Haunis,


8. Somuelis Bocharti Hiorozoicon, sive do Animalibus

S. Scriptura), recensuit suis notis adjcctiB E. F. C.

Kosenmiiller. 3 vols. 4to. Lips. 1793.

9. Calinet's, Aug., Great Dictionary of the Bible, with

Continuation and Scripture illustrated by means of

Natural Scienco in Botany, Natural History, &c.

By C. Taylor. 4to. 4 vols. London, 1797-1803.

10. Hemprich and Ehrenberg's Symbolic Physicie, seu

Icones et Descriptiones Animalinm, ex Itinore per

Africam borealem et Asiam occidentalem, &c. Berol.


. 11. A Dictionary of the Natural History of the Bible.

By Thaddeus M. Harris. London, 1833.

12. The Mineralogy and Botany of the Bible. By E. F.

C. Kosenmiiller. Translated from the German.

Edinb., 1841.

13. Palestine: the Physical Geography and Natural His-

tory of the Holy Land. By John Eitto. London,


14. A Scripture Herbal. By Maria Callcott. London,


15. The Plants of tho Biblo. By John H. Balfour,

M.A., M.D. 1857.

16. Kitto's Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature. Edited

by the Bev. W. Lindsay Alexander, D.D. Parts

I.—XIII. Edinb.

17. A Dictionary of tho Bible, comprising its Antiquities,

Biography, Geography, and Natural History. Edited

by William Smith, LL.D. Vol. I. London, 1860 - 42

III.—1. Voyages dans les Alpes, precedes d'un Essai sur
l'Histoire Naturello des Environs do Geneve. Par
M. de Saussure, Profcssour emerito do Philosophic
dans 1'Academic de Geneve. Vols. I., II., III., IV.
Published in 1779, 1786, 1796. Neuchatel.

2. Theorio des Glaoiers do la Savoie. Par M. lo Chanoine

Rendu, Chevalier du Merite Civil. From the 'Me-

moires do la Societe Boyale Acadeniiquo de Savoie.'

Vol. X. 1841.

3. Essai sur les Glaciers, et le Terrain Erratique du
Bassin du Bhono. Par M. Charpentier, Directeur
des Minos du Canton de Vaud. 1841.

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4. Systeme Glaciaire, on Becherches sur les Glaciers.

Par MM. Agassiz, Guyot, et Desor. 1847.

5. Travels through the Alps of Savoy: with Observa-

tions on the Phenomena of Glaciers. By Professor

James D. Forbes, F.K.S., F.G.S., &c. Edinburgh,


6. Occasional Papers on the Theory of Glaciers. By

Professor James D. Forbes. 1859.

7. Various Memoirs on Glacial Theory, in the Trans-

actions of the Boyal Society, 1862, and of the Cam-

bridge Phil. Society. By W. Hopkins, M.A., F.B.S.,


8. The Glaciers of the Alps. By Dr. Tyndall, F.E.S.,

Professor of Natural History in the Boyal Institution

of Great Britain, and in the Government School of

Mines. 1860 ------ -76

TV.—1. The Empire. A series of Letters, published in ' The

Daily News' in 1862 and 1863. By Goldwin Smith.

Oxford and London, 1863.

2. Lectures on Colonization and Colonies, delivered

before the University of Oxford in 1839, 1840, and

1841. By Herman Merivale, A.M., Professor of"

Political Economy. New Edition. London, 1861.

3. Beports of the Past and Present State of Her Ma-

jesty's Colonial Possessions, transmitted with the

Blue-books for the Year 1860.

4. Twenty-first General Beport of the Emigration Com-


5. Letter to the Bight Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, M.P.,

on tho present Belations of England with the

Colofiies. By the Eight Hon. C. B. Adderley, M.P.

New Edition. London, 1862 - - - - 125

V.—The Life and Letters of Washington Irving. By his

Nephew, Pierre E. Irving. 3 vols. London, 1862-3 151

VI.—1. Incidents in my Life. By D. D. Home. London,


2. The History of the Supernatural. By William

Howitt. 2 vols. London, 1863 - - - - 179

(? VIL—1. English Forests and ForeBt Trees; Historical,

Legendary, and Descriptive. London, 1853.

2. Flores Ecclesiee; the Saints of the Catholic Church

arranged according to the Calendar, with the Flowers

dedicated to them. London, 1849.

3. The Church's Floral Calendar. London, 1862.

4. Deutsche Mythologie. Von Jacob Grimm. Got-

tingen ...._.._ 210

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I.—1. Lives of British Engineers. By Samuel Smiles.

London, 1862.

2. Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineors, 1842

to 1868.

3. Sir W. Armstrong's Address at Newcastle, 1863 - 289

IL—1. Works of Thomas Hood. 7 vols. London, 1862.

2. Hood's Own. London, 1862.

3. Memorials of Thomas Hood. 2 vols. London, I860 332

III.—Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man. By Sir

Charles Lyell, F.E.S. 2nd Edition. 1863 - - 368

IV.—1. The Co-operator. 1860-63.

2. Transactions of the Association for the Promotion

of Social Science. London, 1861 and 1862.

3. Self-Help for the People. Fifth Edition. London.

4. Les Associations Consequences du Progres—Credit

du Travail. Paris, 1863.

5. Good Words. London, 1863 .... UH

V.—1. Correspondence respecting Affairs in Japan. Pre-

sented to Parliament in 1862 and 1863.

2. The Capital of the Tycoon. By Sir Rutherford

Alcock, K.C.B. London, 1863.

3. The Earl of Elgin's Mission to China and Japan,

1857, 8, 9. London, 1859.

4. Japanese Sketches. By Captain Osborn. London,


0. A Eesidenco in Nagasaki and Hakodadi in 1859-60.

By C. Pemberton Hodgson. London, 1861.

6. Ten Weeks in Japan. By George Smith, D.D.,

Bishop of Victoria. London, 1861.

7. Niphon and Pe-che-li. By Edward Barrington Fon-

blanque. London, 1862.

8. Tedo and Peking: a Narrative of a Journey to

Japan and China. By Robert Fortune. London, 1863.

9. Japan und China Reiseskizzen. Von Dr. Hermann

Moron. Berlin, 1863 449

VI.—1. Petizione di Novemila Sacerdoti Italiani a S. S. Pio

Papa IX. ed ai Vescovi con esso uniti. Torino, 1862.

2. Per la Causa Italiana, ai Vescovi Cattolici Apologia

di un Prete Cattolico [Carlo Passaglial. Firenze,

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3. Della Scomunica (by the same). Firenze, 1861.

4. Il Papato, l'Impero, e il Eegno d'Italia, Memoria di

Mgr. F. Liverani. Firenze,J.861.

5. La Cuiia Romano e i Gesuiti. Firenze, 1861.

6. La Dottrina Cattolica e la Rivoluzione d'Italia, di

Mgr. F. Liverani. Firenze, 1862.

7. Questioni Urgenti, Pensieri di Massimo d'Azelio.

Firenze, 1861.

8. Ricordi di Roma. Per Filippo Perfetti. Firenze,


9. Il Clero e la Società, ossia della Riforma della Chiesa,

per F. Perfetti. Firenze, 1862.

10. All' Illustre Carlo Passaglia, Lettera in Favore della

Causa Italiana, di Girolamo Bobonc. Firenze, 1862.

11. La Chiesa e l'Italia, per Eusebio Beali. Milano, 1862.

12. Della Rinascenza Cattolica, Narrazione d'un Alunno

di Propaganda Fide. Firenze, 1862.

13. La Cristiana Procedura dell' Attuale Inquisizione

Romana, per P. Mongini. Intra, 1862.

14. Du Pére Passaglia et de l'Italie. Turin, 1862.

15. L'Episcopato Italiano e l'Italia, per opera di Lorenzo

Zaccaro. Napoli, 1863.

16. Lettere d'un Dignitario Ecclesiastico ad un Uomo di

Stato. Torino, 1862.

17. Sympathies of the Continent. By J. B. von Hirschcr,

D.D. ; translated by A. Cleveland Coxo. Oxford, 1852.

18. Lo Stato Attualo della Chiesa. Per G. B. Hirschcr,

traduzione di Ottavio Tasca. Milano, 1862.

19. Journal of a Tour in Italy. By Christopher Words-

worth, D.D., Canon of Westminster. Second Edition,

two vols. London, 1863.

20. The American Quarterly Church Review, July, 1863.

New York.

21. Colonial Church Chronicle, 1863. London.

22. Why I left the Communion of the Church of Rome.

By the Rev. Father Felix. Calcutta, 1860.

23. Anglo-Continental Society. Report to the Subscri-

bers to the Special Italian Fund. London, 1862. - 480

VH.—History of England. Reign of Elizabeth. Vols. 1 and 2.

By James Anthony Froude. London, 1863 - - 510

"* VIII.—1. Memoir of Charles James Blomficld, D.D., Bishop

„ of London. London, 1863.

■/' > ioJL it<<■'*' '•/ffy Addresses and Charges of Edward Stanley, D.D.,

T" '(late Bishop of Norwich); with a Memoir. London,


3. The Life of Daniel Wilson, D.D., late Lord Bishop

of Calcutta. London, 1859 538

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