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Memorial of the Catholic Prelates of Ireland, praying for the

foundation of a Seminary for education of Clergy, January 14,


Accounts of the Seminary at Maynooth, from its foundation

Statement of the Trustees relative to the Students at Maynooth






Extract of a Letter from Lord Grenville to Sir J. C. Hippisley,

October 29, 1793, conveying Thanks for his exertions in the

public service

The Cardinal Secretary of State to Sir J. C. Hippisley, March 31,

1794—Frauds in supply of Provisions to the English Fleet-

Party of English Cavalry, landed in the Roman territory, in


Sir J. C. Hippisley to Lord Hobart, February 10, 1799–Catholic

Question—The Union-Participation of Catholic Priests in the

Rebellion - Appointment of Catholic Bishops-Dr. Troy, Catholic

Archbishop of Dublin-Secular and Regular Clergy of Rome-

Extract from the Memorial of Monsignor Cerri, Secretary of the

Congregation of Propaganda Fide at Rome, concerning the Roman

Catholic Establishments and Missions in the British Dominions-

Communication of Government with the Catholic Priests—Ex-

amination of Rescripts from the See of Rome-Laws against the

Catholics -- Relations with Rome - Provision for the Catholic


Extract from Mr. Edmund Burke's Letter to Dr. Hussey, May 18,

1795—Meeting of the Catholics—Grievances—Benefits of English

counection to Ireland United Irishmen-Position of the Irish


Memorandum relative to the Consecration Pontifical Oath, taken by

Catholic Prelates—The doctrine of the See of Rome regarding

her dominion—The College of Cardinals to the Catholic Arch-

bishops of Ireland, on the same subject-Abstract of the Oath,

April 15, 1796

Addition to the Romish Catechism, on the doctrine of Obedience

to Temporal Powers

Suggestion of an Oath, or Test, for Roman Catholics

to Lord Castlereagh, October 5, 1799–Power of the Popes

in England—Services of Sir J. C. Hippisley-Education of the

Irish Priesthood—Maynooth-Appointment of Parochial Priests—

Dignities in the Roman Catholic Church-Filling up of Vacan-

cies-Claims of the Church of Rome–Bulls, Briefs, Rescripts,

&c.— Regular and Secular Priests—Catholic Schools—Confession

and Absolution

Statutes passed in the reign of George III., for relief of the Roman

Catholics in Ireland

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