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It is many years (quite fifteen) since we asked the attention of Physicians to the above Elixir.
It has been very largely prescribed with uniform satisfactory results, confirming our claims for
the advantages of administering this deservedly favorite combination in solution over pill form.
Owing to the intensely bitter taste of the solution or the syrup, patients very gener ally object to
them, and many sensitive stomachs reject their administration. Physicians of experience hest-
tate to prescribe in powder or mass either Quinine or Strychnia, from the want of prompt action,
the frequent passing away from the system, undissolved and the occasional cumulative action of
the Strychnia, when the pills are long retained. While this is a grave objection often noted in
such powerful medicinal agents, it is equally true that solutions of Iron are not only much moro
efficient, being assimilated and absorbed with little danger of inducing irritation, as is so ofton
the case when given in pills. Using pure alkaloids of Quinia and Strychnia, the excess of acid is
not required, avoiding in this way the development of the bitter taste, enabling us to prepare the
Elixir so that it will be readily taken by children as well as adults. We cannot exaggerate the
therapeutic advantages of administering this prescription in the form we present it and feel we
have a right to ask medical men to direct our manufacture of this preparation, not only because
wo first prepared it, but from the fact that Physicians can feel every assurance of the care and
exactness of its manufacture, and that there is one gratn of Quinine in each teaspoonfull, a strength
not possible at the price this Elixir is sold by many manufacturers. We have always carefully
avoided exploiting or in any way introducing this or any of our preparations except through
Druggists and Physicians.

Each fluid drachm contains two grains of Phosphate of Iron, one of Quinine, and one-six.
tieth of a grain of Strychnia in simple Elixir flavored with Oil of Orange.

ADULT DOSE, -One teaspoonful three times a day.



Guarana is used with much benefit in cases of Sick and Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, Diar-
rhea, Gastralgia, etc.

The active principle is analogous to Caffein, being found in Paullinia in five times the
quantity that it exists in the best Coffee. The tonic influence allied with the stimulating effect
renders it an exceedingly valuable medicine.

As its use has proven the entire absence of any irritating properties or astringent effoct in
Debility, Languor, Protracted Convalescence and Nervous Irritability, it is specially useful.

The effect is almost immediate in all cases of Headache, from whatever cause it may arise;
but it is more especially beneficial in those produced by over excitement to the nervous system.

The usual mode of administration has been in powder; but tho Elixir will be found not only
more agreeable, but much more efficacious.

Each fluid ounce contains eighty grains Guarana.

For HEADACHE,--dose, a tablespoonful for an adult, to be repeated in an hour, 1f tho Arøt
dobo does not give relief.

For DIARRHEA,--a desertspoonful morning and evening.

For NEURALGIA, as a General Tonic for NERVOUSNESS, DEBILITY, eto.,--adult dose a desert-
spoonful three or four times a day.

NOTE.--There are many Elixirs of Guarana manufactured of much 1988 strength than that
prepared by us. If Physicians will specify our preparation they can rest satished they will not be
disappointed in the effects we claim.

Physicians will find our preparations in all tho wholesale and leading Retail Stores in the
Upitau States and Canada.

JOHN WYETH & BRO.. Chemists, Philadelphia




During the winter and spring months I will give a Course of Private Lectures, to a limited number of Physicians, on the Hygienic, Therapeutic and Operative Management of Chronic Catarrhal Inflammation of the Nose, Throat and Ears, commencing at any time after the 2nd. Monday in October..

The Course will be as follows, viz; 25 Lectures, each one hour in length; preceeding each Lecture, a half an hour will be devoted to the acquirement of the proper handling of instruments, or to an examination on the previous Lecture.

During each Course, four Evening Lectures will be given, on the Relation of Chronic Catarrhal Inflammation of the Nose to other diseases of the body.

The successful management of this most common and most tenacious disease, depends largely upon the skill and tact of the physician in handling his instruments, as well as in knowing how to manage his patient so that the remedies may be thoroughly yet pleasantly applied. To best acquire this, he should see the applications made, and then make them himself under the instruction of an experienced operator, otherwise he may be compelled to pass many months in experimenting on his patients; the failure that is sure to follow such a practice, will be liable to injure his reputation.

Every corporate town has a sufficient number of victims of this complaint to require at least two hours work every day to properly treat them. I am of the opinion that in a few years it will be found that many practitioners will be compelled to devote a stated length of time to the treatment of this class of patients, as a great majority of them cannot afford to purchase even a railroad ticket to a large city, without taking into consideration the fees that must be required by a specialist.

Terms. $50.00. in advance.

Thos. F. Rumbold, M. D. 1225 Washington Ave.

St. Louis, Mo.

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