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robes himself of the noblest powers bestowed by creative Wisdom, and sinks himself below the level of a brute. All things, from the leaf that vibrates in the breeze, to the etherial sky, spangled with stars; proclaim the existence of a God. Most assuredly, there is a Supreme Being, who rules, with unerring wisdom, in the kingdoms of Nature, Providence, and Grace. This position is most conducive to happiness in this life—the superstructure of the contrary, produces misery here; if its foundation should prove false, and the other true, the infidel curses himself in this world, only to be damned in the next. Moral rectitude is the substratum of human felicity-infidelity, the destruction of social order.

Vice, from the larceny of a pin, to the most daring burglary; from the simple assault, to the most tragical homicide; from the trifling “white” lie, to the basest perjury, are all spontaneous plants from the hot bed of Inconsistency.

Are you in the habit of profane swearing ? This is a yarn in the web of this arch enemy, and lessens your worth in the estimation of all good society. It is without excuse, and, like shooting at the wind, is without object.

Are you in the habit of lying and deceiving ? This is a prominent part of the warp, in the web of this fell destroyer, and will stamp you with lasting disgrace, unless


break the snare at once. Do you foster a disposition to appropriate small ar

Ꭰ ticles belonging to others to your own uses ? If you indulge in taking newspapers, umbrellas, &c.-you are worshipping at the shrine of Inconsistency, and, unless you break the spell, this propensity will increase, and

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may lead you to destruction. Break off this customary habit at once, and save your reputation from premature death.

Are you in the habit of intemperance? This is one of the iron cages of Inconsistency, and, unless you

burst the bars, and regain your freedom, you will be plunged headlong into the dark abyss of poverty and disgrace; fill a drunkard's grave, and land your soul in a drunkard's hell. If you regard your present and eternal welfare, escape for your life

Are you the keeper of a doggery? You are the resurrection man of Inconsistency, and may be the fatal instrument of pushing your fellow men into hell. The day of retribution will come the effluvia from your slaughter house reaches to heaven, and pollutes the air around you. Abandon your unholy traffic in deadly poison.

Are you in the habit of gambling? You are on the enchanted ground of Inconsistency, amidst deadly pitfalls—in a den, filled with adders and scorpions. You are on the confines of the castle of despair, within the centripetal motion of the whirlpool of destruction, and within the folding coils of the Boa Constrictor of ruin. Retrace your steps quickly, or you may be lost-irrecoverably lost for ever. Every moment you remain, is full of danger and big with consequences. You may inhale the magic gas, be “drugged," and your doom for ever sealed. The hearts of blacklegs are ossified with avarice, they would sport on their mother's coffin, for a half dime.

Are you given to lewd company? Theirs is the banquetting house of Inconsistency, where every draught is intoxicating poison, every viand, a hook full of barbs.

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It is the repository of blighted reputation, the absorber of connubial felicity; the quintessence of misery and wo. Retreat from it, as you would from the jungle of a tiger, or the lair of a lion. Your safety de pends on flight ; linger not a moment; its chambers lead to the shades of death. Its allurements charm, to ruin ; its fascinations dazzle, to bewilder; its inmates flatter, to destroy. Its atmosphere is more dangerous than the cholera ; its miasma, more deleterious than pestilence.

Are you one of the numerous gangs of thieves, pickpockets, counterfeiters, or forgers; that infest our widespread country? These are the guerilla banditti of Inconsistency, and although you may be a silent partner, with an untarnished reputation in the sight of men, God sees you, and will bring you to judgment. The penitentiary or the gallows may yet be your portion. Every step you proceed in the association, is full of peril. The sword of justice is drawn, ready to cut you down. Dissolve the unhallowed union-return to the paths of rectitude ; resume the mantle of honesty ; and avoid the vials of wrath, already poised over your guilty head.

Are you wandering in the labyrinth of ignorance, superstition and bigotry? These are the beams of Inconsistency, thrust into your eyes by this arch enemy, clouding your vision, enslaving your mind, deranging your senses, chilling your heart, darkening your soul, depriving you of the refined enjoyments of life; and crippling your noblest powers. Come out from your isolated habitation of damps and fogs; open your mind to the genial rays of intelligence, reason, and charity ; extricate yourself from the dark quarry of ignorance ; throw off the galling yoke of superstition ; banish corroding bigotry; open your eyes to the light; seize upon the pleasures of liberty; and fulfil the design of your creation. Remain no longer amidst stagnant pools, and loathsome vapors, where serpents hiss and plagues devour ; you may then bathe in rivers of delight, and be free indeed.

Are you under the influence of fanaticism? This is the tornado of Inconsistency, charged with the besom of destruction, leaving in its dismal wake, oceans of blood, governments dissolved, and nations ruined.

Are you an abettor or tolerator of faction? This is the avalanche of Inconsistency, and carries on its convulsed bosom, terror, dismay, and revolution. Before you lift a finger to put this destructive mass in motion, pause, reflect, and cool. Read the pages of ancient and modern history, and learn its awful ravages; weigh well its results in our own cities, but recently smoking with the blood of its victims. It must be guarded against, or it will yet prostrate the beautiful superstructure of our UNION, and LIBERTY will expire, amidst the burning ruins of its own citadel.

Are you a participant in political corruption ? This is the volcano of Inconsistency, with a crater more dangerous than that of Vesuvius. Its burning lava will dry up the flowing stream of patriotism, wither the fairest flowers of honesty that bloom; destroy the noblest edifice FREEDOM can rear. Its mountain waves submerged the ancient republics in ruin; consumed the ancient kingdoms; and are assuming a fiery aspect in our beloved country. Let every patriot unite in purging our atmosphere from political intrigue; turn back the rolling flood, by banishing from public trust, every

man, known to be contaminated with this dangerous contagion.

Are you charged with wild ambition? This is the forked lightning of Inconsistency. By its devouring flames, nations have been riven; governments consumed ; kingdoms, empires, and republics, dissolved. It is a dangerous element, quench it while you can before it accumulates a force beyond your control.

Are you an office seeker? The Lord have mercy on your soul. This is the lottery wheel of Inconsistency, where there are a thousand blanks to a prize. The day of miracles is past—a few loaves and fishes are no longer sufficient for the multitude. Go home, thou disconsolate child of duplicity. Anticipation will not feed or clothe you and your anxious, lonely, deserted family. Cease to follow this ignis fatuus—it will most likely lead you into the slough of disappointment, and quagmire of penury. When you are called to office by your country, then will be time enough to enter the thorny arena of public service. By its briars and brambles, you will get sufficiently lacerated, should you enter at a late period.

Are you a scoffer at religion? This is the vestibule of Inconsistency, that leads to the regions of despair, where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. If you value the salvation of your immortal soul, flee from this portico of hell, to the open arms of a forgiving Saviour.

Finally, let us all be admonished, to shun every appearance of Inconsistency. In the name of philanthrophy; in the name of human rights; in the name of liberal principles; in the name of American FREEDOM; in the name of our departed sires; in the name of re

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