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speciousness of the colouring in which they have been delivered. Against writers of this stamp are these Discourses chiefly levelled ; and perhaps there is no better method of confuting them, than by stating the truth in its genuine and scriptural light, and giving the general arguments that fair arrangement which may be necessary for those, who either cannot, or will noț, examine and search diligently the whole Book of God.

The grand point which the Author has principally attempted to illustrate, is that well known but too much neglected truth, that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World, and the Redeemer of Mankind. This fundamental doctrine is first proved by the ancient Scriptures, or the argument from Prophecy; an argument, which, in its full scope and completion, is irresistible, and must convince every candid and impartial mind : But in order to induce men to judge for themselves what is right, and to search the Scriptures, whether the grand doctrines of the Christian Faith are con

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tained therein, he has endeavoured to recommend the knowledge and study of them by some very powerful and persuasive motives. He has in the next place considered the superior desireable nature of the true knowledge of God and Christ, and the comparative excellencies of the Christian discoveries over the greatest efforts of unaflisted Reason, and even the earlier Revelations of God himself under the Mofaical economy. These, as so many preparatory steps, tended to introduce the person and character of Jesus the Son of God, whose offices and high commission he hath explained, and shewed him to be every way qualified for the very important errand on which he was sent ; a Light to lighten the Gentiles, that'all flesh should see, and partake of the Salvation of God.

Thus was God reconciling the world unto himself: This was his gratuitous overture of Love and Mercy. It next behoves us to reflect, what part or share belongs to us, to render this so great Salvation effectual. This idea hath given occaGion to an examination into the honour and reverence due to that blessed Son of God, who hath done such glorious things for us; and also hath led to an exposition of the nature and efficacy of our Christian Faith, and the necessity of the publick confession or avowal of that saving vital Faith which is the natural certain consequence of its proceeding from confirmed principles of rational conviction. But alas ! as all are not Christ's that are called by his holy name : The last point, as no improper conclusion of the foregoing observations, is an inquiry into the causes and reasons why this Faith thus important and thus recommended, is not more generally and univerfally effectual to influence the heart and affections, and how, after all, it happens, that so many should disregard their own plain interest, and that in a matter of such effential and eternal consequence.

The Author hopes he has treated these momentous subjects with a tolerable degree of precision and accuracy; and heartily wishes his labours may be received by others, with that sincerity and good meaning with which they were written by himself,

Extract from the last Will and Tef

tament of the late Rev. JOHN BAMPTON, Canon of Salisbury.

“ I give and bequeath my Lands " and Estates to the Chancellor, Masters, “ and Scholars of the University of Ox“ ford for ever, to have and to hold all “ and singular the said Lands or Estates

upon trust, and to the intents and purposes hereinafter mentioned ; that is to

say, I will and appoint, that the Vice“ Chancellor of the University of Oxford “ for the time being shall take and receive “ all the rents, issues, and profits thereof, “ and (after all taxes, reparations, and ne“ ceffary deductions made) that he pay

all “ the remainder to the endowment of eight “ Divinity Lecture Sermons, to be esta« blished for ever in the said University, “ and to be performed in the manner fol

lowing :

“ I direct and appoint, that, upon the “ first Tuesday in Easter Term, a Lec“ turer be yearly chosen by the Heads of


Colleges only, and by no others, in the “ room adjoining to the Printing-House, « between the hours of ten in the morn

ing and two in the afternoon, to preach “ eight Divinity Lecture Sermons, the year “ following, at St. Mary's in Oxford, be“ tween the commencement of the last “ month in Lent Term, and the end of " the third week in Act Term.

upon the divine

“ Also I direct and appoint, that the eight Divinity Lecture Sermons shall be “ preached upon either of the following “ subjects to confirm and establish the “ Christian Faith, and to confute all he« retics and schismatics • authority of the Holy Scriptures-—upon " the authority of the writings of the pri“ mitive Fathers, as to the faith and prac“ tice of the primitive Church-upon the

Divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus “ Christ -- upon the Divinity of the Holy “ Ghost - upon the Articles of the Chrif“ tian Faith, as comprehended in the

Apostles' and Nicene Creeds.

“ Also I direct, that thirty copies of the “ eight Divinity Lecture Sermons shall be

« always

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