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Aths to be taken upon Ordination

51 upon Institution of Canonical Obedience

ibid. that of Residence taken by a Vicar

143 that against Simony not abrogated

80 that of a Clergyman who serves a Chapel of Ease, and of a Parish-Clerk

228 ex Officio

302 Occasional receiving the Sacrament not to be allowed to notorious Schismaticks

185 Offerings, several forts of them

258 due by Stat. where there is a Custom ibid. whether to be paid by Diflenters 264 not paid for the Sacrament

261 Officials, what

274 of the Arches

280 Old Stile

213 Option of an Archbishop on Confecration of a Bishop 40 Orders, Direction for taking them

-the Clerk to be instituted must prove his Ordination

76 -good wherefoever conferr'd

37 yet ought to be given to none of anotber Diocese without leave

51 Ordinaries, who are : so

275 Ordinary's Power, as to Seats in the Church

175 - he cannot, ex officio, call Church-Wardens to Account

174 - his Power as to vacant Benefices 129

-as to things in the Belfery Orders, the Bishop at his own Discretion whether to ordain a Man

52 -caution to be used in taking them 57

57 T


50, &c.


Ordination may be performed by a Bishop out of his owon Diocese

37 Organs,&c. may be purchased by Content of the majority of Parishioners

24 Ornaments of Parish-Churches, what they are 21, &c. Orthodoxy of the British Church

6 Outdwellers to be charged for their Land toward Orna

ments and have a Vote in the Veftry Outlaw'd Patrons cannot present

72 Oxford, in what Counties the University presents to Papifts Benefices










ALL of an Archbishop
Papists cannot present

72 -he that is presented to a Benefice of the Papifts by

the University, muft not retain any Benefice

he had before enor be absent from his Cure above 60 Days in a

Year Pardon from the King, how far it relieves a Simoniacal

Clerk how far it relieves a Clerk guilty of other Crimes

126 Parishes, how laid out, not all at once

17 Parishioners, who are

204 in what case they may withhold their Tytbes

-140 Parish-Priests, who so called

225 Parish-Clerks, their Original, and the choice of them

ibid. Parochial Clergy not fully represented in the. Cono, of Cant. Prov.

162 Parliament, when Subsidies of the Clergy -firft -confirmed by it




I 20


Parliament, the Clergy call’d to it Parson of common Right has all the Tythes 265 and is Patron of the Vicarage

70 cannot prescribe against Endowment 267 Parfonages

67 Paschal Calculations want a Review

218 Pater nofter said to Saints

7 K. Patron of all Bishopricks, &c.

31, 32 Patron cannot present bimself

74. -if innocent, not prejudiced by the Simony of a

former his Privilege in Benefices under 8 1. per An. In -how he may lose the next Turn. See Lapse 116 that the Canon-Law is more severe to a Simo

niacal Patron, than the Statute 119, 120 -bow a Patron may lose his Turn by the Simony-of

another, thobe bimself be innocent

in what case á Patron may vacate a Living III Patronage, the Original thereof

70 S. Paul probably preach'd to the Britains Peculiars Peers Right to their Chancels or Chapels in Churches 19

-may qualify Chaplains in their Minority Pelagius's Heresy Penance pecuniary

20, 288 of old enjoined by Incumbents and Curates 188 Pentecostals, what. See Whitsun-farthings Peter-pence

3 Pews, in whom the Right of disposing them is

not to be appropriated by the Ordinary to Persons

and their Heirs how a Person or Family, may have a Pezo appro

priated to them and their Estates ibid. how new ones may be erected

176 Pluralities, how restrained by the Canon-Law 104 -how by Statute Law

99 - how a Clerk may legally he poljefsd of two Benefices




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whether he can legally be possessid of more than two

106 Poor, none to be denied Marriage because such 203 Poor-rates, in what cafe Clergymen obliged to pay them

310 Pope bad formerly Obedience sworn to him by Bishops, &c.


rooted out 3, 4 Poverty of British and English Bishopricks Power of the Bishop, what may be delegated to Layment, wbat not

44 Prescription

243 Preacher, to disturb bim bow punishable

27 Preaching, the neceffity thereof

143 54 See License. be that has the Gift of Preaching, qualify'd for Orders

50 Prebends, whether they be Dignities

67 -tbat they are and generally were reputed Benefices without Cure

93 and compatible

98 -whether two Prebends in two several Dioceses are compatible

105 -the manner by which Clergymen are put in pofleffion of them

60 -in what case one may hold two Prebends in

one Church

or an Archdeaconry and a Prebend ibid. Predeftination, absolute Predestination not alerted in the 17th Article

8 Prelates, Curates to filed

188, 225 Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prov. 40, 278, 280 -of York Prov.

281 Prescription

243 Præmunientes

158, &c. Præmunire, what it is

298 the Clergy threaten*d with the execution thereof

ibid. Priest,




Priest, the same with Presbyter

50 what to be done to procure the Order of Priesthood

51 Priests privately married to their Concubines - licensed to keep Concubines

7 Presentative Benefices, what are so

70 -a Donative once presented to becomes presentatative ever after

90 Presentation, what it is

75 a form of it

314 may be performed by word of Mouth

74 ought to be made timely void, if made when the Church is full 73: void, if the Patron mistake his Title ibid. may be recalled by the King any time before

Induktion, by presenting another Clerk 74 if given to two Clerks by a common Patron, the Bishop has his Choice

ibid. may be good after fix Months pased 75 Primate of all England, how the Abp of Cant. is so 41 Privileges of the Clergy, the uncertainty thereof 144

their peculiar Privilege in English Synods 153 A Prison formerly to the Bishop's Court

279 Privy Counsellor capable of three Benefices

104 Privileged Wills, what

305 Procurations, their Original

163 of old not demanded by Bishops 165 whether due to the Archdeacon the Year the

Bishop visits Proctors for the Convocation, their Election, Privia leges, &c.

158 Proxies in Convocation

153 Prolocutor of the L. H. of Convocation

161 Prohibitions, the Original of them

286 in what Cases to be ilued or denied 287 Provincial Synods

151 Conftitutions of Cant.

273 T 3



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