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Anuary 30th, a publick Fast, by what Statutes 198 Illegitimate, they that are so, not to be Ordain'd, nor

inflituted without Dispensation 57, 77 -that without Dispensation they are liable to be deprived

125 Impropriations

68 - Benefices may still be impropriated ibid. whether they can be sequestred by the Bishop

128 Incontinency, how punishable in Clergymen 124, 273 Incumbents, there are sometimes several in the same Parish Church

92 Induction bars against the King's Title

32 how and by whom to be perform’d. 82, 84 Remedy if it be refused, or opposed legally 82 Fees due for it

304 by whom to be performed during an Inhibition

83 a Form of Testimonial on Industion, &c. App. Inhibition, what, and on what Occasion used 83 Institution, the method of it

79 - may be used instead of Collation

ibid. when, and for what Reasons the Bishops may

refuse it -fills the Church against all but the King 81 -Remedy against the Bishop if he unjustly refuse

the Clerk may be performed out of the Dioceso 37 of the Fees of Institution

304 -by whom to be performed during the Metropolitan Visitation

83 Interdict, what it is

190 Joseph of Arimathea Ireland formerly subjed to the Archb.-of Canterb. 41


77, &c.



212, &c.

Julian Account of Time
Juries, a hardship on the Clergy that in some Cases they

are not admitted to be of them 146 Jurisdiction Ecclefiaft.

277 when a Bishop is first enstated in it 36 Judices of Peace to imprison those who are contumacious against the Esch Judge




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33, 74, 90, 110, III - how soon Livings in the Gift of Bishops and Archb. lapse to the King

89 how the King may lose the Benefit of a Lapse 75 how the Bishop and Archbish. may lose the Benefit of a Lapse

ibid. - in what Cases Lapse is not incurred without Notice

given to the Lay-Patron by the Bish. 115 in what Cafe no notice need to be given by the Biso to the Ecclefiaft. Patron

I10, I 22 no Benefice can lapse from the Crown

34 when a Living laples without any Notice given.

See Notice of Livings suspected to belong to Papifts

72 Donatives subje&t to no Lapse

90 Lawless Churches, what so called Laymen by Fraud getting into Benefices, their Minisie

rial Axts valid at Common Law 76 Leap-Year

213 Lease of Benefices

142 a Form thereof

320 of Tythes, wher good, when not

255 in what case vacated by Non-Residence in what case the Lease of an Incumbent binds his Succefors

142 grantable to none but the Curate, where the Incumbent do not reside

195 Leal

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140 147

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Lease of the Temporalities of a Bishoprick to Dean and

except in the foregoing Cases, not to be taken by

Legati Nati, Archb. of Canterbury had this Title 41
Lent, a time improper for Marriage

Lessons in the Old Testament, where first used
Letters of Orders not necessary to be pew'd for Instit.
Letters Dimisory

51 Libels

291 Libraries Paroch.

85, 175 License to keep Concubines forced on Priests

7 to marry without Banns, the Power of the Bish. to grant it

210, 306 often irregularly granted

for Persons to be married in a Church to which

neither of them belong, when grantable by
the Curate of the Church where the Banns
were ask'd

to Surgeons, School-masters, &c.

44 to Midwives

290 to preach, in what case necessary

52 granted by any one Bishop fiificient

57 to be granted without Fee

52 to eat Fleh or Fish-days

196, 275 for a Parish-Clerk, in what Case unnecessary

228 Litany, where first used

the excellency of the English Litany ibid. Litchfield an Archbishoprick

38 Liturgy, the Roman Liturgy taken in a great measure from those of other Churches

10, II, &c. excellency of the English Liturgy

II what Liturgy used by the British Church 9 London, cvhether ever an Archbish. See

37, 38 the Tythe which the Clergy of that City bave by Houses

239, 259



the Remedy if Payment be not made Lucius the first Christian King, a Britain Lyndwood's Provincials







I 22





Anours and Parishes at first the same

Mansaughter, how punishable Man, the Bishoprick thereof in whose Gift

32 the Bijkop thereof no Peer

47 Mandate for Induftion

82 Marriage, lawful Impediments thereof

binderers of Marringe censured
of Mar. in Times pretendedly probibited

wiilout Banns or License valid
echo may forbid the Minister to proceed in pub-
libing Banns

203 Cozifin Germans not prohibited, nor consequently

Persons more remotely related
Table of Degrees probibited

358 Offering on Marriage

206, 258 -011 a Divorce not allow'd at Common-Law

307 St. Martin's Church, Canterbury

15 the Bishop thereof

62 Mass, at what time of Day read Master cannot be presented by a College or Hospital 73 Master of Arts, in what Cafe that Degree necessary

55, 104 Matrimonial Causes not to be tried by Archdeacons 278 St. Matthias the 24th of February always May 29 a perpetual Thanksgiving, by what Stat. 198 Metropolitans. See Archbishops Militia, whether Clergymen chargeable with it 149 Minor, whether he can present to a Benefice 74

may qualify Chaplains, if he be a Peer Modus

243, 248 ---allow'd by the Spiritual Courts

ibid. namwhen not good

244 whes

I 2



whether to be Sess’d to the Poor

311 Manasteries, by whom suppress’d

5 Months, how to be reckon'd in Lapse

75 Monuments, whether any Person have Power to erect them without leave

19 Morning Service on Sundays and Holy-days how it may

be read Mortuaries, what, and in what Cafe payable 255 Mulier, what the Law both Common and Canon so calls


I 2




213 Nice, the Doctrines of that Council receiv'd by the British Cburch

6 - and by our present Church

7 A Form whereby this Power of Nomination, &c. is granted for one Turn

317 Non-residence upon a Benefice, when, and how punishable

139 --for 60 Days in one Year, vacates a Benefice

given by the Universities, when the Patron

is a Papift Norwich, the Privileges of the Bishop thereof 43 Notice. See Lapse

--not necesary to be given to an Eccl. Patron 78 ~~nor to the Patron of a Benefice void by Death

IIO mr by Cession, when the firft Benefice was worth

ibid. necesary in case of Resignation -or of Simony committed for Institution or In

duction -1107 upon any voidance by Stat. except. &c.


per ann.



122 -to the Patron that his Clerk is not suficient 77 Nov. 5. to be observed

198 Datb

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