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Provided always, That where any Penalties are by this A& infiÉted on any Person or Persons other than the Undertakers, their Agents, Deputies Substitutes or Servants, such Penalties Thall be recovered by Action of Debt, Bilt, Plaint, or Information.

And whereas there hath been an evil Practice in Farming and Purchasing for a Sum of Money, the Charity-Money that should or might be colle&ted on luch Briefs, to the very great Hindrance and Discouragement of Alifgiving on fuch Occasion: Be it therefore enacted by the Authority aforesaid, and it is hereby declared, that all farming and purchasing of such Chari. ty Money, is unlawful, and that from and after the aforesaid five and twentieth Day of Marcb, if any Person or Persons shall purchase or agree for any Charity Money to be collected on any Briefs or Letters-Patents, or by any Instrument of Covenant or Agreement, by way of Farming, Shall or may pretend to appropriate such Charity Money, or any part thereof, to his or their Use, contrary to the Intent and Meaning of such Letters-Patents, by which such Charity-Money Shall be collected, and contrary to the Intent and Meaning of this Act, such Purchase and Inftrument of Covenant and Agreement, Mall be void, and each Person agreeing to purchase the Benefit of such Brief shall forfeit the Sum of Five hundred Pounds, to be applied for the Be. nefit of the Sufferers in such Letters-Patents mentioned, and to be recovered, as before last mentioned

A Table


A Table of the Archbishops and Bishops of

England and Wales.

Province of Canterbury.

R. William Wake, Lord Archbishop of

Dr. Edmund Gibson, Lord Bishop of London.
Dr. Richard Willis, Lord Bishop of Winchester.
Dr. John Hough, Lord Bishop of Worcester.
Dr. John Wynn, Lord Bishop of Baib and

Wells.. Dr. John Potter, Lord Bishop of Oxford. Dr. Benjamin Hondly, Ld Bishop of Salisbury. Dr. Edward Chandler, Ld. Bishop of Litchfield

and Coventry. Dr. Samuel Bradford, Ld. Bp. of Rochester. Dr. Thomas Green, Lord Bishop of Ely. Dr. Richard Reinolds, Lord Bishop of Lincoln Dr. Joseph Wilcox, Ld. Bp. of Gloucester. Dr. William Baker, Lord Bishop of Norwich. Dr. Henry Egerton, Ld. Bp. of Hereford. Dr. Rich. Smallbrook, Ld. Bishop of St. David's. Dr. Edward Waddington, Ld. Bp. of

Chichester. Dr. William Bradshaw, Lord Bishop of Bristol. Dr. Stephen Weston, Ld. Bishop of Exeter. Dr. Robert Clavering, Ld. Bp. of Peterborough. Dr. Francis Hare, Lord Bishop of St. Afaph.


Dr. Thomas Sherlock, Ld. Bp. of Bangor.
Dr. John Harris, Lord Bishop of Llandaf, and

Dean of Hereford.

Province of Tork.

Dr. Lancelet Blackborne, Lord Archbishop of

Dr. William Talbot, Lord Bishop of Durbam.
Dr. John Waugh, Lord Bishop of Carlisle.
Dr. Samuel Peploé, Lord Bishop of Chester.
Dr. Thomas Wilson, Lord Bishop of Man.

Bishops Sees in Scotland.

St. Andrews, Archbpr. | Glascow, Archbishopr. Dunkeild.

Gallaway. Aberdeen.


The Ines.

Supplebit Deus, Orkney.



Bishops and Bishopricks in Ireland.
Dr. Hugh Boulter, Lord Archbifhop of Ar-

magb, ard Primate of all Ireland.
Dr. John Hoadly, Archbishop of Dublin, and

Primate of Ireland.
Dr William Pallifer, Lord Archbishop of Ca-

Mall, and Primate of Munster.
Dr. Edv. Synge, Lord Archbishop of Tuam, and

Primate of Uiler.
Dr. Lambert, Lord Bishop of Meath.
Dr. Timothy Goodwin, Lord Bishop of Kilmore

and Ardagh.
Dr. Bolton, Lord Bishop of Elphin.
Dr. Arthur Price, Lord Bishop of Ferns and


Lord Bishop of Clonfert.
Dr. Thomas Milles, Lord Bishop of Waterford
and Lesmore.

Howard, Lord Bishop of Killala and
Sir Thomas Vesey, Lord Bshop of Opory.
Dr. Ch. Cobb, Lord Bishop of Dromore.
Dr. 7. Sterne, Lord Bishop 'of Clogher,
Dr. Wm. Burscough, Lord Bishop, of Limerick.
Dr. C.Carr, Lord Bishop of Killalow.
Dr. T. Forrester, Lord Bishop of Rapboe.
Dr. Fr. Hutchinson, Ld. Bp.of Down and Connor.
Dr. P. Brown, Lord Bishop of Cork and Rofs.
Dr. Welbore Ellis, Lord Bishop of Kildare.
Dr. D. Maule, Lord Bishop of Cloyne.
Dr. H. Downes, Lord Bishop of Londonderry.


Counties NO XVII.

Counties in which if any Living become vacant in the Patronage of a Papift, the Univer. fity of Oxford shall present, viz.

Oxford, Kent, Middlesex, Suffex, Surry, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Glou. cestershire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire,' War. wickshire, Wiltshire, Somersetfhire, Deevonshire, Cornwall, Dorsetshire, Herefordshire, Noriham. ptonshire, Pembrokeshire, Caermarihenshire, Brecknockshire, Monmouthshire, MontgomeryShire, City of London.

Counties in which if any Living fall vacant in the Patronage of a Papist, the University of Cambridge shall present, viz.

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Huntingdonshire, Suffólk, Norfolk, Liné colnshire, Rutlandshire, Leicestershire, Derby. shire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durbam, Nortbumber: land, Cumberland, Westmorland, Radnorshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Carnarvonshire, Anglesey, Merionethshire, Glamorganjhire. Stat. 3 Jac.c. 5.


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