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A Woman may not marry with her af. Avunculus mariti. Husband's Motber's

Primus gradus in

linea recta afcen.

dente. Con. Pater.

10 Father. af. Vitricus.

11 Stepfatber. af. Socer.

12 Husband's Fatber, Primus gradus in

linea recta defcen

dente. Con. Filius. af. Privignus. 14 Husband's Son. af. Gener.

15 Daughter's Hus

band. Primus gradus a

qualis in linea

tranfuerfali. Con. Frater.

16 Brotber. af. Levir.

17] Hupand's Brother, af. Sororis reli&us. 118 Sijer's Husband. Secuudus gradus in

linea recta de

fcendente. Con. Nepos ex filio. 19 Son's Son. Lan, Nepos ex filia. 20 Daughter's Son.i af. Progener, i.e. re-21 Son's Daughter's li&us neptis ex

Husband. filio. af. Progener, i.e. re-22 Daughter's Daugh, A Woman may not marry with her af. Privignæ filius. 124Husband's Daugh No XIII.

lietus neptis ex ter's Husband.

filia. af. | Privigni filius. 23 Husban l's Son's



ter's Son,
Secundus gradus in

æqualis in linea
transversali de

fcendente. Con. Nepos ex fratre. 25 Brother's Son. Con. Nepos ex forore. 26 Sister's Son. af. Neptis ex fratre 27 Brother's Daughrelietus.

ter's Husband. af. Neptis ex. forore 28 Sister's Daughter's · relictus.

Husband. af. Leviri filius, i.e. 20 Husband's Brother's

nepos manti ex Son.

fratre. af. Gloris filius, 1. e.30 Husband's Sister's nepos mariti ex

Son. forore.

Set forth by the Most Reverend Father in God

Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of England and Metropolitan, 1563,

[blocks in formation]

EXTRACT out of the Aits for Burying

in Woollen, so far as they concern the Minister.

Anno 30 Car. II.

T is Enacted, That all Persons in Holy Or.

ders, Deans, Parluns, Deacons, Vicars, Curates, and their, or any of their Substitutes, do within their respective Parishes, Precincts, and Places, take an exact Account and keep a Re. gister of all and every Perfon or Perfons buried in his or their respective Parishes or Precines, or in such common Burial-places as their refpe&tive Parishioners are usually buried. And that some one or more of the Relations of the Party deceas’d, or other credible Person, shall, within eight Ways next after furch Interment bring an Äffidavit in Writing, under the Hands and Seals of two or more credible Witnesses (and under the Hand of the Magistrate or Of. ficer before whom the fame was Sworn, for which nothing shall be paid) to the Minister or Parfon, That the said Person was not put in, wrapt, or wound up, or buried in any Shirt, Shift, Sheet, or Shroud, made or mingled with Flax, Hemp, silk, Hair Gold or Silver, or 0. ther than what is made of Sheep's Wool only: or in any Coffin lined or faced with any Cloth, Stuff, or any other thing whatsoever, made of mingled with Flax, Hemp, Silk Hair, Gold.or


Silver, or any other Material but Sheep's Wool only.

And in cafe no fuch Affidavit shall be brought to the Parson or Minister where the said Party was Buried, as aforefaid, within the faid eight Days, That such Parson or Minister shall forth with give, or cause notice thereof to be given in Writing under his Hand, to the Church-Wardens or Overseers of the Poor of such Parish.

And in cafe any Parfon or Minister ihall negleft to give notice to the Church-Wardens or Overseers of the Poor, as aforesaid, or not give unto them a Note or Certificate under his Hand, testifying that fuch an Affidavit and Certificate was not brought to him within thetime limited by this Act, concerning the Party's being interred according to the Directions thereof: he so negle&ting or offending, shall forfeit for every such Offence, the Sum of Five Pounds of lawful Mo. ney of England, to be recovered by such Person as fhall fue for the fame, by Adion of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, wherein no Eloign, Wager of Law, or Protection shall be allowed, and wherein also the Prosecutor shall recover his full Costs, so as the Suit be commenced within Six Months after the Offence shall be committed.

And it is farther Enacted, That the Parson or Minister of every Parish shall keep a Register in a Rook, to be provided at the Charge of the Parish, and make a true Entry of all Burials within his Parish, and of all Afidavits brought to him, as aforesaid, within the time limited, as aforesaid : And where no such Affidavit shal} be brought tp him within such time, that he



enter a Memorial thereof in the said Registry, against the Name of the Party. Interred, and of the time when he notified the same to the Church-Wardens or Overleers of the Poor.


By an Additional Act for Burying in Woollen.

Anno 32. Car. II.

, thall relide, or be to be found in any Parish, where any Party shall be Interred, the Parsons Vicars and Curates, in every Parish or Chapel of Ease within the County where any Party shall be Interred (except only the Parson, Vicar, and Curate of the Parish or Chapel of Eafe where the Party is Interred, concerning whose Inter. inent in Woollen Affidavit is to be made) are au. thorized and required to adminifter the Oaths or Affidavits to be made of any Persons being interred in Woollen, according to the Directia ons of the foresaid Act; and to attest the same under their Hands gratis.

No XV,

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