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Secondly, That they make no fecret Contracts, without Consent or Counsel of their parents or Elders, under whose Authority they be, contrary to God's Laws, and Man's Ordinances.

Thirdly, That they contract not anew with any other, upon Divorce and Separation made by the Judge for a time, the Laws yet standing to the contrary. I. T is to be noted, That those Persons which

be in the direct Line ascendent and descen. dent, cannot marry together, although they be never fo far afunder in Degree.

11. It is also to be noted, That Consanguinity and Affinity (Letting and Diffolving Matrimó. ny) is contracted as well in them and by them which be of Kindred by the one side, as in and by them which be of Kindred by both fides.

III. Item, That by the Laws, Confanguinity and Affinity (Letting and Dissolving Matrimony) is contra&ted as well by unlawfulCompany of Man and Woman, as by lawful Marriage.

IV. Item, In Contracting betwixt Persons doubtful, which be not expressed in this Table, it is most fure, first to consult with Men learned in the Laws, to understand what is Lawful, what is Honest and Expedient, before the finish ing of their Contracts.

V. Item, That no Parson, Vicar or Curate, shall Solemnize Matrimony out of his or their Cure, or Parish-Church or Chapel, and shall


not Solemnize the same in Private Houses, nor Lawless and Exempt Churches, under the Pains of the Law forbidding the same. And that the Curate have their Certificates; when the Parties dwell in divers Parishes.

VI. Item, The Banns of Matrimony ought to be openly denounced in the Church by the Minister three several Sundays or Festival-Days, to the end that they who will and can allege any Impediment, may be heard, and

that Stay may be inade till farther Trial, ifany Exception be made there against it upon sufficient Caution.

VIL Item, Who shall maliciously obje&t a frivolous Impediment, against a lawful Matri. mony, to disturb the same, is subje&t to the Pains of the Law.

VIII. Item, Who shall presume to contract in the Degrees prohibited (tho' he do it igno. rantly) besides that the Fruit of such Copulati. on may be judged unlawful, is also Punishable at the Ordinary's Discretion.

IX. If any Minister shall conjoin any such, or shall be present at such Contra&s making, he ought to be suspended from his Ministry for three Years: and otherwise to be punished ac. cording to the Laws.


None Mall come near to any of the Kindred of

bis Flesh to uncover their Šbame : I am the Lord, Levit. 18. 6.

A Man may not marry


Secundus gradus in

linea recta ascen.

dente. Con. Avia.

I Grandmother. af. Avia relicta. 2 Grandfather's Wife. af. Profocrus, vel fo- 3 Wife's Grandmother

crus magna,
Secundus gradus in.

æqualis in linea
transversali afcen.

dente. Con. Amita.


Father's Sifter. Con. Matertera. 5|Mother's Sifter. af. Patrui reli&ta. o Father's Brotber's

Wife. af. Avunculi reli&ta. 7 Motber's Brother's

Wife. af. Amita uxoris. 8 Wife's Fatber's

af. Matertera uxoris. O Wife's Mother's

Primus gradus in

linea recta afcen.

10 Motber. af. Noverca.

11 Stepmother. af. Socrus

12 Wife's Mother.

Con. Mater.

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A Man may not marry his
Primus gradus in

linea recta de

scendente. Con. Filia.

13 Daughter. af. Privigna. 14 Wife's Daughter. af. Nurus.

15 Son's Wife. Primus gradus e

qualis in linea

transversali.. Con. Soror.

16 Sifter. af. ) Soror Uxoris. 17 Wife's Sifter. af. Fratris relicta. 18 Brotber's Wife. Secundus gradus in

linea recta de

fcendente. Con. Neptis ex filio. 19 Son's Daughter. Con. Neptis ex filia. 20 Daughter's Daughe

ter. af. Pronurus, i. e. re-21 Son's Son's Wife.

lieta nepotis ex

filio. af. Pronurus, i.e. re- 22 Daughter's Son's

Ji&ta nepotis ex! Wife.

filia. af. Privigni filia. 23 Wife's Son's Daugh.

ter. af. Privignæ filia. 24\Wife's Daughter's

Secundus gradus in-

æqualis in linea
tranfverfali de.

Con. Neptis ex fratre.

125 Brotber's Daughter.

Can. A Man

not marry

his Con. Neptis ex forore.

ex forore. 26 Sifter's Daughter. af. Nepotis ex fratre re-27 Brother Son's lieta.

Wife. af. Nepotis ex sorore 28 Sister's Son's Wife.

reli&ta. af. Neptis uxoris ex 29 Wife's Brother's fratre.

Daughter. af. Neptis uxoris ex fo- 30 Wife's Sister's

| Daughter.


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A Woman may not marry with her
Secundus gradus in

linea recta afcen

dente. Con. Avus.

I Grandfather. af. Aviæ reli&tus. 2 Grandmother's

Husband. af. Profocer, vel focer 3 Husband's Grande magnus.

fatber. Secundus gradus in

æqualis in linea transversali afcen.

dente. Con. Patruus.

4 Fatber's Brother. Con. Avunculus. 5 Mother's Brother. af | Amitæ relictus.

6 Father's Sister's

Husband. af. | Materteræ reli&tus. 7 Mother's Sister's

Husband. af. Patruus mariti. 8 Husband's Fatber's


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