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acquit, &c. the said D. C. his Executors, by these Presents hath demised, &c. unto the said. D.C. and his A sligns, all that the Parsonagegs Parish-Church of, &c. in the County of, Bc.. sometimes appropriate, united, belonging, or appertaining unto the College of C. with all Lands, Tenements, and all manner of Tythes and Tenths, Reversion and Reversions of Tythes or Tenths of Corn, Grain, Hay, Wool, Lambg Flax, Hemp, Honey, and all manner of predial, personaland mixt Tythes or Tenths whatsoever, yearly coming, arising, growing and renewing within the faid Parilh, 8c. aforesaid, or in any other Place or Places, Townships or Ham. lets to the said Re&tory, Parish-Church, or Chapel of, 8c. belonging or appertaining, or used to be fet, demised, or let, as Part, Parcel, or Member of the said Re&ory, Parsonage, Parifh-Church or Chapel of, 8c. aforesaid : To: have and to hold, Bc. to the said D. C. and his Afligns, from the Day of the Date hereof, for and during, and unto the full End and Term of, &c. Yielding, and Paying, 8c.. And the said D. C. for him, &c. doth Covenant, &c. to and with the said, &c. by these Presents, That he the said D. C. his, 8c shall and will, yearly, during the said Term of, &c. well and truly pay, or cause to be paid, unto the said C. W. &c. the said yearly Rent of, &c. by, even and equal Portions, according to the true intent and

meaning of thefe Presents. And the said C. W. for hiin, &c. doth Covenant, &c. That he the faid C.W. &c. Yielding the Rent, and per. forming the Covenants, which on his and their Parts are to be done and performed, during the


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faid Term of, &c. shall and may peaceably and quietly have, hold, use, occupy, poffefs, and enjoy the faid, &c. without the lawful Let, Trouble or Eviétion of the said C. W. his Execu tor, 8c. or of any other Person or Persons whatsoever, claiming or to claim, by, from, or under him, them, or any of them. In Witness vhereof, Bc.

No VII. A Lease of a Parfonage for Term of Life. THI His Indenture, made, &c. between F. F.

Clerk, Parfon, &c. of the one Part, and H. H. of, &c. of the other Part, Witnesseth, That the faid F. F. for, and in Consideration of the Sum of, 8c. whereof and wherewith the faid F. F. acknowledgesh himself satisfied, &c. Hath demised, granted, set and to farm let, and by these Presents doth demise, 8c. unto the faid H. H. his Executors, &c. all that his Re&tory or Parsonage of P. in the County of, &c. with all and singular Houses, Glebe-Lands, and all and fingular the Appurtenances, set, let, ly, ing and being in P. aforesaid, together with all manner of Tythes, as well personal as predial, and all Oblations, Profits and Commodities, growing, arising, or yearly coming in or out of the said Rectory or Parsonage, (the Profits arising and coming by reafon of, or from any Bu. rial unto the faid Parfon only excepted and reserv'd.) To have and to hold the faid Rectory or Parsonage of P. with the Houses and GlebeLands thereunto belonging, together with all and fingular the Tythes of Corn, Grain and


Hay, and privy Tythes, Offerings, Oblations; and all other Profits and Commodities accruing, growing, or yearly arising, or of right belonging to the said Rectory or Parsonage, (except as be. fore

excepted) unto the said H. H. his Executors, &c. from the Day of the Date

hereof, for and during so long time as the said F.F. shall remain in his Natural Life; yielding and paying there. fore, yearly and every Year, unto the said F. F. or to his Assigns, the Sum of, &c. of lawful Money, &c. at the four usual Feasts in the Year; that is to say, at the Feast of, &c. by even and; equal Portions. In Witnef's whereof, &c.

NO VIII. A Resignation of a Benefice. *O all Christian People to whom this present

Writing; late Parson of the Parish Church of T. in the County of K. lend greeting in our Lord God everlasting. Know ye, That I the faid T. for divers good and reasonable Causes and Confiderations me moving, have clearly resigned and released unto the Patron or Giver of the Parfo: nage of the said County of K. and Diocess of L. the free, and ample, and clear Dispositi.. on, and Gift of the fame Parsonage; Together with all the Righty Demand or Title, which I

might, should, or ought to claim or demand by any manner of means, for, touching, or in any . wife concerning the same Parsonage of T. by reason either of Nomination, Assignation or Deputation thereof, at any time heretofore to me made, granted or assigned. And I the said



W. S. do by these Presents promise and grant, and at no times hereafter, do make any Claim or Claims, challenge or demand to the faid Parsonage, or to any Duties whatsoever apper. taining thereunto, might have grown due or payable unto me, by reason of the aforesaid Par. fonage of T. In Witness, 8c.,

No IX Queen ANNE's Patent or Commision to tbe

Governours of Her Charity to the Poor Clergy.

NNE, by the Grace of God of England,

Scotland, France and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, 8c. To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: As the Welfare and Support of the Church of England, as by Law Eftablished, have been always Our greatest Care, fo we have, fince Our Accession to the Crown, frequently reflected on the miserable Condition of a very great Number of the Clergy of this Our Kingdom, by reason of the mean and insufficient Provision for their Maintenance in several Places, which tends very much to the Ruin of this Church: And in regard that the Arrears of Tenths due to our Exchequer, upon Imall Rectories and Vicarages, could not be an. fwered without great Difficulties and Harships to the poor Incumbents, and that several of those Churches (for fear of incurring the full Payment of such Arrears) were held in Seque. ftration by Temporary Cúrates, without being regularly filled with Institution and Induction; We were resolved to do as much as in Us lay,

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towards easing of the Clergy, and were graci. ously inclined to think, That the Ministers who ferved those Cures might, in respect of their Poverty, be true Objects of Our Royal Compassion; and that it would tend to the Honour and good Discipline of the Established Church, if those Benefices were filld with able Clerks, legally Instituted and Inducted: And to the charitable Purpose aforesaid, We figned a Warrant, to authorize our Lord High-Treasurer to discharge the Arrears of Tenths, due upon the final Re&ories and Vicarages, not exceeding Thirty Pounds per annum, by the most improved Vám luations of the fame, on Condition that the respective Churches were first filled with Infti. tution and Induction : And Our Lord HighTreasurer signifid Our said bountiful Intention, by Letter directed to Our Archbishops and Bishops accordingly: And in order to fetele a Fund for increasing the Maintenance of the poor Clergy, We commanded Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Counsellor. Sir Charles Hedgesz Knight, one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, to deliver a Message in Writing, signed by Us, to Our most dutiful and loyal Commons of England, in Parliament assembled, declaring, That We having taken into our serious Confide. ration, the mean and insufficient Maintenance belonging to the poor Clergy, in divers Parts of this Kingdom, to give them fome Ease, had been pleafed to remit the Arrears of the Tenths to the poor Clergy; And that for Auginentation of their Maintenance, We would make a Grant of

Our whole Revenue arising out of First Fruits and Tenths, as far as it then was or should be.



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