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No I. Å Form of PRESENTATION to a

Vacant Benefice. R Do

mino, Domino G. Permissione Divina, Episcopo, ejusve in absentia Vicario fuo in Spiri. tualibus generali, aut alii cuicunque in hac parte fufficientem Authoritatem habenti: Prænobilis A.C. Baro de F. verus & indubitatus Patronus Rectoriæ [Vicariæ, if it be a Vicarage] Ecclesiæ Parochialis de M. Salutem in domino sempi. ternam. Ad Ecclefiam Parochialem or Vica. riam Ecclefiæ Parochialis, if it be a Vicarage] de M. prædictæ veftræ Diocefcos modo per mortem naturalem N.P. ultimni Incumbentis ibidem vacantem, & ad meam Presentationem pleno jure fpectantem; delectum mihi in Chrifto S.R. Artiuin Magiftruin, Çor Baccalaureum] Clericum, Paternitati veftræ præfento, humiliter fupplicans, ut præfaturn S. R. ad dictam Re Etoriam [or Vicariain j admittere, ipsumque in Rectoriam [or Vicariam ] ejusdem Ecclefiæ in

Ttitui, & induci facere cum fuis juribus, & pertinentiis universis, cætera que omnia, & fingula peragere, & adimplere in hac parte, quæ ad veftrum munus Epifcopale pertinere videbuntur, digneminicum favore. In cujus rei Teftimoinium, his præfentibus, Sigillum ineum appofui.


Data die O. Anno Regni Dominæ noftri Geor. gii, Angliæ, Scotia, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Regis, Fidei Defensoris, &c. primo, Annoq; Dom. 17306

And if the Bishop be Inbibited, or the See void, yet this Presentation is good, which canze not be said of the common Forms.


No II. A Form of a Testimonial, that the Incumbent

bath performed all things, after bis Induction, according to the Act of Uniformity. E whose Names are underwritteny do

hereby certify, that C. B. Re&or of F. within the Diocese of E. or County of S. on the Day of

in the Year being a Lord's-Day, did read in his Parish. Church aforesaid, openly, publickly and folemnly, the Morning and Evening-Prayer, appointed to be read by, and according to the Book entitled, The Book of Common-Prayer, &c. at the time thereby appointed; and after such Reading thereof, did openly and publickly, be. fore the Congregation there assembled, declare his unfeigned Allent and Consent to the Use of all things therein contained and prescribed, according to this Form, viz. I C. B. do bere de. clare my unfeigned Affent and Consent to all, &c. (writing the Forın verbatim) also that he did publickly and openly, on the Day and Year aforesaid, in his Parish Church aforesaid, in the Presence of the Congregation there assembled, in the time of Divine Service, read a Certificate, under the Hand and Seal of the Right Reverend Father in God, G. Lord Bishop of - ( inferting the very Words of the Certificate) and after the Reading thereof, did, at the same time, and in the same place, the Congregation being present, read the Declaration or Acknowledgment contained in the said Certificate, viz. I will con. form to the Liturgy of the Church of England, as it is now by Law established. And lastly, that on the Day and Year aforesaid, he did read the Articles of Religion, commonly called, The Thirty Nine Articles agreed upon in Convocation, in the Year 1562. in his Parish Church aforesaid, in the time of Common-Prayer there; and did declare his unfeigned Allent thereto. And these things we promise to testify, upon our corporal.Oaths, if at any time we shall be duly called thereunto. In witness whereof, we have Lereunto set our Hands, this in the Year of our Lord

7. B. T. D. N. F.

Day of


A Qualification for a Nobleman's Chaplain.
Niversis & fingulis præsentes Literas inspe-

&uris, five quos infrascripta tangunt leu tangere poterinthin futurum, Willielmus Dom' Ha Baro de Salutem : Noveritis me præfat' W. Dom' H. &c. de vitæ probitate, morum integritate, & Sacrarum Literaruin scientia, de quibus Georgius Duke, Clericus, mihi commendatus exiftit, ipfum Georgium Duke in nunerum Capellanorum ineorum Domesti. corum, ad deferviendum mihi circa divina Of. ficia, infra Ædes meas celebranda, aflumpfiffe, aggregaffe, ascivisse, & admififfe : eumque in Capellanum meum domesticum assumere, aggregare, afciseere, & admittere per præfentes. Quaruin vigore libere liceat & licebit eideni Georgio Duke, Capellano meo, omnia & fino gula Privilegia, Beneficia, Libertates, Præhe. minentias, & Inmunitates Capellanis Baronum & Procerum in Statutis & Legibus hujus inclyti Regni Angliæ quomodocunque concella & elar. gita consequi pariter & obtinere ad omnem juris effe&tum inde fequi valentem, illudque Universitativestræ atteftandum fore, duxi opportunum, ficque attestor per præsentes. Dat lub manu, figilloque meo ad arma, vicesimo die Aprilis, Anno Domini 1715. Annoque Regni Regis Georgii, Dei Gratia, Anglia, &c. Secundo.


No IV.
A Grant of an Advowfon, for one Turn.
To all

G. S. the true and undoubted Patron of the Rectory of the Parish-Church of F. in the County of K. and Diocese of C. Greeting in our Lord everlasting. Know ye, That I the said G. S. have given, granted, and by this my prefent Writing have confirmed unto M.G. of, &c. Efq; the first and next Advowfon, Nomination, Presentation, and free Disposition of the afore. said Rectory of the Parish Church of F.with all the Members and Appurtenances whatsoever, willing, and by this present Writing granting, That it Niall and may be lawful, to and for the

P 3


faid M.G. his Executors and Administrators, to the laid Church, with all Rights and Appurtenances whatsoever, whensoever, and how. Toever, by Death, Resignation, Deprivation, Cession, Permutation, Dismislion, or any other way, the same Church first and next shall happen to be void, any honest and learned Clerk to present, and all other things which to the faid Charge or Office belonging, to do and fulfil, for the first and next Avoidance only, as fully, Bc. as I my self might do, &c.

No V. A Donation of a free Cbapel. Toal, &c. T.B. of, &c. Greeting. Whereas

the Free Chapel of Y. in the Diocese of H. is known to be void, and of Right doth belong to my Gift. Know ye, That I the said T. B. the said Chapel, with all its Rights and Appurtenances whatsoever,

have given and granted to my well-beloved in Chrift, F.W. Clerk, an honest and learned Man. And by virtue of these Presents the faid FW in bodily poffeffion of the said Chapel have induced. In witness, &c.

A Lease of a Restory Impropriate.

His Indenture, 8c. between C.W. of, c.

of the one part, and D. C. of, &c. of the other Part, witnesseth, That the said C.W. for and in confideration of the Sum of, 8c. the Receipt whereof the said W. acknowledgeth, and thereof, and of every part thereof, doth


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