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JULY 10. 1940

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1864,

By JAMES G. GREGORY, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for

the Southern District of New York.




THIS Selection from the works of AMERICAN

I templated in the companion volume of “GOLDEN LEAVES FROM THE British Poets,” lately issued. I have endeavoured to gather into one portable volume those Poems that have, by general acceptation, become identified in the hearts of the People as the choicest and noblest specimens of American National Poetry. To these literal“ household wordsthere are added other selections, not perhaps so generally familiar to ordinary readers, but yet possessing sufficient merit to make them worthy a place in a work expressly intended as an exponent of the Poetic Genius of the Country. A few of the earliest recorded efforts of American poetic composition are given, as interesting relics of a bygone age-affording, as they do, graphic pictures of the habits and manners of the periods they describe ; and as marking also the incipient dawnings of poetic talent in this country.

I may be permitted to add, without incurring the charge of undue egotism, I trust, that the preparation of this work has been to me literally “a labour of love."

It seemed to me a fitting tribute to render to those Poets whose works had entered so largely into my professional studies for the last thirty years, and between whom and the mere cursory reader, and those of a yet immature age, I had endeavoured faithfully to act as an INTERPRETER, that I should, in the probably closing effort of my literary career, present a worthy monument recording the Genius of American Poesy, acceptable to the reading Public, and one that should do honour to the Poets I have selected for representation ; and to these Gifted Men and Women I most respectfully dedicate these my humble labours.

J. W. S. H. s YORK,}

October 12, 1864.

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