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LESSON IX. 1. How many are three and eight? Thirteen and eight? Twenty-three and eight? Thirty-three and eight ? Fortythree and eight? Fifty-three and eight ? Sixty-three and eight? Seventy-three and eight? Eighty-three and eight?

2. How many are four and eight? Fourteen and eight? Twenty-four and eight? Thirty-four and eight ? Fortyfour and eight? Fifty-four and eight? Sixty-four and eight? Seventy-four and eight ? Eighty-four and eight ?

3. How many are five and eight? Fifteen and eight ? Twenty-five and eight ? Thirty-five and eight? Forty-five and eight? Fifty-five and eight? Sixty-five and eight ? Seventy-five and eight? Eighty-five and eight?

4. How many are six and eight ? Sixteen and eight ? Twenty-six and eight? Thirty-six and eight? Forty-six and eight? Fifty-six and eight? Sixty-six and eight? Seventy-six and eight? Eighty-six and eight? Ninety-six and eight?

5. How many are seven and eight ? Seventeen and eight? Twenty-seven and eight? Thirty-seven and eight? Forty-seven and eight? Fifty-seven and eight? Sixtyseven and eight? Seventy-seven and eight? Eighty-seven and eight ? Ninety-seven and eight?

6. How many are eight and eight? Eighteen and eight ? Twenty-eight and eight? Thirty-eight and eight ? Fortyeight and eight? Fifty-eight and eight ? Sixty-eight and eight? Seventy-eight and eight ? Eighty-eight and eight? Ninety-eight and eight ?

7. How many are nine and eight? Nineteen and eight? Twenty-nine and eight? Thirty-nine and eight ? Fortynine and eight? Fifty-nine and eight? Sixty-nine and eight? Seventy-nine and eight? Eighty-nine and eight? Ninety-nine and eight?

[blocks in formation]


How many are:

How many are: Eleven less eight ?

Fourteen less eight? Twenty-one less eight ? Twenty-four less eight? Thirty-one less eight? Thirty-four less eight? Forty-one less eight? Forty-four less eight? Fifty-one less eight ?

Fifty-four less eight? Sixty-one less eight? Sixty-four less eight ? Seventy-one less eight? Seventy-four less eight? Eighty-one less eight ? Eighty-four less eight ? Ninety-one less eight? Ninety-four less eight? One hundred one less eight? One hundred four less eight? Twelve less eight?

Fifteen less eight? Twenty-two less eight? Twenty-five less eight? Thirty-two less eight? Thirty-five less eight? Forty-two less eight? Forty-five less eight? Fifty-two less eight ? Fifty-five less eight? Sixty-two less eight? Sixty-five less eight? Seventy-two less eight? Seventy-five less eight? Eighty-two less eight ? Eighty-five less eight? Ninety-two less eight? Ninety-five less eight ? One hundred two less eight? One hundred five less eight? Thirteen less eight?

Sixty-six less eight? Twenty-three less eight ? Seventy-six less eight? Thirty-three less eight ? Eighty-six less eight? Forty-three less eight? Ninety-six less eight? Fifty-three less eight? One hundred six less eight? Sixty-three less eight? Sixteen less eight ? Seventy-three less eight? Twenty-six less eight? Eighty-three less eight ? Thirty-six less eight? Ninety-three less eight? Forty-six less eight? One hundred three less eight? Fifty-six less eight ?


many are:
Two 9's ?
Three 9's ?
Four 9's ?
Five 9's ?
Six 9's ?
Seven 9's ?
Eight 9's ?
Nine 9's ?
Ten 9's ?
Eleven 9's ?
Twelve 9's ?

What is i of: How many 9's :

18 square yards ? In 36 ?
27 cubic yards ? In 63?
36 square feet? In 54 ?
45 cubic feet?

In 45 ?
54 square inches ?

In 72 ? 63 cubic inches ? In 27 ? 72 square miles ? In 99 ? 81 acres ?

In 90 ? 90 square

rods? In 81 ? 99 tons of hay ? In 18? 108 tons of coal ? In 108 ?

1. How many apples are of 45 apples ? ? ? 2. How many oranges are of 54 oranges ? ? ? 3. How many yards are of 18 yards ? ? ? 4. How many feet are of 63 feet? $? ? 5. How many gallons are of 72 gallons ? ? ? 6. How many quarts are of 81 quarts ? ? ? 7. How many inches are of 90 inches ? ? ?

8. A square yard is 9 square feet? Two square yards are how many square feet? 4 square yards ? 7 square yards ? 12 square yards ?

9. How many square yards are 18 square feet? 36 square feet?

54 square feet? 72 square feet? 10. How many square yards are 45 square feet? 108 square feet? 63

square feet ? 81 square feet ? 11. If 9 men can do a piece of work in 7 days, how long will it take one man to do it? How many men can do it in one day?

12. Each of eight boys has 9 marbles. How many more marbles have five of the boys than the other three ?


1. How many are two and nine ? Twelve and nine ? Twenty-two and nine ? Thirty-two and nine ? Forty-two and nine ? Fifty-two and nine? Sixty-two and nine ? Seventy-two and nine? Eighty-two and nine ?

2. How many are three and nine ? Thirteen and nine ? Twenty-three and nine ? Thirty-three and nine? Fortythree and nine ? Fifty-three and nine ? Sixty-three and nine ? Seventy-three and nine ? Eighty-three and nine ?

3. How many are four and nine ? Fourteen and nine ? Twenty-four and nine ? Thirty-four and nine? Forty-four and nine? Fifty-four and nine ? Sixty-four and nine ? Seventy-four and nine? Eighty-four and nine ?

4. How many are five and nine ? Fifteen and nine ? Twenty-five and nine? Thirty-five and nine ? Forty-five and nine? Fifty-five and nine ? Sixty-five and nine ? Seventy-five and nine? Eighty-five and nine ?

5. How many are six and nine ? Sixteen and nine ? Twenty-six and nine ? Thirty-six and nine ? Forty-six and nine? Fifty-six and nine? Sixty-six and nine? Seventysix and nine? Eighty-six and nine? Ninety-six and nine?

6. How many are seven and nine? Seventeen and nine ? Twenty-seven and nine ? Thirty-seven and nine ? Fortyseven and nine ? Fifty-seven and nine ? Sixty-seven and nine? Seventy-seven and nine? Eighty-seven and nine ?

7. How many are eight and nine? Eighteen and nine ? Twenty-eight and nine ? Thirty-eight and nine ? Fortyeight and nine ? Fifty-eight and nine ? Sixty-eight and nine? Seventy-eight and nine? Eighty-eight and nine ?

8. How many are nine and nine ? Nineteen and nine ? Twenty-nine and nine ? Thirty-nine and nine ? Forty-nine and nine? Fifty-nine and nine ? Sixty-nine and nine ? Seventy-nine and nine? Eighty-nine and nine ?



How many are :

How many are : Eleven less nine ?

Fourteen less nine ? Twenty-one less nine ? Twenty-four less nine ? Thirty-one less nine ? Thirty-four less nine ? Forty-one less nine ?

Forty-four less nine ? Fifty-one less nine ?

Fifty-four less nine ? Sixty-one less nine ?

Sixty-four less nine ? Seventy-one less nine ? Seventy-four less nine ? Eighty-one less nine ? Eighty-four less nine ? Ninety-one less nine ? Ninety-four less nine ? One hundred one less nine ? One hundred four less nine ? Twelve less nine ?

Fifteen less nine ? Twenty-two less nine ? Twenty-five less nine ? Thirty-two less nine ?

Thirty-five less nine ? Forty-two less nine ?

Forty-five less nine? Fifty-two less nine ?

Fifty-five less nine ? Sixty-two less nine ?

Sixty-five less nine ? Seventy-two less nine ? Seventy-five less nine? Eighty-two less nine ? Eighty-five less nine ? Ninety-two less nine ? Ninety-five less nine? One hundred two less nine ? One hundred five less nine ? Thirteen less nine ?

Sixteen less nine ? Twenty-three less nine ? Twenty-six less nine ? Thirty-three less nine ? Thirty-six less nine ? Forty-three less nine?

Forty-six less nine ? Fifty-three less nine?

Fifty-six less nine ? Sixty-three less nine ? Sixty-six less nine ? Seventy-three less nine ? Seventy-six less nine ? Eighty-three less nine ? Eighty-six less nine ? Ninety-three less nine ? Ninety-six less nine ? One hundred three less nine ? One hundred six less nine ?

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