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1. Mrs. C. bought 7 pounds of coffee and 3 pounds of tea. How many pounds of coffee and tea did she buy?

2. Lucy gathered 10 quarts of cherries, which was 3 quarts more than Hannah gathered. How many quarts did Hannah gather? 3. There are 7 quarts of milk in a can.

If 4 quarts more are put into it, how many quarts will there be in it ?

4. A chain was 11 feet in length, from which 4 feet were cut off. How many feet were left ?

5. If a ton of coal is worth $7, and a barrel of flour is worth $ 5, how much are both worth?

6. Sarah earned 12 credits in school, which was 5 credits more than Joseph earned. How many credits did Joseph earn ?

7. If a man buys a cord of wood for $8, and a clock for $2, how much does he pay for both ?

8. One horse ate 10 quarts of oats while another horse ate 2 quarts less. How many quarts did the second horse eat ?

9. A grocer put 8 barrels of cider into one room and 3 barrels into another. How many barrels did he put into both rooms ?

10. A farmer has 11 horses at pasture in one field and 3 horses less in another. How many horses has he in the second field ?

11. A boy gathered 8 quarts of nuts from one tree and 4 quarts from another. How many quarts of nuts did he gather from both trees?

12. From A to B is 8 miles, and from A to C is 5 miles farther. How far is it from A to C ?

13. The cost of a saddle is $9, and the cost of a bridle is $2. What is the cost of both ?


1. James paid $ 11 for a coat, which was $ 2 more than the cost of his shoes. What was the cost of his shoes ?

2. A farmer took 9 bushels of wheat and 3 bushels of corn to the mill. How many bushels of grain did he take to the mill ?

3. A man bought a sheep for $ 12, and sold it at a loss of $3. How much did he get for it?

4. The saine man bought another sheep for $ 9, and sold it at a gain of $ 4. How much did he get for it ?

5. A dealer sold a slate for 13 cents, which was 4 cents more than it cost. How much did it cost him ?

6. A book which cost 9 cents was sold for 5 cents more than the cost. How much was received for it?

7. To one man were sold 14 boxes of tea, and to another 5 boxes less. How many boxes were sold to the latter ?

8. A lady paid $ 10 for a shawl, and $2 for a hat. How much did she pay for both ?

9. William had 12 marbles, which was 2 marbles more than George had. How many marbles had George ?

10. Mr. B. paid $10 for a pair of shoes, and $3 for a summer vest. How much did he pay for both ?

11. A boy who went hunting shot 13 ducks one day, and 3 ducks less the next day. How many ducks did he shoot the second day?

12. A man walked 10 miles in one day, and 4 miles farther the next day. How far did he walk the second day?

13. Annie's age is 14 years, which is 4 years more than Jennie's

age. How old is Jennie ? 14. Henry, who earned $ 10, received $5 less than Charles. How much did Charles receive ?

15. Robert, who is 15 years old, is 5 years older than James. How old is James ?


1. A fruit dealer sold 11 quarts of nuts at one time, and 2 quarts at another. How inany quarts did he sell ?

2. Mr. A. paid $ 13 for a coat, and $2 less for a watch chain. How much did he pay for the chain ?

3. A man who had 11 feet of wire found that it was 3 feet too short for his needs. How long a wire did he need ? 4. Henry, who is 14


is 3

older than his sister Alice. How old is Alice ?

5. A farmer during the winter cut 11 cords of wood, and his son cut 4 cords. How many cords did both cut?

6. A miller ground 15 bushels of wheat, and 4 less bushels of corn. How many bushels of corn did he grind ?

7. Mr. F. cut 11 tons of hay from one field, and 5 tons from another. How many tons did he cut from both fields ?

8. Sixteen bunches of grapes were gathered from one vine, and 5 bunches less from another. How many bunches were gathered from the second vine ?

9. A laborer lost 12 days in one month, and 2 days in the next. How many days did he lose in the two months ?

10. A boy gathered 14 quarts of cherries from one tree, which was 2 quarts more than he gathered from another. How many quarts did he gather from the second tree?

11. A suit of boy's clothes cost $ 3 more than $ 12. How much did the suit cost?

12. If a hunter shot 15 ducks in the forenoon, and 3 less in the afternoon, how many did he shoot in the afternoon ?

13. A man who had traveled 12 miles found that he had 4 miles more to go. What was the length of his journey ?

14. A strip of paper is 16 inches long and 4 inches wide. How much greater is the length of the strip than the width ?

15. A boy who had $ 12 wanted $ 5 more to pay for a suit of clothes. What was the cost of the suit?

LESSON VI. 1. A traveled from C to D in 17 hours, which was 5 hours more than the time it took him to return. In how many hours did he make his return journey?

2. If a man can rn $ 13 while a boy earns $ 2, how much can both earn ?

3. A man paid $ 15 for a watch, which was $2 more than the cost of his chain. How much did the chain cost?

4. Kate is 13 years of age, and Margaret is 3 years older. How old is Margaret?

5. Albert earned 16 cents in one hour, and 3 cents less the next hour. How much did he earn the second hour?

6. The distance from A to B is 13 miles, and from A to C is 4 miles farther. How far is it from A to C ?

7. A room is 17 feet in length, and its width is 4 feet less. How wide is the room ?

8. A pupil paid 13 cents for a slate, and 5 cents more for a book. What was the cost of the book ?

9. From a piece of carpet 18 feet long, 5 feet were cut off. How many feet of carpet were left ?

10. A lady paid $14 for a bonnet, and $2 more for a cloak. How much did she pay for the cloak ?

11. A room is 16 feet wide, and its width is 2 feet more than its height. How high is the room ?

12. Mr. B. traveled 14 miles by rail, and 3 miles afoot. How far did he travel both ways ?

13. Mary Wilson is 17 years old to-day. How old was she 3 years ago ?

14. A boy traveled 14 miles, and had 4 miles yet to travel. How many miles was his whole journey ?

15. From a cask of wine containing 18 gallons, 4 gallons leaked out. How many gallons remained in the cask ?


1. A teacher bought a map for $14, and some books for $5. How much did he pay altogether ?

2. A grocer bought 19 barrels of flour, which was 5 barrels more than he had on hand. How many barrels had he on hand ?

3. A lady bought 15 yards of silk at one store, and 5 yards at another. How many yards of silk did she buy?

4. A farmer fed 20 sheep in one field, and 5 sheep less in another. How many sheep were fed in the second field ?

5. Charles's age is 16 years, which is 2 years less than Robert's age. How old is Robert ?

6. A man bought 18 pounds of sugar, and 2 pounds less of soap. How many pounds of soap did he buy?

7. Mr. B. walked 16 miles in the morning, and 3 miles in the afternoon. How far did he walk during the day?

8. George caught 19 fish, which was 3 more than Albert caught. How many fish did Albert catch ?

9. A boy read 16 pages of history yesterday, and 4 pages the day before. How many pages did he read ?

10. A book cost 20 cents, and a slate 4 cents less. How much did the slate cost?

11. A lady paid $16 for a shawl, and $5 more for a dress. What was the cost of the dress ?

12. A railroad train consisted of 21 cars. If 5 cars were detached, how many cars remained ?

13. There are 17 cows in one field, and 2 cows more in another. How many cows are in the second field ?

14. Sarah's letter contains 19 lines, and Jane's 2 lines less. How many

lines are there in Jane's letter ? 15. A farmer raised 17 bushels of wheat on one acre, and 3 bushels more than that on another. How many bushels did he raise on the second acre ?

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