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Hail hieroglyphic state-machine, 7.
Hail, thrice hail ! Ye solitary seats, 159.
Hark! how all the welkin rings, 139.
Hark! 'tis the twanging horn! O'er yonder bridge, 264.
Ha! whare ye gaun, ye crowlin ferlie, 284,
Her cap, far whiter than the driven snow, 130.
Here lies our good Edmund, whose genius was such, 224.
Here on this verdant spot, where nature kind, 123.
His eyes, in gloomy socket taught to roll, 205.
How poor, how rich, how abject, how august, 117.
How sleep the brave who sink to rest, 160.
How would the sons of Troy, in arms renowned, 40.


thou return'st from Thames, whose Naiads long, 168.
Hush! my dear, lie still and slumber, 21.

I am nae poet, in a sense, 286.
If aught of oaten stop, or pastoral song, 161.
If clothed in black you tread the busy town, 79.
If Heaven the grateful liberty would give, 1.
I lang hae thought, my youthful friend, 295.
I love to rise in a summer morn, 337.
I'm wearin' awa', John, 346.
In each she marks her image full expressed, 72.
In evil long I took delight, 256.
In full-blown dignity see Wolsey stand, 198.
In man, the more we dive, the more we see, 119.
In such a night, when every louder wind, 75.
In vain, in vain-the all-compelling hour, 73.
In Virginè the sweltrie sun gan sheene, 242.
I rue the day, a rueful day I trow, 76.
I saw a Monk of Charlemaine, 342.
I see, I see, swift bursting through the shade, 244.
Is there a whim-inspired fool, 297.
Is there for honest poverty, 314.
Is this a holy thing to see, 335.
I've heard them lilting, at our ewe-milking, 204.
I wander through each chartered street, 338.
I was a stricken deer that left the herd, 264.
I went to the Garden of Love, 336.
I would not enter on my list of friends, 269.

Jesu, lover of my soul, 142.
John Anderson, my jo, John, 300.
Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, 49.
Last May a braw wooer cam down the lang glen, 315.
Life is a jest, and all things show it, 81.
Little fly, 334.
Little lamb, who made thee, 321.
Live ever here, Lorenzo ? shocking thought! 117.
Lords, knights, and squires, the numerous band, 11.
Lovely, lasting peace of mind, 85.
My loved, my honoured, much respected friend, 287.
My mother bore me in the southern wild, 322.

Naught loves another as itself, 336.
Near some fair town I'd have a private seat, 1.
Nothing so true as what you once let fall, 53.
Not with more glories in th' ethereal plain, 32.
Now mirk December's dowie face, 232.
Now the golden Morn aloft, 196.
Now the storm begins to lower, 194.

Obscurest night involved the sky, 274.
O'er Cornwall's cliffs the tempest roared, 176.
O God, our help in ages past, 20.
O happy shades ! to me unblest, 259.
Oh blind to truth, and God's whole scheme below, 49.
Oh for a lodge in some vast wilderness, 261.
Oh, happy he who never saw the face, 121.
O Mary, at thy window be, 277.
O mortal man, who livest here by toil, 110.
O, my luv is like a red, red rose, 301.
O Nature, whom the song aspires to scan, 125.
Once-I remember well the day, 150.
On these white cliffs, that calm above the flood, 276.
O synge untoe mie roundelaie, 240.
O that those lips had language! Life has passed, 269.
Our mirthful age, to all extremes a prey, 148.
O, wert thou in the cauld blast, 316.
O, Willie brew'd a peck o' maut, 303.
O Winter! bar thine adamantine doors, 319.
O ye wha are sae guid yoursel', 298.

Pensive beneath a spreading oak I stood, 81.
Piping down the valleys wild, 320.
Pity religion has so seldom found, 257.
Pomposo, insolent and loud, 205.
Poor, little, pretty, fluttering thing, 13.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 235.
Ruin seize thee, ruthless king, 190.

Scenes that soothed or charmed me young, 260.
Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, 313.
See yonder hallowed fane;-the pious work, 146.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 302.
Shut, shut the door, good John ! fatigued, I said, 57.
Silent Nymph, with curious eye, 92.
Spare, generous victor, spare the slave, 12.
Stay your rude steps! whose throbbing breasts infold, 317.
Strong is the lion-like a coal, 210.
Such blessings Nature pours, 114.
Sweet Auburn ! loveliest village of the plain, 214.
Sweet dreams, form a shade, 322.
Sweet stream, that winds through yonder glade, 259.

The boddynge flourettes bloshes atte the lyghte, 238.
The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, 183.
The daughters of (the) Seraphim led round their sunny flocks, 326.
The Eternal Female groaned! It was heard over all, 333.
The keener tempests come; and, fuming dun, 97.
The lovely lass of Inverness, 301.
The Muse, disgusted at an age and clime, 96.
The negation is the Spectre, the reasoning power in man, 341.
The night was winter in his roughest mood, 267.
Then shame to manhood, and opprobrious more, 265.
There laughs the sky, there zephyrs frolic train, 343.
The Romans first with Julius Cæsar came, 6.
These, as they change, Almighty Father, these, 106.
The spacious firmament on high, 10.
The twentieth year is well-nigh past, 272.
The village life, and every care that reigns, 248.
Thou lingering star, with lessening ray, 304.
Thou most indulgent, most tremendous Power, 118.
Thou noblest monument of Albion's isle, 177.
Thus beauty, mimicked in our humbler strains, 125.
Tiger! Tiger! burning bright, 335.
Timely blossom, infant fair, 91.
'Tis hard to say if greater want of skill, 23.
To cure the mind's wrong bias, spleen, 129.
To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love, 324.
To nature's pride, sweet Keswick's vale, 202.
To see a world in a grain of sand, 339.
To thee, fair freedom! I retire, 132.
To thee, the world its present homage pays, 64.
'Twas on a Holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean, 323.
Upon a simmer Sunday morn, 277.
Vain human kind ! fantastic race! 137.

Weak with nice sense, the chaste Mimosa stands, 318.
Wee, modest, crimson-tippèd flow'r, 293.
Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie, 292.
Were once these maxims fixed, that God's our friend, 121.
What do I love-what is it that mine eyes, 128.
When beasts could speak, (the learned say), 133.
When Britain first, at Heaven's command, 109.
When chapman billies leave the street, 305.
When I think on the happy days, 234.
When Music, heavenly maid, was young, 164.
When the fierce north-wind with his airy forces, 19.
When the ploughman leaves the task of day, 76.
When the sad soul by care and grief oppressed, 247.
When the sheep are in the fauld, and the kye at hame, 229.
Where'er my flattering passions rove, 18.
Whether on Ida's shady brow, 320.
With unsparing hand, oh lash these vile impostures, 344.

Ye banks and braes and streams around, 312.
Ye distant spires, ye antique towers, 178.
Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewell, 123.
Ye green-robed Dryads, oft at dusky eve, 155.
Ye self-sufficient sons of reasoning pride, 127.
Yes, I am proud; I must be proud to see, 70,


Bane, Bante, Barefit, Bauk, Bauldly, Bear, Bederoll, Beel, Beld, Bell, Belyve, Ben,

bone. cursed. barefoot. cross-beam. boldly. barley. string of beads. fan, kindle. bald. flower. by and by. inner room, par

lor, inside. bowl. hurrying. shelter. build.

linen cap.


all. Abeigh,

ofl. Aboon,

above. Aborde,

went on. Abread,

abroad. Acquent, acquainted. Ae,

one. Af,

off. Aften,

often. Agley,

askew. Aiblins,

maybe. Ain,

own. Airt,

direction, quar

ter. Aith,

oath. Alane,

alone. Alang,

along. Albeytte,

albeit. Alestake, alehouse sign. Alleyne,

alone. Almer,

beggar. Amaist,

almost. Amang, aming, among. An,

if. Ance,

once. Ane,

one. Arist,

arose. Ashrewed, accursed. Asklent,

askance. Asteer,

astir. Astonied,

stunned. Atte,

at. Attene,

at one. Auld,

old. Aumere,

mantle. Autremete, robe. Ava,

at all. Awa,

away. Aynewarde, backward.



fellow. birch. conceited fellow. buzz. elder. bleak. damned creature. damned. shy. blow, draught. bleared. blaze. babbler. gabbling. blind. glance, moment. blushes. blood. farthing. budding. hobgoblins. bogie. pretty. prettily. сар. . chink. but.

[blocks in formation]

chirp. chews.

Bra, Brae, Braid, Braid-claith, Brak, Braste, Brattle, Braw, brawlie, Bree, Breeks, Bretful, Brent, Brig, Brither, Brogues, Brownyis, Browster, Brunstane, Bught, Buke, Burdies, Burn, Busk,


house, Claes, Claithing, Clamb, Claught, Cleek, Clinkin, Clinkumbell, Clymmynge, Cockernony,

fine. hillside. broad. broadcloth. broke. burst, scamper, clatter. fine. liquor. breeches. brimful. straight. bridge. brother. breeches. brownies. brewer. brimstone. pen, inclosure. book. girls. brook. dress, make

ready. fustian. outer room,


without. hive.

Cofte, Cog, Cood, Coost, Corbie, Core, Cotter,

catch up.
the bell-ringer.
woman's hair

gathered up

with a band. bought. basin, cud. cast. raven. company. tenant of a cot

tage. ploughshare. country. stoop. sociable, affable. chat, instant. rock. hoar-frost. crow. greasy. loll, murmur. crucifix. crown. proud, lively. porridge, break

fast. crawling. crooked staff. crisp. hair. dolt. curtsy. short.

Bustine, But, butt,


Coulter, Countra, Cour, Couth, couthy, Crack, Craig, Cranreuch, Craw, Creeshie, Croon, Crouche, Croun, Crouse, Crowdie,


Cadgy, Cairn, Caldrife, Cale, Caller, Canna, Cannie, Cannilie, Cantie, canty, Cantraip, Capernoity, Carlin, Cates, Cauld, Caup, Celness, Cess, Chafe, Change-house, Chapman, Chapournette, Chela Cheres, Cheves,

call, drive. cheerful, gay. heap of stones. cool, spiritless. cold. cool. cannot. careful, crafty. craftily. cheerful, jolly. magic, witchcraft ill-natured. old woman. dainties. cold. cup. coldness. excise, tax. chafing. tavern. peddler. hat. goldfinch. cheers. moves.


Daffing, Daft, Dail, Daimen, Daur, Daw, Dawd, Deave, Dee,

frolicking. foolish. board, plank. rare, occasional. dare. dawn. lump. deafen, die.

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