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stand, these are not to be neglected; a fewer will these be, if Doctrines of a spiritual Nature are never to be taught at all. To prevent Repetition, the Reader is depred to turn to what has been said to this 06jellion in a Note at Page 144, where it has been more fully answered.---Now, all Divines confefs a (k) spiritual Sense, called Mystical, because it is in a shadowy Way veiled under the written Letter. The Queftion in Dispute is, which is the true spiritual Sense. And on this point it may be juftly affirmed, that which preserves the Letter for the Ground and Foundation of interpreting, which is for much adhered unto by the mysiical Writers, and so closely pursued in this work.---It is certain also, that there is a Mode of Prophesying which keeps only the Letter, and destroys the Spirit. And this is often confounded with the true and fcriptural one, just as the Doctrine of Regeneration or the Birth from above, (which is the one Foundation of all the Gospel,) propagated by the Methodists and others like them, may be mistaken for that which is taught by


(k; vid. Giufi Fhilol. Sac. de Mystico Seníu.

the pure mystical Writers, though there be nothing alike but the mere Name. For, Error and Delusion, though it desires to ofsociate with Truth, to pass itself off with World, ought to be separated ; nor should so great a Truth as Regeneration be sacrificed or injured, because it gives Occafion to many false Representations and Pretences concerning it.--It

may be obječted also, why are not the moral Lessons of the Gospel inculcated, and not the physical Mediums, and beavenly Powers, by which Redemption is fecretly carried on in Man? For two Recfons ; first, because Mofes treats of Physics in the daily Service and Ministry, and not of moral Duties at all. Secondly, because the Root ' must precede the True, and tb? Seed of Wheat before the Blade and the Ear. Had I been writing on the ton Commandments, or on our Saviour's Sermon on the Mount, they should have been treated as their Nature required, as Lessons of eternal Truth, unchangeable Fitness and Obligation; but, as the Subject here is quite of a different Kind, the Manner of Interpretation must be jo likewise.--I will add yet a third Re2f07, that Morality


is preached too much as the Ground and Foundation, which is the Fruit and Effect of Faith in Chrift, and of his Power and Operations on the Spirit of Man. With more moral Lectures and eloquent Declamations than were ever known in this Kingdom, we are as dissolute and immoral a People, con-. sidering our Light and Advantage of Revelation, as any under the Sun.---The true Gospel is that which the great and good Dr. Whichcote describes it to be in his valuable (1). Aphorisms; I use his Name as a Shield against the Darts of the Divines of mere Reafon : “ Christ (m) is not so little as a Name and Notion ; he is a Nature, and

Spirit of Life in us.---The Spirit of God « in us, is a living Law, informing the

Sorel; not constrained by a Law without, 66 that enlivens not: But we act in the so «« Power of an inward Principle of Life, " which enables, inclines, facilitates, deter- mines.--- In the Incarnation of Christ, " we undersiand (n) God in Conjunction with human Nature : And this strengthens

our Faith, that human Nature may be

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(Aphorison. 355. (m) Aphor. 625. (n) Aphor. 306.

conjoned to God eternally.Now, these, are the very Truths delivered by this fpiritual, and truly rational Divine, that I bave endeavoured to prove in all my writings, as well as to point out the heavenly Means and Principles derived through Christ, as the Fountain of Communication, by which this great Union of the divine Nature with the Human is always carried on ; through which a divine Life Springs up from the Seed of Promise, or the new Man and new Creature quickened and building up into a Temple, that is, a glorified Body from the Power of Christ, our Lord.--

The learned anong us may probably object to the ancient Interpreters called the Cabalists by the Jews. But there is no good Ground for this, because we ought to gather what is true and worthy, and separate the Chaff from the Wheat. They have also been much, efleemed by Men as capable of judging, as their opponents : By these great Scbolars, Broughton, Mede, · More, Cudworth, Smith, Kircher, Vitringa, Erasmus, Huet, Allix, Buddeus, and many more than these whom I could name.--- Secondly, they are brought only as collateral Evidence, (for I b 2


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