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police pension fund established.

Chap. Page.

258 472

Watkins Glen:

caretaker or superintendent, salary, appropriation for.....
permanent repairs and betterments, appropriation for.

578 1324
578 1324

Wayne county:
Lyons, revised charter for

school district No. 6, relative to.

750 1793
459 1004


dangerous, destruction of; penal code, $ 411-a, new.....

582 1329

Weather records:

taken at arsenal, Central Park, New York, to be presumptive evi-


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Webster Rural Cemetery Association:

certain proceedings legalized



578 1313
578 1313

Weights and measures, department of:
repairing and correction of state weights and measures, appropria-

tion for

salaries and expenses, appropriation for.
West Seneca:

proceedings of town board and highway commissioners in construct-

ing sewers and making assessments therefor, legalized.
sewer bonds, proceedings legalized...
sewer system, pumping and disposal plants in town of, proceedings

legalized ...

[blocks in formation]

West Sparta:

Canaseraga creek, final order of state water supply commission for
improvement of, approved....

195 27€
Westchester county:

Briarcliff Manor, Shepard dock property; special election and pro-
ceedings legalized

364 696
Bronx parkway bonds authorized.

594 1379
commission to prevent pollution of Bronx river in.

591 1363
commissioner of elections, office created..

255 465
county judge, salary of...

256 470
Greenburgh, school district No. 10, bonds for school purposes
legalized ..

703 1593
Mamaroneck, paving bonds, proceedings relative to issuance and
sale validated

154 201
Mount Kisco, agreement with New York city relative to sewage
disposal .

428 888
Ossining, bonds for paving assessment and sewer purposes, inter-
est on

389 814
revised charter amended, relating to terms of office and elec-
tion of trustees

school district No. 1, established; board of education created.. 349 663

town of; certain proceedings relative to schoolhouse site
and building legalized

6 10
water commissioners, issue of bonds.

353 671
Peekskill, sprinkling of streets, expense of.

420 872
village taxes, amount of..

287 523
water supply and bonds.

733 1722

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Westchester county - Continued:

Chap. Page.
Port Chester, actions against, for damages caused by injuries.... 657 1516

acts of board of trustees in constructing drains, and issue of
bonds therefor, legalized


paving bonds, rate of interest on...


street improvements, bond issue legalized.

159 208
tax levy for conservation of public health in.

153 200
Rye, Rye park bonds authorized..

711 1617
sanitary sewer bonds, rate of interest on, § 14

747 1759
special deputy commissioner of excise for...

315 650
White Plains, board of water commissioners, powers and duties of.. 272 500

garbage incineration plant, authorized to borrow money for.... 317 569
police department, number and compensation of members;

337 612
sanitary trunk sewer and outlet sewer, construction of..

747 1757
school district No. 1 empowered to acquire land for athletic field. 299 549
village trustees, powers and duties of..

604 1412
Western House of Refuge for Women, Albion:
buildings, repairs and equipment, appropriation for...

571 1190
maintenance and transportation, appropriation for..

577 1267
repairs and equipment, reappropriation for..

578 1315

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..... 577 1272

Western New York Institution for Deaf-Mutes, Rochester:

support and instruction, appropriation for.....

New York city, proceedings for acquisition of.....

[blocks in formation]

White Plains:
board of water commissioners, powers and duties of.

272 500

garbage incineration plant, borrowing money for...

police department, number and compensation of members; expenses. 337 612
sanitary trunk and outlet sewers, construction of.

747 1757

299 549
school district No. 1 empowered to acquire land for athletic field...

604 1412
village trustees, powers and duties of.....
new firehouse in village of....

20 30

Willard State Hospital:

buildings, repairs and equipment, appropriation for...
cold storage, appropriation for....
maintenance, appropriation for

564 1177
578 1301
577 1252


hours of labor of, in factories...



[blocks in formation]

Wyoming county:

('astile, school district No. 6, towns of Perry and, proceedings

relative to bond issue legalized..
county clerk, powers and duties of.
Genesee Falls, deed to state of land in town of, by William Pryor

Perry, school district No. 6, towns of Castile and, proceedings

relative to bond issue legalized..

board of park commissioners abolished.....
city clerk, additional help for, appointment and compensation of.
city hall, authority to erect in Washington park.
city judge, increasing salary of..

relative to office of


64 91
369 702
117 154
726 1687

Yonkers - Continued:

Chap. Page.
elevated railroad structures on certain streets, prohibited..

663 1527
firemen's pension fund established......

446 971
grant of land by, to New York Central and Hudson River Railroad
Company, authorized

662 1525
police department, relative to

605 1423
police pension fund, who may participate in....

366 699
public park bonds, issue for park purposes authorized.

109 145
removal of members of uniformed police and fire departments, title
of act amended

367 700
road improvement bonds, increased issue authorized.

509 1087
sanitary trunk and outlet sewers, construction of.

747 1757
seventh ward, sewage disposal plants in....

447 976
sick and disabled poor in hospitals, appropriation for..

370 703
street improvement, proportion of expense to be borne by city. 391 820
street improvements, bond issue increased..


ward boundaries of

541 1128
water bonds, rate of interest on.

368 700


Young Men's Association for Mutual Improvement in the City of Albany:
board of trustees, number and powers of.......

Young Men's Christian Association of the City of New York:
property of ...

Young Men's Christian Associations of the State of New York, State

Executive Committee:
charter amended




Young People's Missionary Movement of the United States and Canada:

incorporation of

[blocks in formation]

Young Women's Christian Associations of the United States of America:

national board, incorporation of

[blocks in formation]
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