The Mathematical Repository: Containing Analytical Solutions of Near Five Hundred Questions, Mostly Selected from Scarce and Valuable Authors. Designed as Examples to Mac-Laurin's and Other Elementary Books of Algebra

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J. Nourse, 1775 - Algebra - 336 pages

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Page 79 - B set out from two towns, which were distant 247 miles, and travelled the direct road till they met. A went 9 miles a day ; and the number of days, at the end of which they met, was greater by 3 than the number of miles which B went in a day. How many miles did each go ? 17.
Page 48 - If A and B together can perform a piece of work in 8 days, A and C together in 9 days, and B and C in 10 days : how many days would it take each person to perform the same work alone ? Ans.
Page 21 - A hare is 50 leaps before a greyhound, and takes 4 leaps to- the greyhound's 3, but 2 of the greyhound's leaps are as much as 3 of the hare's ; how many leaps must the greyhound take to catch the hare ? Ans. 300.
Page 99 - There is a number consisting of three digits, the first of which is to the second as the second is to the third; the number itself is to the sum of its digits as 124 to 7; and if 594 be added to it the digits will be inverted. What is the number ? equal returns.
Page 19 - How long would it take the three together to do it ? 34. A cistern, into which the water runs by two cocks, A and B, will be filled by them both running together in 12 hours ; and by the cock A alone in 20 hours. In what time will it be filled by the cock B alone ? Let x — the time in which B will fill it alone.
Page 89 - Two partners A and B gained 18 by trade. A's money was in trade 12 months, and he received for his principal and gain 26. Also B's money, which was 30, was in trade 16 months.
Page 7 - His head weighed as much as his tail and half his body, and his body weighed as much as his head and tail together.
Page 8 - ... the fraud being detected, and the pieces weighed, they were found to be worth, in the whole, no more than eight guineas ; what was the original value of each piece ? Ans 13s, 19.
Page 85 - TV of the whole journey ; and after he had travelled as many days as he went miles in one day, he met A.
Page 20 - A market-woman bought in a certain number of eggs at 2 a penny, and as many at 3 a penny, and sold them all out again at the rate of 5 lor two-pence, and, by so doing, lost 4d.

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