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Poetry and the Drama. MOORE'S POETICAL WORKS, Cheapest Editions complete in 1 vol.

including the Autobiographical Prefaces and Author's last Notes, which are still copyright. Crown Zvo. ruby type, with Portrait, 78. 6d, or People's

Edition, in larger type, 12s. 6d. Moore's Poetical 'Works, as above, Library Edition, mediam 8vo.

with Portrait and Vignette, 21s. or in 10 vols. fcp. 38. 6d. each. TENNIEL'S EDITION of MOORE'S LALLA ROOKH, with 68 Wood

Engravings from original Drawings and other Illustrations. Fcp. 4to. 218. Moore's Lalla Rookh. 32mo. Plate, ls. 16mo. Vigrette, 28. 6d.

Square crown 8vo, with 13 Plates, 15s. MACLISE'S EDITION of MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES, with 161

Steel Plates from Original Drawings. Super-royal 8vo. 318. 6d. Moore's Irish Melodies, 32mo. Portrait, ls. 16mo. Vignette, 2s. 6d.

Square crown 8vo. with 13 Plates, 21s. SOUTHEY'S POETICAL WORKS, with the Author's last Corrections

and copyright Additions. Library Edition, in 1 vol. medium 8vo. with

Portrait and Vignette, 148, or in 10 vols. fcp. 38. 6d. each. LAYS of ANCIENT ROME; with Ivry and the Armada. By the

Right Hon. LORD MACAULAY, 16mo. 4s. 6d. Lord Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. With 90 Illustrations on

Wood, Original and from the Antique, from Drawings by G. SCHARF. Fcp.

4to. 21s. POEMS. By JEAN INGELOW. Seventh Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 58. POETICAL WORKS of LETITIA ELIZABETH LANDON (L. E. L.)

2 vols. 16mo, 108. PLAYTIME with the POETS : a Selection of the best English Poetry

for the use of Children. By a LADY. Crown 8vo. 5s. The REVOLUTIONARY EPICK. By the Right Hon. BENJAMIN

DISRAELI. Fcp. 8vo. 58. BOWDLER'S FAMILY SHAKSPEARE, cheaper Genuine Edition,

complete in 1 vol. large type, with 36 Woodcut Illustrations, price 145. or

with the same ILLUSTRATIONS, in 6 pocket vols. 58. each. An ENGLISH TRAGEDY; Mary Stuart, from SCHILLER ; and Malle.

De Belle Isle, from A. DUMAS,-each a Play in 5 Acts, by FRANCES ANNE KEMBLE. Post 8vo. 128.

Rural Sports, fc.

ENCYCLOPÆDIA of RURAL SPORTS ; a complete Account. His

torical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, &c. By D. P. BLAINE. With above 600 Woodcuts (20 from Designs by JOHN LEECH). 8vo. 42s.


that relates to Guns and Shooting. Revised by the Author's Son. Square

crown 8vo. with Illustrations, 18s. NOTES on RIFLE SHOOTING. By Captain HEATON, Adjutant of

the Third Manchester Rifle Volunteer Corps. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d. The DEAD SHOT, or Sportsman's Complete Guide ; a Treatise on

the Use of the Gun, Dog-breaking, Pigeon-shooting, &c. By MARKSMAN.

Fcp. 8vo. with Plates, 58. The CHASE of the WILD RED DEER in DEVON and SOMERSET.

By C. P. COLLYNS. With Map and Illustrations. Square crown 8vo. 168. The FLY-FISHER'S ENTOMOLOGY. By ALFRED RONALDS. With

coloured Representations of the Natural and Artificial Insect. 6th Edition ;

with 20 coloured Plates. 8vo. 148. HANDBOOK of ANGLING : Teaching Fly-fishing, Trolling, Bottom

fishing, Salmon-fishing; with the Natural History of River Fish, and the

best modes of Catching them. By EPHEMERA. Fcp. Woodcuts, 5s. The CRICKET FIELD; or, the History and the Science of the Game

of Cricket. By J. PYCROFT, B.A. Trin. Coll. Oxon. 4th Edition. Fcp.

8vo. 58. The Cricket Tutor; a Treatise exclusively Practical. By the same.

18mo. ls. The HORSE'S FOOT, and HOW to KEEP IT SOUND. By W.

MILES, Esq. 9th Edition, with Illustrations. Imp. 8vo. 128. 6d. A Plain Treatise on Horse-Shoeing. By the same Author. Post

Svo. with Illustrations, 2s. General Remarks on Stables, and Examples of Stable Fittings. By

the same. Imp. 8vo. with 13 Plates, 15s. Remarks on Horses' Teeth, adapted to Purchasers. By the same

Author. Crown 8vo. 1s. 6d. The HORSE: with a Treatise on Draught. By WILLIAM YOUATT.

New Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, 108. 6d. The Dog. By the same Author. 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, 6s. The DOG in HEALTH and DISEASE. By STONEHENGE. With 70

Wood Engravings. Square crown 8vo. 158. The Greyhound. By the same. With many Illustrations. Square

crown 8vo. 215. The OX; his Diseases and their Treatment: with an Essay on Parturition in the Cow. By J. R. DODSON, M.R.C.V.S. Post 8vo. with Illustrations.

[Just ready.



Commerce, Navigation, and Mercantile Affairs.

The LAW of NATIONS Considered as Independent Political Com

munities. By TRAVERS TWISS, D.C.L. Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University of Oxford. 2 vols. 8vo. 30s, or separately, PART I. Peace, 12s.

PART II. War, 18s. A DICTIONARY, Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, of Com

merce and Commercial Navigation. By J. R. MCULLOCH, Esq. 8vo. with

Maps and Plans, 508. The STUDY of STEAM and the MARINE ENGINE, for Young

Sea Officers. By S. M. SAXBY, R.N. Post 8vo. with 87 Diagrams, 5s.6d, A NAUTICAL DICTIONARY, defining the Technical Language re

lative to the Building and Equipment of Sailing Vessels and Steamers, &c. By ARTHUR YOUNG. Second Edition ; with Plates and 150 Woodcuts.

8vo, 188. A MANUAL for NAVAL CADETS. By J. M'NEIL BOYD, late Cap

tain R.N. Third Edition; with 240 Woodcuts and 11 coloured Plates. Post 8vo. 12s, 6d. *** Every Cadet in the Royal Navy is required by the Regulations of the Admiralty to have a copy of this work on his entry into the Navy.

Works of Utility and General Information. MODERN COOKERY for PRIVATE FAMILIES, reduced to a System

of Easy Practice in a Series of carefully-tested Receipts. By ELIZA ACTON. Newly revised and enlarged; with & Plates, Figures, and 150 Woodcuts.

Fcp. 8vo. 78. 6d. On FOOD and its DIGESTION; an Introduction to Dietetics. By

W. BRINTON, M.D. Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital, &c. With 48 Wood

cuts. Post 8vo. 12s. ADULTERATIONS DETECTED; or Plain Instructions for the Dis

covery of Frauds in Food and Medicine. By A. H. HASSALL, M.D. Crown

8vo. with Woodcuts, 178. 6d, The VINE and its FRUIT, in relation to the Production of Wine.

By JAMES L. DENMAN. Crown 8vo. 8s.6d. WINE, the VINE, and the CELLAR. By THOMAS G. Shaw. With

28 Illustrations on Wood. 8vo. 16s. A PRACTICAL TREATISE on BREWING; with Formulæ for Public

Brewers, and Instructions for Private Families. By W. BLACK. 8vo. 108.6d. SHORT WHIST; its Rise, Progress, and Laws ; with the Laws of

Piquet, Cassino, Ecarté, Cribbage, and Backgammon. By Major A. Fcp. 8vo. 3s.


Glance at Bad Habits. Revised, with Additions, by a LADY of RANK. Fcp.

8vo. 2s.6d. The CABINET LAWYER ; a Popular Digest of the Laws of England,

Civil and Criminal. 19th Edition, extended by the Author ; including the

Acts of the Sessions 1862 and 1863. Fcp. 8vo. 10s. 6d. The PHILOSOPHY of HEALTH ; or, an Exposition of the Physio

logical and Sanitary Conditions conducive to Human Longevity and Happiness. By SOUTHWOOD SMITH, M.D. Eleventh Edition, revised and enlarged: with New Plates, 8vo.

[Just ready. HINTS to MOTHERS on the MANAGEMENT of their HEALTH

during the Period of Pregnancy and in the Lying-in Room. ; By T. BULL,

M.D. Fcp. 8vo.58. The Maternal Management of Children in Health and Disease. By

the same Author. Fcp. 8vo. 58. NOTES on HOSPITALS. By FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. Third Edi

tion, enlarged; with 13 Plans. Post 4to. 185. C. M. WILLICH'S POPULAR TABLES for ascertaining the Value

of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church Property, Renewal Fines, &c.; the Public Funds; Annual Average Price and Interest on Consols from 1731 to 1861; Chemical, Geographical, Astronomical, Trigonometrical Tables, &c.

Post 8vo. 10s. THOMSON'S TABLES of INTEREST, at Three, Four, Four and a

Half, and Five per Cent. from One Pound to Ten Thousand and from 1 to

365 Days. 12mo. 3s. 6d. MAUNDER'S TREASURY_of KNOWLEDGE and LIBRARY of

Reference: comprising an English Dictionary and Grammar, a Universal Gazetteer, a Classical Dictionary, a Chronology, a Law Dictionary, a Synopsis of the Peerage, useful Tables, &c. Fcp. 8vo. 10s.

General and School Atlases.


the commencement of the Christian Era to the Present Time, in 16 coloured Maps, chronologically arranged, with illustrative Memoirs. By the Rev.


GEOGRAPHY, in 17 full-coloured Maps, accompanied by descriptive Letter,

press. By E. HUGHES, F.R.A.S. Royal 8vo. 108. 6d. BISHOP BUTLER'S ATLAS of ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, in a Series

of 24 full-coloured Maps, accompanied by a complete Accentuated Index, New Edition, corrected and enlarged. Royal 8vo. 128



bois long-estaps. Nevountries: Polof New


of 33 full-coloured Maps, accompanied by a complete Alphabetical Index.

New Edition, corrected and enlarged. Royal 8vo. 10s. 6d. In consequence of the rapid advance of 1 of France, Italy, and Austria represented. geographical discovery, and the many re. The MAPS of the three last-named countries cent changes, through political causes, in have been carefully revised. The MAP o: the boundaries of various countries, it has Switzerland has been wholly re-drawn. been found necessary thoroughly to revise showing more accurately the physical this long-established Atlas, and to add features of the country. Africa has been several new Maps. New MAPS have been carefully compared with the discoveries of given of the following countries : Palestine, LIVINGSTONE, BURTON, SPEKE, BARTH, Canada, and the adjacent provinces of New and other explorers. The number of MAPS Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, is thus raised from Thirty to Thirty-three. the American States bordering on the An entirely new INDEX has been conPacific, Eastern Australia, and New Zea structed; and the price of the work has land. In addition to these MAPS of been reduced from 128. to Half-a-Guinea. Western Australia and Tasmania have The present edition, therefore, will be been given in compartments; thus com found much superior to former ones; and pleting the revision of the MAP of Austral the Publishers feel assured that it will asia, rendered necessary by the rising maintain the character which this work importance of our Australasian posses has so long enjoyed as a popular and comsions. In the MAP of Europe, Iceland has prehensive School Atlas. also been re-drawn, and the new boundaries

Western A in compartine MAP OLA


29 full-coloured Maps, containing the most recent Territorial Changes and

Discoveries. By WALTER MÅLEOD, F.R.G.S. 4to. 5s. PHYSICAL ATLAS of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND; compris

ing 30 full-coloured Maps, with illustrative Letterpress, forming a Concise Synopsis of British Physical Geography. By WALTER MÅLEOD, F.R.G.S. Fcp. 4to. 78, 6d.

Periodical Publications.


Quarterly in January, April, July, and October. 8vo. price 6s. each No. The GEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, or Monthly Journal of Geology,

edited by T. RUPERT JONES, F.G.S. assisted by HENRY WOODWARD, F.G.S.

8vo. price ls.6d. each No. FRASER'S MAGAZINE for TOWN and COUNTRY, published on

the 1st of each Month. 8vo. price 2s. 6d. each No. The ALPINE JOURNAL: a Record of Mountain Adventure and

Scientific Observation. By Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by H. B. GEORGE, M.A. Published Quarterly, May 31, Aug. 31, Nov. 30, Feb. 28. Svo. price ls, 60, each No.

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