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BISHOP BUTLER'S ATLAS of MODERN GEOGRAPHY, in a Scries of 33 full-coloured Maps, accompanied by a complete Alphabetical Index. New Edition, corrected and enlarged. Royal 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Its consequence of the rapid advance of geographical discovery, and the many recent changes, through political causes, in the boundaries of various countries, it has been found necessary thoroughly to revise this long-established Atlas, and to add several new Maps. Xew Maps have been given of the following countries: Palestine, Canada,axxA the adjacent provinces of New Brunswick, NovaScotia, and Newfoundland, the American States bordering on the Pacific, Eastern Australia, and New Zealand, In addition to these Maps of Western Australia and Tasmania have been given in compartments; thus completing the revision of the Map of Australasia, rendered necessary by the rising importance of our Australasian possessions. In the Map of Europe, Iceland has also been re-drawn, and the new boundaries

of France, Italy, and Austria represented.

The Maps of the three last-named countrie i have been carefully revised. The Map O:" Switzerland has been wholly re-drawn, showing more accurately the physical features of the country. Africa has been carefully compared with the discoveries of Livingstone, Burton, Speke, Baeth. and other explorers. The number of Maps is thus raised from Thirty to Thirty-three. An entirely new Index has been constructed; and the price of the work has been reduced from lis. to Half-a-Guinea. The present edition, therefore, will be found much superior to former ones; and the Publishers feel assured that it will maintain the character which this work has Eo long enjoyed as a popular and comprehensive School Atlas.

MIDDLE-CLASS ATLAS of GENERAL GEOGRAPHY, in a Series of 29 full-coloured Maps, containing the most recent Territorial Changes and Discoveries. By Walter M'leod, F.R.G.S. 4to. 5s.

PHYSICAL ATLAS of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND; comprising 30 full-coloured Maps, with illustrative Letterpress, forming a Concise Synopsis of British Physical Geography. By "walter M'leod, F.R.G.S. Fcp. 4to. 7s. 6d.

Periodical Publications.

The EDINBURGH REVIEW, or CRITICAL JOURNAL, pnblished Quarterly in January, April, July, and October. 8vo. price 6s. each No.

The GEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, or Monthly Journal of Geology, edited by T. Rupert Janes, F.G.S. assisted by Henry Woodward, F.G.S. 8vo. price Is. 6d. each No.

FRASER'S MAGAZINE for TOWN and COUNTRY, published on

the 1st of each Month. 8vo. price 25. 6d. each No.

The ALPINE JOURNAL: a Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation. By Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by H. B. George, M..V. Published Quarterly, May 31, Aug. 31, Nov. 30, Feb. 28. 8vo. price Is. (id. each No.


Acton's Modern Cookery 26

Afternoon of Life 20

Alcock's Residence in Japan 2)

Alpine Guide (The) 22

Jonrnal(The) 28

Apjohn'e Manual of the Metalloids 11

Arago'e Biographies of Scientific Men — 5

Popular Astronomy 10

Meteorological Essays 10

Arnold's Manual of English Literature— 7

Aenott's Elements of Physics... II

Atherstone Priory 23

Atkinson's Papinian 5

Autumn Holidayof a Country Parson.... 8

Ayre's Treasury of Bible Knowledge 18

Bacon's Essays, by Whately 5

Life andLetters, by Spudding 3

"Works, by Elds Speaking, and

11 i.'.aTH 5

Bain on the Emotions and Will 9

on the Senses and Intellect 9

on the Study of Character 9

Bainks's Explorations in S. W. Africa .... 21

Ball's Guide to the Central Alps 22

Guide to the Western Alps 22

Bayldon'e Rents and Tillages 17

Berlrpsph's Life and Nature in the Alps... 12

Black's Treatise on Brewing 26

Blacki.ey and Friedlandkr's German and

English Dictionary 8

Blaine's Rural Sports 24

Blight's Week at the Land's End 22

Bourne's Catechism of the Steam Engine.. 16

Treatise on the Steam Engine... 16

Bowdler's Family Shakspeake 24

Boyd's Manual for Naval Cadets 26

Bramley-mooke's Six Sisters of the Valleys 23
Brande's Dictionary of Science, Literature,

and Art 13

Bray's (C.) Education of the Feelings 9

Philosophy of Necessity 9

(Mrs.) British Empire 10

Brewer's Atlas of History and Geography 27

Brinton on Food and Digestion 26

Bristow's Glossary of Mineralogy 11

Brodie's (Sir C. B.) Psychological Inquiries 9

"Works 14

Brown's Demonstrations of Microscopic

Anatomy. 14

Browne's Exposition of the 39 Articles 17

Pentateuch and Elohistic Psalms 17

Buckle's History of CiviliKation 2

Boll's Hints to Mothers 27

Maternal Management of Children. 27

Bunsen's Analecta Ante- Niccena \9

Ancient Egypt 3

Hippolytusand his Age 19

Philosophy of Universal History 19

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, illustrated by

Bennett 15

Burke's Vicissitudes of Families 4

Butler's Atlas of Ancient Geography 27

Modern Geography 28

Cabinet Lawyer 27

Calvert's Wife's Manual 20

Cats and Farlie's Moral Emblems 15

Chorale Book for England 21

Colenso (Bishop) on Pentateuch and Book

of Joshua 18

Collyns on Stag-Hunting in Devon and

Somerset 25

Commonplace Philosopher in Town and

Country 8

Companions of my Solitude 8

Conington's Handbook of Chemical Ana-
lysis 13

Contansrau's Pocket French and English

Dictionary 7

Practical ditto 7

ConYneaiteand Howson's Life and Epistles

of St. Paul 19

Copland's Dictionary of Practical Medicine 14

Abridgment of ditto 14

Cotton's Introduction to Confirmation 19

Cox's Tales of the Great Persian War 2

Tales from Greek Mythology 23

Tales of the Gods and Heroes %i

Tales of Thebes and Argos 28

Cresy's Encyclopedia of Civil Engineering 16

Crowd's History of France 2

D'aueione's History of the Reformation in

the time of Calvin 2

Dead Shot (The), by Marksman 25

De La Rivk's Treatise on Electricity 11

Denman's Vine and its Fruit 26

De Tocqueville's Democracy in America.. 2

Diaries of a Lady of Quality 4

Disraeli's Revolutionary Epick 24

Dixon's Fasti Eboraceusea 4

Doeson on the Ox 25

Dolltnger's Introduction to History of

Christianity 19

Dove's Law of Storms 10

Doyle's Chronicleof England 2


Edinburgh Review (The)


Ellicott's Broad and Narrow Way

. Commentary on Ephesians

Destiny of the Creature

- - , . Lectures on Life of Christ

Commentary on Galatians '.

»^___— Pastoral Epist...

Fhilippians, &c.


Essays and ReviewB

Essays on Religion and Literature, edited

by Manning

Essays written in the Intervals of Business

Faireairn's Application of Cast and

Wrought Iron to Buildinc 16

. Information for Engineers... 10

Treatise on Mills &. Alillwork 16

First Friendship 22

Fm Roy's Weather Book 10

Forster's Life of Sir John Eliot 3

Fowler's Collieries and Colliers 17

Fraser's Magazine 28

Freshfield's Alpine Byways 22

Tour in the Grisons 22

Friends in Council 8

From Matter to Spirit 8

Frocde's History of England 1

Garratt's Marvels and Mysteries of

Instinct 12

Geological Magazine 11,28

Gileert and Churchill's Dolomite Moun-
tains 22

Goodbv E's Elements of Mechanism — v.. 16
Gorle's Questions on Browne's Exposition

of the 39 Articles 17

Gray's Anatomy 1*

Greene's Manual of Coelenterata 11

r Manual of Protozoa 11

Grove on Correlation of Physical Forces.. 11

Gryll Grange 22

Gwnvrs Encyclopaedia of Architecture .... 15

Handbook of Angling, by Ephemera 25

Hartwio's Sea and its Living Wonders.... 12

Tropical World 12

Hassall's Adulterations Detected 26

British Freshwater AlgaB 12

Hawker's Instructions to Young Sportsmen 25

Heaton's Notes on Kifie Shooting 25

Helps's Spanish Conqueet in America 2

Herschels Essays from the Edinburgh

and Quarterly Reviews 13

Outlines of Astronomy 9

Hewitt on the Diseases of Women '. 13

Hinchliff's South American Sketches 21

Hind's Canadian Exploring Expeditions ... 21

Explorations in Labrador 21

Hints on Etiquette . 27

Holland's Chapters on Mental Physiology 8 Essays on Scientific Subjects.... 13

, Medical Notes and Reflections.. 15

Holmes's System of Surgery H

Hookir and WalksH-arnott's British

Flora 12

Hooper's Medical Dictionary 15

Horne's Introduction to the Scriptures .... 18

Compendium of ditto 18

Hobktns' Talpa 17

Howitt's History of the Supernatural 8

Rural Life of England 22

"Visitsto Remarkable Places 22

Howson'sHulsean Lectures on St. Paul.... 18
lii Giiirs's (E.) Atlas of Physical, Political

and Commercial Geography 27

(W.) Geography of British His-
tory 10

Manual of Geography 10

Hullah's History of Modern Music 3

Hymns from Lyra Germanica 20

Ingelow's Poems 24

Jameson's Legends of the Saints and Mar-
tyrs 15

Legends of the Madonna 15

Legends of the Monastic Orders 15

Jameson and Eastlake's History of Our

Lord 15

Johns's Home Walks and Holiday Rambles 12

Johnson's Patentee's Manual 16

— Practical Draughtsman 16

Johnston's Gazetteer, or Geographical Dic-
tionary 10

Jones's Christianity and Common Sense.... 9

Kalisch's Commentary on the Old Tcsta-

. 7

Hebrew Grammar 7

Kemele's Plays 21

Kennedy's Hymnologia Christiana 20

Kirey and Spence's Entomology 12

Lady's Tour Round Monte Rosa 22

Landon's (L. E. L.) Poetical Works 24

Late Laurels 22

Latham 's Comparative Philology.. %, 6

English Dictionary 6

Handbook of the English Lan-
guage 6

Work on the English Language 6

Leisure Hours in Town 8

Lewes's Biographical History of Philosophy 2

Lewis on the Astronomy of the Ancients ... G

on the Credibility of Early Roman

History 6

Dialogueon Government 6

on Egyptological Method 6

Essays on Administrations 6

Fables of Baihuus | G

on Foreign Jurisdiction 6

on Irish Disturbances 6

on Observation and Reasoning in

Politics 6

on Political Terras 6

on the Romance Languages 6

Liddelland Scott's Greek-English Lexicon 7

Abridged ditto ,. 7

Lindley and Moore's Treasury of Botany 12

Lister's Physieo-Prophetical Essays 19

Longman's Lectures on the History of Eng-
land 2

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Agriculture.... 17

Cottage, Farm,

and Villa Architecture 17

Gardening 17

Plants 12

. Trees & Shrubs 12

Lowndes's Engineer's Handbook 16

Lyra Domes lica 21

Euchariatica 20

■ Germanica 15,20

, Messianica 20

Mystica 20

Sacra 20


Macaulay's (Lord) Essays 3 I

__. History of England 1 I

. Lays of Ancient Rome 24

, , Miscellaneous Writings 8

Speeches 6

Speeches on Parliamentary

Reform 6

Macekaik's Africans at Home 10

Macdouqall's Theory of War 16

Mcleod's Middle-Class Atlas of General

Geography 28

Physical Atlas of Great Britain

and Ireland 28

Mccclloch's Dictionary of Commerce 26

Geographical Dictionary 10

Maguirk's Life of Father Mathew 4

Rome and its Rulers 4

Maying's Indoor Gardener 12

Maps from Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers .... 16

Marshall's History of Christian Missions. 3

Massey's History of England 1

Maunder's Biographical Treasury 5

Geographical Treasury 10

Historical Treasury 3

Scientific and Literary Treasury 13

Treasury of Knowledge 27

Treasury of Natural History .. 12

Maury's Physical Geography , 10

May's Constitutional History of England.. 1

Melville's Digby Grand 23

General Bounce 23

Gladiators 23

Good for Nothing 23

_. . Holmby House 23

Interpreter 23

. '— Kate Coventry 23

Queen's Maries 23

Mendelssohn's Letters 4

Menkes' Windsor Great Park 17

Merivale's (H.) Colonisation and Colonies 10

(C.) Fall of the Roman Republic 2

Romans under the Empire 2

Meryon's History of Medicine 3

Miles on J lorse's Foot 25

On Muxes' Teeth 25

— on Horse Shoeing 25

onStables 25

Mill on Liberty 5

on Representative Government 5

on Utilitarianism 5

Mill's Dissertations and Discussions 5

Political Kconomy 5

System of Logic 5

Millfr s Elements of Chemistry 13

Munsell'e Spiritual Songs 20

3iontagu's Experiments in Church and

State 18

Montoomirt on the Signs and Symptoms

of Pregnancy 13

Moore's Irish Melodies .-.......... 24

LallaRookh 24

Memoirs, Journal, and Correspon-
dence 4

Poetical Work* 24

Morkll's Elements of Psychology 9

Mental Philosophy 9

Morning Clouds 20

Morton S Handbook of Dairy Husbandry.. 17

—— FarmLabour 17

Prince Consort's Farms 17

Moshrial's Ecclesiastical History 19

Moller's (Max) Lectures on the Science of

Language 7

(K. O.) Literature of Ancient

Greece 2

Murchison on Continued Fevers 14

MuRx'sLanguage and Literature of Greece 2

New Testament illustrated with Wood En-
gravings from the Old Masters 15

Newman's Apologia pro Vita Suit 3

Nightingale's Notes on Hospitals 37

Odling's Course of Practical Chemistry .... 13

Manual of Chemistry 13

ORMsnv'sKamblesin Algeria and Tunis 21

Owen's Comparative Anatomy and Physio-
logy of Vertebrate Animals 11

PaCae'sGuide to the Pyrenees 22

Pagex's Lectures on Surgical Pathology.. 14

Parker's (Theodore) Life, by Weiss....... 4

Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers, 2 Sere 21

Perzira's Elements of Materia Medics..... 15

— Manual of Materia Meuica 15

Perkins's Tuscan Sculptors 16

Phillips's Guide tc Geology- n

Introduction to Mineralogy n

Piesse's Art of Perfumery 17

Chemical, Natural, and Physical

Magic 17

Laboratory of Chemical Wonders 17

Playtime with the Poets (4

Practical Mechanic's Journal is

Prescott's Scripture Difficulties 18

Problems in Human Nature 20

Pycroft's Course of English Reading 7

CricketField "... 25

CricketTutor 26

Recreations of a Country Parson, Second

Series g

Riddle's Diamond Latin-EnglishDictionarr 7

Kivers's Rose Amateur's Guide 12

Rogers's Correspondence of Greyson 9

Eclipse of Faith g

Defence of ditto 9

Essays from the.EtfmouryA Review 9

Fulleriana 9

Reason and Faith 9

Rooet's Thesaurus of English Words and


Ronalds'e Fly-Fisher's Entomology 25

Rowton'i Debater 7

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