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Church of another age. Traditive interpretations of Scripture are pretended, but there are few or none to be found. No Tradition, but only of Scripture, can derive it self from the fountain ; but may be plainly proved, either to have been brought in, in such an age after Chrift; or, that in such an age it was not in. In a word, there is no sufficient certainty but of Scripture only, for any considering man to build upon. This therefore, and This only, I have reason to believe : This I will profefs ; according to This, I will live and for This, if there be occasion, I will not only willingly, but even gladly lose my life ; though I should be forry that ChriNians should take it from me. Propose me any thing out of This book, and require whether I believe it or no; and seem it never fo incomprehensible to human reason, I will subscribe it with hand and heart: As knowing no demonstration can be stronger

than this; God hath said so, therefore it is true. In other things, I will take no mans liberty of judgment from him ; neither shall any man take Mine from Me. I will think no man the worse man, nor the worse Christian : I will love no man the less, for differing in opinion from me. And what measure I mete to others, I


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expect from them again. I am fully af sured that God does not, and therefore that Men ought not, to require any more of any man than This; To believe the Scripture to be Gods word, to indeavour to find the true Sense of it, and to live according to it. Ch. 6. S 56.

In the Statutes given by Queen Elizabeth of glorious Memory, to Trinity-College in the Vnivers Singuli elečti, ansity of Cambridge, teqnám admittantur, the following Oath jusjurandum uod sem is appointed to be quitur, fub penálom taken by every Fel- corum fuorum anito low in the Chapel, tendorum,coram Mabefore his Admiffi- gistro 6 8 Senioria

I, N. N. bus in Sacello dent. do swear and pro- Ego N. N. juro mise in the pre- ac teste Deo

o profence of God, that mitto, me veram I will heartily and Christi religionem stedfastly adhere to omni animo amplethe true religion of xurum , & Sacræ Chrift, and will pre- Scripturæ authorifer the Authority of tatem hominum ju. Holy Scripture be- diciis præpositurum; fore the Opinions of regulam vitæ ac sumMen ; that I will mam fidei ex verbo make the Word of Dei petiturum ; cæGod the Rule of my tera, quae ex verbo Faith and Practice, Dei non probantur,


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and look upon other pro humanis habithings, which are turum ; connot proved out of the trarias verbo Dei oWord of God, as hu- piniones omni vomane only ;

luntate ac mente rethat I will readily futaturum ; and with all my pow- consuetis, fcripta er oppofe doctrines non scriptis, in recontrary to the Word ligionis causa, anteof God ; that, in habiturum ; &c. matters of Religion, I will prefer Truth before Custom, what is written before what is not written ; &c.

And, in the fame University, every Doctor in Divinity, at his taking That Degree, does [profiteri in Theologia] Formula Profef make his Profellion fionis Inceptorum in in the following Theologia. Words : In the In Dei Nomen, AName of God, A- men. Ego A. B. ex men : 1 A. B. do animo amplector ufrom my Heart re- niverfam sacram ceive the whole fa- Scripturam Canonicred Canonical Scrip- cam Veteri & Novo tures of the old and Testamento new Testament : And prehenfam; omniaq; do hold, or reject, illa, quæ vera Eccleall that the frue, sia Christi, sancta & Holy, and Apostoli- Apostolica , verbo


cal Church of Christ, Dei subjecta & eosubject to the Word dem gubernata, reof God, and being go- spuit, respuo: quæ verned by it, bolds tenet, teneo: Er in or rejects : And in his omnibus ad fithis Profesion I will nem usq; vitæ perpersevere to my lives severabo, Deo mihi end, God of his great pro fummâ fuâ mimercy giving me sericordiâ gratiam grace, through Jefus præftante per lefum Christ our Lord.

Christum Dominum

nostrum. And every Priest at his Ordination, (and Bishop at his Consecration, ] being solemnly asked, Are you perswaded that the holy Scriptures contain sufficiently all Doctrine required of necessity to eternal Salvation through faith in Jefus Chrift? And are you determined out of the same holy Scriptures to instruct the people committed to your charge, and to teach [or maintain] nothing as required of necesity to eternal Salvation, but that which you Mall be perswaded may be concluded and proved by the Scripture ? answers in the following Words ; I am so perfwaded, and bave so determined by Gods grace.

And the whole Church, in the 6th, the 20th, and 21st of the 39 Articles, declares ; that Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to Salvation ; So that


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what foever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it hould be believed as an Article of the Faith, or be thought requisite or necessary to Salvation : That it is not lawful for the Church to ordain any thing that is contrary to Gods word written ; neither may it so Expound one place of Scripture, that it be repugnant to another: Wherefore, although the Church be a Witness and a Keeper of Holy Writ, yet as it ought not to decree any thing Against the same, so Besides the same ought it not to enforce any thing to be believed for necelity of Salvation : That even General Councils, (forasmuch as they be an Assembly of Men, whereof All be not governed with the Spirit and Word of God,) may err, and sometimes have erred, even in things pertaining unto God: Wherefore things ordained by Them, as necesary to Salvation, have neither strength nor autthority, unless it may be declared that they be taken out of Holy Scripture.

To apply this general Doétrine (which is the whole Foundation of the Protestant and of the Christian Religion, ) to the Controversies which have been raised in particular, with great Animosity and Uncharitableness, concerning the manner of explaining the Doctrine of the ever-blef.


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