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In the following Sheets, the Reader is desired

to make these Additions. AG 2. lin. 2. After the Words, be understood in

this place; Add; For such is the Nature of the Greek and Latin Languages, that by no other word, (neither by the word me wtor, nor by úzóseo 15. nor by any other word whatsoever,) can they fo properly express that which we mean by the english word, person; as by the masculine . Adjective alone. Upon which account the words of our Saviour, Job.xvi, 13. Wben He [inavo, i sveõuece od dantries. That Perfon, the Spirit of Truth is come į are generally allowed to be a good Proof of the Personality of the Holy Ghoft. And Joh. x, 30, our Saviour affirms that He and bis Father are (not, as, One Person; but, &v] one and the same Thing, as to the Exercise of Power. And Tertullian and Other Writers commonly distinguish, that they are not, [Unus,] one Person; but [Unum,]one and the Same Thing.

Pag. 5, lin. 27. After the Words, and We; Add; [a's dutù, as it is in the Greek,] To Him.

Pag. 28, lin. 18. After the Words, have no Being ; Add; or, which by their Nature are not capable of having any divine Power or Authority. Thus Alts xix, 26. they be no gods ; that is, they have none of that Authority and Dominion over you, which you ascribe to them.

Pag. 218. after line 16, Add ; 1140* Jude 20. Praying, in the Holy Ghost.

Pag. 249. lin. 34. after the word, Montanus's; Add: and perhaps Valentinus's ; see Tertullian advers. Prax. cap. 8, compared with the passage in Irenæus lib. 1, 6.1, referred to by the learned Bishop Bull, Defens. Seit. 2. c. S. $4;)

Pag. 283, line the last. After the Words, Luminous Body ; Add ; [Which Similitude how far it is true, fee explained in the following page.] THE


Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity.

PART I. Being a Collection and Explication of all the

Texts in the New TESTAMENT, relating to that Doctrine.

CH A P. I.

SECT. I. The Pasages of the New Testament, wherein He is filed the One or Only God.

JAT. xix, 17. Why callest thou me,

Good ? * There is none Good, but One, [*Esc, One 1 Perfon,] that is God.

* See this explained, No 340, 762,

17, 13 # So the word necessarily fignifies; Neither can



the word (God, or any other word than that of
[Perfon,] be understood in this place.

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Mar. xii, 29. The first of all the Com-
mandments is; Hear, O Israel, the Lord
our God is One Lord.
Our Lord and Saviour

Ο Κύρια και συντής
Jesus Christ, (Jays Atba-

μών Ιησός Χριςός εν τοις
narius,) in confirmation εαυτό ευαγγελίοις φησί, βε-
of the Words of Mo.

βαιών τα Μωσέως δήμα-
ses, says in his Gospels,
thattle Lord God is One, τα, ότι κύρια και Θεός ας
and, Ithank thee, Ο Ρα- και ένα ξομολογεμαι
ther, Lord of Heaven and σοι, πάτερ, κύριε τη δρα-

νά και της γης. Athanar:
And again; The Son contra Gentes.
(fays be ) when he came Ελθων 5ο υος, έχ εαυ-
into the World, glori- τον, αλλα και πατέρα έδό-
fied not Himself, but his
Father; saying to a cer•

ξασεν, λίγων μεν το προtain Perfon who came σερχομύω, Τι με λέγεις to him, Why calleft thou αγαθών και άδεις αγαθός, ο me, Good? there is none μη εις, ο Θεός αποκρινόGood, but One, that is μια και τα ερωτώντι, God! And to another, noiz Ev TÖRN és te vóuego that asked Which is the

μείζων, ότι”Ακαε Ισραήλ,
great Conimandment in
the Law ; giving this An- κύριβ, ο Θεός σε κύριG.
swer, Hear o Israel, the ciszk.

τες και μα-
Lord tly God is One θητας διδάσκων, ότι και
Lord: And - teach- πατήρ με μείζων με δι'.
ing his Difciples, fay- Athanaf: Οrat. 3. contra
ing, My Father is grea- Arianos.
ter than 1.


is y TÒ Ego

3. Mar. xii, 32. There is 't One God, and

there is none other but He.

+ Viz. Strictly and properly, in the absolute and Supreme Sense, 'AUTÓDEG. As Athanafius well comments upon this place. For, (faith be,) there is "Els 78 Jets 637, BY EX *'sin One God, and there is aan ariv autě. "OTE None other but He: And yếu Máquinézeta & wewhen the Scripture faith, we Oeds, xij ētu Eis Jeds and that there One God, and I am the first, and I'm gw usta tæūta, xeaw the lat, thefe things λώς λέγεται. “Εις ο θεός are well poken : For He και μένα και πρωτός Κιν is the One God, and the 'Oux cisárcópeow zeg ys Only one, and the Firft. négétac un dévoito. Es! And yet these things do

αυτός τω ' ty of the son: For He local co vše Mirco, is το also is in That One and 'Evds is Míns is Tiquit's rej First and Only God, as súa róze in dožice is being the only Word and enougaono cov. Atha: Wisdom and Brightness of naf. Orat. 3. contra Arianos the Glory of Him who

is the One God, and the only one, and the First. 4. Joh. v, 44.!

and seek not the Honour that cometh from God only;[ Tð Móv Oeš, from the Only God.]

not destroy the Divini- 70 xy eurós és tô Eyd is


xvii, 3. That they might know Thee the + Only true God, and [that they might + know] Jesus Christ whom Thou haft fent.

+ The True God, (faith Τον αληθινόν και όντως 'Athanafius,) who is most inta gičn, Xessa

B 2


ftri&tly and absolutely watépz. Arbanas. contra. such ; even the Farber of Gentes. Cbrift. And again: The Know

Της πρός ή ένα και μόledge (faith be) of the νον αληθινόν Θεόν γνώσεως, One and Only True God, λίγω το Χρισ& παI mean the Father of Chrift.

τέρα. a. Ιbid. And again: He whom

Τον παρ' ημών προσκυνε preach and workhip, νέμνον και κηρυττόμενον, (faith hc) is the Only τέτον μόνον είναι Θεόν αTrue God, the Lord of ληθή, τον και της κτίσεως all Creatures, and the κύριον, και πάσης ιπτάAuthor of all Being: And Who elfe is That, but σεως δημιεργών. Τις εν the most Holy Father of

6ξιν έτG., αλλ' ή οπαChrit, even He who is ναγια και υπερέκεινα σάfar above all derivative σης γεννητής οσίας και το Being? who, as an ex. χεις πατήρ ; δεις καθάcellent Governor, go- περάρις κυβερνήτης, τη verns and preferves eve- ιδία σοφία και των ιδίω λόrything every where, and disposes and does every z Tel Kuci úniêrInos thing according to his Χρισώ τα πανταχό κυown Pleafare, by his own βερνά σωτηρίας, και διαWifdom and his own κοσμεί, και ποιεί, ως αν Word, even by our Lord αυτό καλώς έχειν δοκή. Jesus Christ.

Id. Ibid. And long before Him, O Λεκτέον και αυτοίς, ότι rigen; To thefe then tbte pefi 201608Q : Oebs (Says be.)[yiz. who charge 37 decãię wij o ovrhe çre us with believing Two Gods,] we must reply,

σιν εν τη προς ταατέρα that He which is God ή ευχή, ίνα γινώσκωσί σε Himfelf, isThat God; For και μόνον αληθινόν Θεόν,

which reason our Saviour mér zo entre ad ’Au? & ays in his Prayer to his. θεG, μετοχή της εκείνα


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