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26. I beseech you to call upon God the Fa- In the OFther, through our Lord Jesus Christ; that,

Baptism, of his bounteous mercy, he will grant to The Exthis Child,

that he may be baptized hortation. with Water and the Holy Ghost.

The ift

27. Almighty and everlasting God, who by the Baptism of thy well-beloved Son Collect. Jesus Christ in the river Jordan, didst sanctify Water to the inystical washing away of Sin ; - Wash this Child, and sanctify 'him with the Holy Ghost.

Almighty and Immortal God;

Re- The 2d ceive this Child, as Thou hast promised by Collect , thy well-beloved Son ;

that he may come to the eternal Kingdom, which Thou hast promised by Christ our Lord.

29. Almighty and everlasting God, heavenly Coll. after Father Give thy Holy Spirit to

the Gospel. this Infant,

through our Lord Jesus Chrift.


30. Seeing this Child is

Baptism. into the Body of Chrifts Church, let us

grafted After the

give thanks unto Almighty God &c. Our Father &c. We yield Thee hearty thanks, most merciful Father, that it hath pleased Thee to regenerate This Infant with thy Holy Spirit.

In the Ca

31. I heartily thank our heavenly Father, techism. that he hath called me to this state of Sal

vation through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

32. What desireft thou of God in this Pray

er ?

Answ. I defire my Lord God our heavenly Father,--through our Lord Jesus Christ.

33. Confirma Almighty and everliving God, who hast tion.

vouchsafed to regenerate these thy Servants by Water and the Holy Ghoft;. strengthen them, we beseech Thee, O Lord, with the Holy Ghost the Comforter.

Almighty and everlasting God;

let thy Fatherly hand

ever be over - let thy Holy Spirit ever be with them, through our Lord Jesus Chrift.

them ;

35. 0. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God Matrimoof Jacob, bless these thy Servants, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

пу. :


O Father of Mercies, and God of all In Visitato
Comfort; strengthen him
with thy Grace and Holy Spirit.
Give him ftedfast Faith in thy Son there is

of Sick The Coll. when

small hope

Jefus &c.

37. O Almighty God, faithful Creator The Coma and most merciful Saviour. Wash it mendatory,

Prayer. in the Blood of that Immaculate Lamb. + See Part I. No 244 & 255.

38. O merciful God, the Father of our Lord In the Bus

rial Office that we may Jesus Chrift; ceive that Blessing, which thy well-beloved Son shall then pronounce, &c.

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39. That Will and Ability is given of God in the of alone: Therefore ye ought and have need

daining of to pray earnestly for his Holy Spirit.

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Priests; The Exa hortation

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40. And that you will continually pray to God the Father, by the Mediation of our only Saviour Jesus Christ, for the heaven. ly asistance of the Holy Ghost.


The Hymn

That through thy [ the Holy Ghost's ]

help, Gods praises may Refound in every place."

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Kindle our Hearts with fervent zeal

To serve God day and night.

er after the

43. The Pray. Almighty God and heavenly Father, who

of thine infinite love and goodness tohymn.

wards us, hast given to us thy only and most dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ, to be our Redeemer;

We render unto Thee most hearty Thanks, we praise and worship Thee ; and we humbly beseech Thee by the same thy blessed Son, ---that we may daily increase and_go forwards in the Knowledge and Faith of Thee and thy Son, by the Holy Spirit.

44., Thy only and most dearly beloved Son Jefits Christ. who

sent abroad

broad into the World his Apostles,
to set forth the eternal Praise of Thy ho-
ly Name.

The principal Pasages, wherein is ex-

presed the Subordination of the Son to ton
the Father ; his deriving his Being, Glo"?
ry and Powers, from Him ; being sent,
by Him ; and acting in all things, accord-
ing to His Will.


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Hou sittest at the right hand of God, Te Deum in the Glory of the Father.


And fitteth on the Right hand of God the Apokles

Creede Father Almighty.

The Son is of the Fatber alone,

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He sitteth on the right hand of the Father
God Almighty ; [Tate's Jis tavloregéloegs,
Dd 2


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