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mystery of GOD and of the Father, and of Cbrist. [Gr. 78 ges is wateġs, is 78 XeI5ô of GOD, even the Father ; and of Christ. As appears from the Disposition of the Article,

78.] 216. Col. ii, 12. The Operation of GOD, who

hath raifed Him [Chrift] from the dead.


iii, 1. Where Chriftsitteth on the right hand of GOD.



3. Your Life is hid with Christ, in

219. 17. And whatsoever ye do in Word

or Deed, do all in the Name of the Lord Jefus, giving thanks to GOD and the Father by him.

220. iv, 3. That GOD would open unto

us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ.

1 Thef. i, 1. Which is in GOD the Father, and in the Lord Jesus Chrift. Grace be unto you and peace from GOD our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.



3, hope in our Lord Jefus Chrift, in the fight of GOD and our Þather.


I Thes


the beginning chosen you to Salvation, thro' sanctification of the Spirit, and belief of the Truth;

Whereunto he called you by our Gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord

Jesus Christ. 240. 2 Thef. ii, 16. Our Lord Jesus Christ him. self, and GOD even our Father.

iii, 5. The Lord direct your Hearts into the Love of GOD, and into the patient waiting for Chrift,

See N° 624 242. I Tim. i, 1. By the Commandment of

GOD our † Saviour, and [ of the ] Lord
Jesus Christ which is our Hope.

† See N° 244,2550 243.

2. From GOD our Father, and Jesus Christ our Lord. 244.

ii ; 3, 5. This is good and acceptable in the Sight of GOD our Saviour,—.

For there is One GOD; and One MediaY tour between GOD aná Men, the Man

Christ Jefus.

Note, In This Epistle, and That to Titus, God the Father is frequently stiled God eur Saviour, and sometimes in the very fame Sentence, wherein he is joined with, and distinguish'd from, our Lord Jesus Chrift: As ch. i, 1, God our Saviour, and the Lord Fesus Christ : And Tit

. 3 ; 4, 6, God our Saviourgthrough Jesus Christ our Savinner. See No 255.

1 Tim.


245. 1 Tim. V, 21. I charge thee before GOD, and the Lord Jefus Chrift.

vi, 13. I give thee charge in the Sight of GOD, who quickneth all things; and before Christ Jefus, who before Pontius

Pilate witnessed a good Confession, 247. 2 Tim, i, 1. Paul an Apostle of Jesus

Cbrift, by the Will of GOD, according to

the Promise of Life, which is in Christ Jesus. 248.

2. Grace, Mercy, and Peace, from GOD the Father, and Christ Jesus

our Lord.


7, 8. GOD hath not given us the Spirit of Fear ;

Be not thou therefore asham'd of the Testimony of our Lord.


8, 9. GOD who hath fayed us, and called us in Christ Jesus. 251. iv, 1. I charge thee therefore be

fore GOD, and the Lord Jesus Christ. 252. Tit. i; 1, 2, 3. Paul a Servant of GOD, and an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Which GOD that cannot lie, promised,

-Which is committed unto Me, according to the Commandment of GOD our Saviour. + See N° 244, 2550


D 3

253. Tit. i; 4. Grace, Mercy, and Peace,

from GOD the Father, and the Lord Jesus
Christ our Saviour,

254 ii; 10, 11, 13. Adorning the Do&rine
of GOD our † Saviour in all things;

For the grace of GOD, that bringeth
Salvation, hath appeared to all Men.
looking for

the glorious appear-
ance of * the great GOD, and [of] our Sa-
viour Jesus Christ.

+ See N° 244
* See N° 395



255. iii ; 4, 6. The Kindness and Love of

GOD our † Saviour, Which he shed on
us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Sa-

+ See No 244
256. Philemon, 3. Grace to you and Peace

from GOD our Father, and the Lord Jesus


4, 5. I thank my GODHearing of thy Love and Faith, which thou hast toward the Lord Jesus,

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258. Heb. i; 1, 2. GOD hath in these last

days spoken unto us by his Son.


259. Heb.i;6,9. And let all the Angels of GOD worship Him, [viz. Christ.]

- therefore GOD, even thy GOD, hath anointed thee with the oyl of gladness

above thy fellows. 260. ii; 3,4. Which at the first began to be

spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;

GOD also bearing them witness with divers Miracles and Gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own Will.



That He (viz. Jesus,] by the grace of GOD, should taste Death for

every man.

262, 13. Behold, I (viz. Christ,] and the

Children which GOD hath given me.

263. 17. That he ["Christ] might be a mer

ciful and faithful High-Priest, in things pertaining to GOD.

264. iii ; 3, 4. For This man (viz. Christ] was

counted worthy of more glory than Mofes, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house, hath more honour than the house.

For every house is builded by some man ; but + He that built all things, is GOD.

+ The Comment of Grotius and of Moft Others up, on this place, is very obscure. The Meaning is:MD4


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