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tude, [namely, as the dicen ja yõ, ás v di coóLight of the Sun, and of alge rij eixóvo, ÉTidswexpéve. an Image of the Sun feen Demonftr. Evangel. lib. 5, 6.4. in a Glass, is but One ;] And there is but One God, vix, be who exists of Himself without Cause and without Original, and who is manifested by bis Son as by a Glass and an Image.

And again: Though the T8 48 προς ημών ομολογιSon (saith he) is by us aco' jévé Oeši oss åv Jevolto puóknowledged to be God, yet ro Orlso črãro ó révo [properly speaking) there årazzo xý égévnto, o * i but One God only: [ση, θεότητα οικείαν κεκτημένα, there is but One, who is dutyS TE TS vico ij xj the Only God;] even He

τα τόιωσε ή γεγονώς αιτια. . wbe Alone is Underived

This Beds, ' ó poand Unbegotten, wobo batb

νογενές πατήρ. .

óxicos bis Divinity of Himself, and is the cause borb of indivo uóve, o undéve dva'rbe Son's Being, and of his facer, punde sauti cTi0v @Teegr being Wbat he is, (viz. of tryegoóuevo; oreúdy de ry his being God.]

Thi άναρχον και αγέννητον η μοis the One God, even the vasxexñs serias q gcótute Father of the only-begot- neulnuéva, tas of édurš ten Son.

Is not He θεότητός τε και ζωής μελαδές. lone the One God, who re móvor dandırdy Osor acknowledges no Superior, siya ay biuãs did doner. De no Cause of his Being; but ecclefiaft. Theol. lib. 1.6. 11. barb bis Divinity and Su. preme Dominion absolutely of Himself, underived and unbegotten; and communicates to the Son, both bis Divinity and Life? --- whom the Son bimself teaches us to acknowledge as the Only True God? [fob.

17, 3:]


And again:The Son bima 'Aurès o yds sj laurš in Seo's relf declares the Father to τον αυτ8 πατέρα διδάσκει be even His God alfo.-----die doel is oeds. Tā 'ExAnd therefore the Church randiga

- κηρύττεται. Ιbidpreaches, ibat there is but lib. 2. c.7. One God.

And again: As all other Πάντα ταυτα παρά στα παthings, so the Glory of bis Tej's nebeve duar te sjef Divinity also bas be re JÓTnT NEQv, á's dy uds ceived by communication γνήσια και μονογενής, ειληφώς from the Father, as a lexeo Ax' xj o ratne reeg true and only Son. But the tivo lange ndutav ĝ dutes, Father did not receive His dexà xej nga zj ella stes isofrom Any; but being Hima Säv, sinóras. xj xóvo ive: Self the Original and Foun

γορεύοιτο αν Θεός. ibid tain and Root of all Good, is rberefore juftly stiled the One and Only God.

And again : The Church 'Hernancia \ && cdy preaches the One God, and κηρύττεις αυτόν ή και πατέthat He is the Father and και παντοκράτορα διδάσκει Supreme over All, and that

sy 'inošu Xeesom Jesus Christ,irGod of God. Otor én s5. lib. 1. 6. 8.

And again: The Apostle Έιπων αυτών εικόνα και Θεέ, tiles Chrift the Image of ίνα μή τις δύο Θεός σολάβει God, tbat no Man might 1), exa' vc tem reytw. imagine Two Gods, but One 98 is oeds, xj 6x tsu ŠTE only, even Him who is over egs many duro, dutis à'y

, αν η και All. For if there be. One side to ws Ni' eixóvo yra. God, and there be None SOMEG. Lib. i. c. 29. other but He; 'tis plain $15. This must be He, who is made known by bis Son as by an Image. And Athanafius : One

Otdyiydire. God, (faith he) and One Aógos. contra Gentes. (who is the] Word of God


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And again : The One Τον ένα και μόνον αληθινόν. . y and Only True God; I Ordr, -—-négw 1 ó meest mean, the Father of Chrift. Tarieg.' Ibid.

Again : That Jesus "OTI ó raguatais Kúelos ry Cbrit our Lord and God teda ripeão Inošs Xeesòs o reincarnate, is not the Fa- Thę šk ésiv, s'do (asis environ tber, nor, as the Sabelli. pcev) ó Móro Oloso eredue ans would bave it, [That recept ugốolv år tão negoci, fame Person who is Itiled] yêr að Oső Taggegovótae the Only God; This the κηρύττεσαι, και περί πατρός αιει Holy Scriptures every where διαλεγόμενον επιδεικνύεσαι, teftifie; Declaring, that it taega Tate's éaniu dévoue quéwas the Son of God, which

σκοντα, και προς πατέρα απιά. came in the Flesh; and

ναι, και δεν το μηκύνων παthat be always spake of bis Father, and profefed that eατιθέμενον μαρτυρίας πάνbe came forth from bis Fa

τα γο, ως ειπον, τα ευαγγέλια tber, and was to return to rỳ ás Les Sposórar recepci bus bis Fatber.

TO OUVTÉV806. contra Sce In proof of στο συντώνεσι. wbicb, there is no need to bellianos.

. allege particular passages; For (as I said; all the

Gospels, and all the Writings of tbe Apostles tend to this very point. Again: There is but

“Εις Θεός, ότι και πατής ξς One God, because the Fa- deos ö rý vòsTaurtinta #xwr ther is but One ; yet is ws vos reg's ratéegt. - Ibid. the Son also God, having such a Sameness as that of a Son to a Fatber.

Again : Because He ona "Ott uóva ágévrnto, ry ly (viz. the Father] is móvo Angni Jeórnto, doce unbegotten, and He only is στον αυτόν μόνον Θεόν. the Fountain of Divinity; Ibid. iberefore He is stiled the Only God.

onyfii Alex.

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Again : What perfox, Τίς ανθρώπων ακέσας παρα when he bears Him, whom T6T* ővériseuos jóvor en Isèr, be believes to be the Only λέγοντG-, ετός όξιν ο ιός με ó God, Say, This is my beo agatytos, tunjho e titev, ott loved Son; dares affirm, o po deš aó9 0 F xx vtwr that the Word of God, was

Dégover; De sententia Dimade out of Norbing ?

And again: When there "Οτε γύν μόνα λέγεται και fore the Father is ftiled the nathe Deds, sej ŐTL es deos 031, Only God, and the Scri: &c. contra Arian. Orat. 3. pture says that there is Onc God, &c.

And again : We ac Μίαν άρχήν διδαμε», τόν τε knowledge but One Original smuleggòr nógov pdorousv x of Things; and affirm that śreeg Trva Teymon éxev Jsóthe Creating Word bas no TITO, ñ tñ uovo Jes, dice other fort of Divinity, but to IE curt repuxércu. Ibid. That which be derives from the Only God, as being Begotten of bim.

And again: The One "Ets Geòs ó natiséq' cauGod, is tbe Father; who τώ ών κτ π οπι πάνων - και exifts by Himself, as-be

εν τω υ δ φαινόμενG, &c. ing nver All; and is ma Ibid. nifested by his Son, &c. And again :

Because 'ETHN is én o cã fsós 631, Christ is God of God, there - die foto's Icos e tais fore the Scripture declares θείαις γeαφαίς καταγγέλλεthere is but One God: Tell. Tð śròs 28 geš vòs är ó For, the Word being the aby G, &c. contra Arian. Son of the One God &c.

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Orat. 4.

And Hilary: The Son's Non enim Patri adimi. being

God, does not binder tur, quod Deus Unus fit, the Father from being the quia & Filius Deus fit; One God; For He is therea ob id unus Deus, quia ex se fore the One God, because Deus. Hil. de Trin, lib. be is. Self-existent God.


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And again : We profess · Confitemur-Deour Belief in One God; um unum;

quia becau se upon ac

auctoritate innafcibilitatis count of bis Self-existence Deus unis est. Id. de Sybe (viz. the Father) is the nod. One God.

And Epiphanius: Do ουχ οράς, ότι δε θεός 35 yoις not perceive bow there και τα πάντα και ημάς εις αυτόν, ,

Words, There is One God, πώς ή μίαν άρχήν σημαίνει και
of whom are all things, Hæref. 57.
and we in him, show there
is but One Original of Things?

And Gregory Nazian *Εις & θεός, εις έν αιτιον και
zen: There is but One “š ry eyir tréujero erec-
God; the Son and the Ho- peeguérwy. Orat. 29.
ly Ghost being referred to
the One Cause, (Namely, as being divine persons by
whom the One God, or One Cause and Original of
Things, made and governs the World.]

And Augustin: But what · Sed quid agimus de illo shall we do (faith he) with testimonio Domini? Patri that Testimony of our Lord? enim dicebat, & Patrem For 'twas the Father be nominaverat ad quem lofpake to, and 'twas the Fa- qucbatur, cùm ait; Hæc ther be directed bimself to, eft vita æterna, ut cogwhen he said; This is Life nofcant te Unum verum eternal, that they may Deum. De Trin. lib. VI. know Thee the One True cap. 9. God.

And, among later Di .Patrem fic vocari Unum vines, Zanchy:

The Father & Solum Deum nat' ogáo. (faith he) is called the One de trib. Elobim, lib. s. and Only God, by way of c. so. Eminence.

And the learned Bishop Pearson : That One God (faith he) is Father of All; and to us there is but One God, the Father. Expos. on the Greed, pag. 26... ::

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