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I.... A Discourse concerning the designed Establishment of

a New Colony to the south of Carolina, in the
most delightful country of the Universe.By
Sir Robert Mountgomry, Baronet. London:
Printed in the year 1717.


II...A Brief Account of the Establishment of the Colony

of Georgia, under General James Oglethorpe,
February 1, 1733. Washington: Printed by
Peter Force....1835.


III....A State of the Province of Georgia, attested upon

oath, in the Court of Savannah, November 10,
1740. London: Printed for W. Meadows, at
the Angel in Cornhill, MDCCXLII.


IV....A True and Historical Narrative of the Colony of

Georgia, in America, from the first settlement
thereof until this period: containing the most
authentick facts, matters, and transactions there-
in: together with his Majesty's charter, repre-
sentations of the People, letters, &c.; And a
Dedication to His Excellency General Ogle-
thorpe.By Pat. Tailfer, M.D., Hugh Ander-
son, M.D., Da. Douglas, and others, Landhold-
ers in Georgia, at present in Charles-town, in
South-Carolina. Charles-town, South Carolina:
Printed by P. Timothy, for the Authors, 1741. 80

V... An Account shewing the Progress of the Colony of

Georgia, in America, from its first establish-
ment.Published per order of the Honorable
the Trustees. London: Printed in the year
MDCCXLI.Maryland: Re-printed and sold
by Jonas Green, at his Printing-Office, in An-

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V Vi.... Nova Brittania: offering most excellent fruites by

planting in Virginia.-Exciting all such as be
well affected to further the same. London,
Printed for Samuel Macham, and are to be sold
at his shop in Pauls Church-yard, at the signe
of the Bul-head....1609.


VII.... The New Life of Virginea: Declaring the former

successe and present estate of that plantation, be-
ing the second part of Nova Brittania.Pub-
lished by authoritie of his Majesties Counsell of
Virginea. London, Imprinted by Felir Kyngs-
ton, for William Welby, dwelling at the sign of
the Swan, in Pauls Church-yard....1612.


Vill.... The Beginning, Progress, and Conclusion of Ba-

con's Rebellion in Virginia, in the years 1675
and 1676. Washington: Printed by Peter Force,


IX....An Account of Our Late Troubles in Virginia,

written in 1676, by Mrs. An. Cotton, of Q.
Creeke. Published from the original manu-
script, in the Richmond (Va.) Enquirer, of 12
September, 1804. Washington: Printed by Pe-
ter Force....1835.


X.... A List of those that have been Executed for the Late

Rebellion in Virginia, by Sir William Berkeley,
Governor of the Colony. Copied from the ori-
ginal manuscript. (Harleian collection, codex
6845, page 54,) in the library of the British
Museum, London, by Robert Greenhow, Esq.,
of Virginia. Washington, Printed by Peter


XI....A Narrative of the Indian and Civil Wars in Vir-

ginia, in the years 1675 and 1676.-Published
from the original manuscript, in the first volume
(second series) of the Collections of the Massa-
chusetts Historical Society. Boston: Printed
by John Eliot, No. 5, Court street....1814.


XII....New Englands Plantation : or a short and true de-

scription of the commodities and discommodities
of that countrey.--Written by a reverend Di-
vine now there resident. London, Printed by
T. C. and R. C. for Michael Sparke, dwelling
at the signe of the Blue Bible in Greene Arbor
in the little Old Bailey.... 1630.


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XIII...A Petition of W.C. exhibited to the High Court

of Parliament now assembled, for the propaga-
ting of the Gospel in America, and the West
Indies; and for the setling of our Plantations
there; which Petition is approved by 70 able
English Divines ; also by Master Alexander
Henderson, and some other worthy Ministers of
Scotland. Printed in the yeare 1641.


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