The US Antifascism Reader

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Bill Mullen, Christopher Vials
Verso Books, Jan 7, 2020 - Political Science - 384 pages
Since the birth of fascism in the 1920s, well before the global renaissance of "white nationalism," the United States has been home to its own distinct fascist movements, some of which decisively influenced the course of U.S. history. Yet long before "antifa" became a household word in the United States, they were met, time and again, by an equally deep antifascist current. Many on the left are unaware that the United States has a rich antifascist tradition, because it has rarely been discussed as such, nor has it been accessible in one place. This reader reconstructs the history of U.S. antifascism into the twenty-first century, showing how generations of writers, organizers, and fighters spoke to each other over time.
Spanning the 1930s to the present, this chronologically-arranged, primary source reader is made up of antifascist writings by Americans and by exiles in the U.S. - some instantly recognizable, others long-forgotten. It also includes a sampling of influential writings from the U.S. fascist, white nationalist, and proto-fascist traditions. Its contents, mostly written by people embedded in antifascist movements, include a number of pieces produced abroad that deeply influenced the U.S. left. The collection thus places U.S. antifascism in a global context.


The Politics of Backlash and a New United Front
Can It Happen Here? US Antifascism in the Time
David Gould What Can We Expect from Hitler? An Estimate
Harry Ward Fascism and Race Hate 1934
Georgi Dimitrov Working Class UnityBulwark against Fascism 1935
William Z Foster Fascist Tendencies in the United States
W E B Du Bois Writings on National Socialism 1936
Civil Rights Congress We Charge Genocide 1951
Political Committee of the Socialist Workers Party Fascist
Alson J Smith The McCarthy Falange 1954
Asa Carter and Jesse Mabry The Southerner 1956
Asian American Political Alliance Concentration Camps USA
Black Panther Party Call for a United Front against Fascism

Charles Coughlin Not AntiSemitism but AntiCommunism
Felix Morrow All Races Creeds Join Picket Line 1939
Avedis Derounian Mobilizer and Queens Christian Front Street
Avedis Derounian America First MeetingManhattan Center
Antifascism and the State 19411945
Henry Wallace The Danger of American Fascism 1944
W E B Du Bois Negros War Gains and Losses 1945
Aimé Césaire from Discourse on Colonialism 1950
AntiFascism in the Age of Neoliberalism
Barbara Ehrenreich Foreword to Male Fantasies 1987
AntiRacist Action AntiRacist Action Primer 1999
Sam Miller Lipstick Fascism 2017
The Nightmare
Mark Bray Trump and Everyday Antifascism beyond Punching
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About the author (2020)

Bill V. Mullen is Professor of American Studies at Purdue University. He is the author of James Baldwin: Living in Fire (forthcoming, Pluto Press); UnAmerican: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Century of World Revolution and Afro-Orientalism. He is co-editor, with Ashley Dawson, of Against Apartheid: The Case for Boycotting Israeli Universities. His articles have appeared in Social Text, African-American Review and American Quarterly. He is a member of the organizing collective of USACBI (U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) and a founding member of the Campus Antifascist Network.
Chris Vials is an Associate Professor of English and Director of American Studies at the University of Connecticut-Storrs. He is the author of Haunted by Hitler: Liberals, the Left, and the Fight against Fascism in the United States (2014) as well as numerous pieces on fascism and antifascism in the United States. He has appeared on CBC radio, PBS, and NPR to discuss the history of American fascist and antifascist movements. He is also co-founder of the Neighbor Fund, a non-profit devoted to legal defense for undocumented immigrants in Connecticut.