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Published in accordance with an act of the Legislature under the

direction of

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Pursuant to the requirements of the constitution, the members-elect of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan for the year 1903 assembled in Representative Hall, in the Capitol, at Lansing, on the first Wednesday in January, the serenth day of January, 1903, and, in accordance with the law, were called to order by Lewis M. Miller, Clerk of the preceding House, at 12 o'clock ni.

Religious exercises were conducted by Rev. Mr. DeLamarter.

The following communication from the Secretary of State was read:

Department of State,

Lansing, January 6, 1903.

Hon. Lewis M. Miller, Clerk of the House of Representatives of 1901:

Sir-I enclose herewith a certified list of the names of the memberselect of the House of Representatives for the years 1903 and 1904, as shown by the returns from the clerks of the several counties of the State now on file in this office.


Secretary of State.


Allegan, First District-Alonzo W. Fisher.
Allegan, Second District-Theodosius Wade.
Alpena-James Francis.
Antrim-Daniel B. Oviatt.
Barry-John J. Perkins.
Bay, First District-Clarence L. Sheldoni.
Bay, Second District-John Washer.
Berrien. First District-John Lane.
Berrien, Second District-Nathan V. Lovell.
Branch-Frank D. Newberry.
Calhoun, First District-Lote C. Robinson.
Calhoun, Second District, William J. Foster.
Cass-Thomas T. Higgins.
Charlevoir--Robert T. Paddock.
Cheboygan-George D. Richards.


Chippewa-Robert N. Adams.
Clare District-Clare, Gladwin, Roscommon-Thomas G. Campbell.
Clinton—Levi P. Partlow.
Delta-George Gallup.
Dickinson-James B. Knight.
Eaton-Cornelius A. Hallenbeck.
Emmet-James L. Morrice.
Genesee, First District, Edward A. Walker.
Genesee, Second District-John J. Carton.
Gogebic-James S. Monroe.
Grand Traverse James H. Monroe.
Gratiot-Jolin W. Holmes.
Hillsdale-- Orville B. Lane.
Houghton, First District-William J. Galbraith.
Houghton, Second District-James C. Dunstan.
Houghton, Third District-Alvin D. Pettit.
Huron-Leonard R. Thomas.
Ingham, First District, David M. Nottinghan.
Ingham, Second District-Lawton T. Hemaps.
Ionia-Herbert E. Powell.
Iosco District-Alcona, Arenac, Iosco, Ogemaw_John J. McCarthy.
Iron District-Baraga, Iron, Keweenaw, Ontonagon-Charles H.

Isabella-Henry D. Wright.
Jackson, First District-Cassius M. Jenks.
Jackson, Second District-J. Russell Fisk.
Kalamazoo, First District-Sheridan F. Master.
Kalamazoo, Second District-Frank A. Osborn.
Kent, First District-Henry B. Vandercook.
Kent, First District-Jacob J. Van Zoeren.
Kent, First District-Jeremiah H. Anderson.
Kent, Second District Horace T. Barnaby, Jr.
Kent, Third District-Frank Ladner.
Lapeer-Charles B. Kidder.
Leelanau-Richard B. Reynolds.
Lena wee, First District-John H. Combs.
Lenawee, Second District-Alyah G. Stone.
Livingston-Silas H. Munsell.
Macomb—Ira G. Chapman.
Manistee -J. Herbert Read.
Marquette, First District-Thomas M. Wells.
Marquette, Second District-Charles J. Byrns.
Mason-Charles I. Harley.
Mecosta-Newton 0. Ward.
Menominee-Gideon T. Werline.
Midland-Justus Thorington.
Missaukee District-Kalkaska, Missaukee-Orville Dennis.
Monroe-Henry H. Herkimer.
Montcalm--Abram N. Shook.
Muskegon-Lincoln Rodgers.
Newaygo-Robert C. Wallace.
Oakland, First District.-Thaddeus D. Seeley.
Oakland, Second District-Andrew V. Austin.


Oceana-Edmond S. Randall.
Osceola--Frayer Halladay.
Ottawa, First District-Nicholas J. Whelan.
Ottawa, Second District-Millard Durham.
Presque Isle District--Crawford, Montmorency, Oscoda, Otsego,

Presque Isle-Earl B. Bolton.
Saginaw, First District-Leonard Baumgaertner.
Saginaw, First District-Andrew J. Scott.
Saginaw, Second District-Asa T. Sanderson.
Sanilac-Mark Willis.
Schoolcraft District-Alger, Luce, Mackinac, Schoolcraft-Archibald

Shiawassee-Charles E. Ward.
St. Clair, First District--Philip Eichhorn, Jr.
St. Clair, Second District-James Dunn.
St. Joseph--Gardner Powell.
Tuscola-William Kirk.
Van Buren-C. Spencer Adams.
Washtenaw, First District Byron C. Whitaker.
Washtenaw, Second District-.John P. Kirk.
Wayne, First District-Joseph Greusel.
Wayne, First District-John L. Batchelder,
Wayne, First District---Sheridan J. Colby.
Wayne, First District-Dexter M. Ferry, Jr.
Wayne, First District-George W. Duncan.
Wayne, First District--Edwin Denby.
Wayne, First District-John Shea.
Wayne, First District-Fred A. Hunt.
Wayne, First District-Walter C. Robinson.
Wayne, First District-Noble Ashley.
Wayne, First District-William N. Siggins.
Wayne, Second District-John S. Dohany.
Wayne, Third District-Frank S. Neal.
Wayne, Fourth District-Peter B. DeLisle.
Wexford District—Lake, Wexford-Earl Fairbanks.

I, Fred M. Warner, Secretary of State of the State of Michigan, do hereby certify that I have compared the annexed and foregoing list of all the members-elect of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, for the years 1903 and 1904, with the original returns, as transmitted to me by the clerks of the several counties of the State, and that it is a true and correct list.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the great seal of the State, at Lansing, this fifth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and three, and of the independence of the United States of America the one hundred and twentyseventh.


Secretary of State.

In accordance with the terms of the statute, all the members-elect of the House appeared at the Clerk's desk and took and subscribed the

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