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No. 1.

JANUARY, 1899.






(Read before the Massachusetts Homæopathic Medical Society, October 8, 1895.) Those who are trained for special work, who devote their thought and action toward treating diseases of certain definite parts of the body, take upon themselves responsibilities toward the medical profession, and particularly the homeopathic medical profession. One of these responsibilities I believe to be the study of remedies as affecting healthy and pathological states of these certain parts, their influence on the healthy tissues and their power in curing diseased conditions. Accuracy in first diagnosis, accuracy in after observation, and care in selecting those cases for internal remedial treatment which come within the scope of cure are of course essential. Clinical evidence is not always reliable, but when the curative effect of a drug has been repeatedly clinically verified by capable observers one is surely justified in attributing to this remedy curative powers. I give nothing original here, but can, I hope, add to the confidence reposed in a few of our homeopathic remedies, as exerting a restorative influence over diseases of the upper respiratory tract. For the sake of brevity, I will take up single diseased conditions rather than single drugs, giving a group of the remedies which have proven themselves reliable in those conditions with their several indications.

VOL. XXXIV.- No. 1.


Other remedies than those I have clinically proven effective may be indicated of course, but frequently the symptoms one finds are localized and constantly met, and those I may give here.

I have chosen for consideration the symptom nasopharyngeal catarrh because, although not a disease, it is a symptom of a variety of diseased conditions, and because the causes behind this symptom when recognized present a certain variety of pathological states, not all of them I believe curable by the internal indicated remedy alone. Perhaps we are most frequently called upon to prescribe for this symptom as found in children between the ages of three and sixteen years. In these cases, although the parent complains that the child has catarrh, further questioning will frequently develop these additional symptoms : mouth breathing, snoring, difficulty in articulation, slight deafness. Objectively, we find the patient rather pale in appearance, with a short upper lip, open mouth, and pinched look of the

An examination of the throat shows the tonsils to be more or less hypertrophied, enlarged follicles on the posterior wall of the pharynx, while the use of the rhinoscope or finger reveals an enlargement of Luschka's tonsil ; this hypertrophy may be in the nature of a soft mass nearly filling the nasopharynx, or partially obstructing the posterior nasal passages and Eustachian orifices, or it may be fibrous in character presenting numerous crypts and depressions. After cleansing away th

collected mucus the surface is seen to be reddened and irritated or perhaps pale and puffy. In many such cases I believe that surgical or other local measures must supplement or precede the internal remedy. Particularly is this necessary when mouth breathing is a prominent symptom; but even in this case the remedy is of importance, and a permanent cure without its use cannot be accomplished. I shall mention but three remedies for this condition, namely, calcaria carbonica, calcaria phosphorica, and calcaria iodata. These remedies I have proven as efficacious over and over again. The calcaria carbonica patients with fair complexion, flabby muscles, excess of adipose

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