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Ah Toscar's lovely heir! Thou only ray
That cheers my clouded soul depriv'd of day;
Fair solace of afflicted age! draw near, '
And to a deed that honours youth, give ear.

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What time Fingal in Morven held the sway, Long ere by years these locks were turn'd to grey!. Before the wind I plough'd the wave of night, Observing, as I steer'd, Con-calthin's light, For wild Fuärfed flew the winged ship, A woody land, surrounded by the deep, There then the generous Mal-orchol reign'd: He formerly Fingal had entertain'd; Who mindful of the favour, when inform'd That round his friend the rage of battle storm’d, Commanded Ossian, with a chosen train To join the monarch, and his cause maintain.

Arriv'd my ship, in Co-coiled I moor’d, And by a special herald sent my sword. The King receiv’d, and brighten’d at the view, For this the sign of Albion's aid he knew; Nor was it long before I met the chief, Who grasp'd my hand, and spoke these words in grief,

You call, brave warriors, on a man o'ercome,
When foes beleager his deserted dome,
Ton-thormod in Sar-dronlo holds his reign,
A land like this encompass’d by the main,


Whose warlike natives long employ'd our arms,
Till by my daughter Oina-morul's charms
Their leader smit; he sought her for a bride ;
But, hating the connexion, I denied.
At this enrag'd, his fury nought can stand,
With fire and sword he ravages the land:
You only come to witness our o'erthrow,
And see these tow'rs invested by the foe.


Fear not, said I, for Morven's sons are bold;
Like boys they come not battles to behold.
Though from this isle our country lies remote
The King of Selma has not yet forgot,
When by a tempest forc'd upon your shores,
You led him friendly to these regal tow’rs :
Nor did a gloomy cloud thy face appear,
Thy board regal'd, thy music charm'd his ear,
The favour to requite, he bade us fail
And in thy cause to perish or prevail.

Undaunted Chief of Trenmor's noble line, .
Thy words are like Cruth-loda's voice divine;
Who dwells in clouds above the starry sky,
And gives a calm, or bids the tempest fly.
Besides the son of Comal, many guests
Have in the hall partook Mal-orchol's feasts;
Yet they desert him, when the clanging sound
Of war approaches, and his foes surround.


To all the winds that sweep the hoary main,
A sail to spy oft have I look'd in vain..
One, only one of all my num'rous friends,
Affords assistance when the storm impends.
Thrice welcome then ;-come enter these our tow'rs,
Whatever they afford is freely yours:
Here, while the shady night extends her reign,
Attend to Oina-morul's pleasing strain.

The spacious dome with plenty stor’d we found; The voice of harmony the banquet crown'd; A num'rous choir compos’d the Monarch's band, Upon the harp arose his daughter's hand, And while with skill her fingers swept the strings, Her own sad tale the plaintive virgin sings. In silence I observ'd the beauteous fair, In graceful ringlets fell her shining hair ;

mining hair ; . . Her eyes in tears, that but increas'd their pow'r, Shone like two stars seen thro' an April show'r; . The sailor marks them as he ploughs the seas, And blesses to himself the heav'nly rays.

No sooner morn had streak'd the sky with red, Than my companions tow'rds the foe I led; Where rapid Tormul's tumbling waters roar, We found them posted on the rocky shore. To the loud sound of tall Ton-thormod's shield, They swift advanc'd to meet us in the field:


Ours not averse, a combat fierce began;
Chief clos’d with chief, and man encounter'd man.
Ton-thormod met me in the mingled shock;
Wide flew his steel, upon my helmet broke. ,
The chief o'ercome, I bound in leather bands,
And pris’ner gave him to Mal-orchol's hands.
The conflict o’er, the King with rapture view'd,
The prince a captive, and his host subdu’d.
Again at eve we shar'd the Monarch's feast;
Among the rest Ton-thormod sat a guest :
But mournful sat, revolving his defeat,
Nor durst the eye of Oina-morul meet.

The shell went round, till nature call'd for rest,
When in his own my hand the monarch press’d,
Then kind began: son of renown's Fingal,
Thou shalt not unrequited leave my hall.
One child is mine, the loveliest of her kind,
In person faultless, and complete in mind.
Espouse the fair; she will thy soul delight,
And shine in Selma a distinguis'd light.
Nor will the portion she can bring, disgrace
Her union with the great Fingalian race.

Thus friendly he; then left me to repose; But scarce laid down, my eyes began to close, Than sweetly breathing through the silent air, The sudden sound of music charm'd my ear,


Soft as the breeze that whirls the thistle's beard, And lowly whisp’ring in the grass is heard. The royal maid of Fuärfed it prov'd, . Who knew my soul by harmony was mov’d, And plaintive sung :-“ Who plac'd on yonder rock O’er rolling ocean casts a parting look ? 6 Upon the blast his hair disshevellid flies; “ His bosom heaves, with sorrow stream his eyes. " Retire, disconsolate youth, thy love is gone 66 To wander in a distant land unknown! “ Though fame extols that race of Kings, yet true 66 To her first love, she'll ever think of you; “ And doom'd in misery her days to end, “ Shall curse the fate that made our sires contend.“

Sweet voice, I said, forbear thy plaintive moan, Thou shalt not wander in a land unknown. Descended from the daring Trenmor's race, This bosom cherishes no passion base. It scorns to act a low ignoble part; And knowing now to whom inclines thy heart, Thy sire to mollify shall be my care ; Then ease thy fears, and back to rest repair.

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At break of day the captive Prince I sought, And to the presence of Mal-orchol brought, Whom I address'd:—Why treat a youth with scorn, Of worth, of bravery, and nobly born ?

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