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DECEMBER, 1894. Peace and the Quadruple Alliance.

By an Ex-Diplomat. The Position of the House of Lords.

By Lord Hobhouse. Walter Pater: A Portrait. By Edmund

The Carrying Trade of the World.

By Michael G. Mulbail.
Mountain Falls. By W.M. Conway.

DECEMBER, 1894. Lord Rosebery's Enterprise against

the House of Lords. By L, A. Atherley Jones, M.P. If the House of Commons were

abolished ? By Sidney Low. About that Skeleton. By H. D. Traill. Criminal and Prison Reform. By

Michael Davitt. Why I am not an Ignostic. By Pro.

fessor Max Müller. The Estate Duty and tbe Boaci

round it. By A. H. Hasrie. The Music of Japan. (With Examples.)

By Miss Laura A. Smith.
New Sources of Electric Power:

(1) Electric Energy direct from the Coal

fields. By B. H. Thwaite, C.E.

(2) Electricity from Peat. By J. Munro, C.E. The Decay of Bookselling. By David

Stott. Wanted, an Imperial Conference.

By Sir John Colomh, K.C.M.G. How to multiply Small Holdings.

By Lord Carrington and Harold E. Moore. Lord Bacon versus Professor HuxJey. By His Grace the Duke of Argyll. The Cry against Home Work. By

Miss Adá Heather-Bigg. Recent seience. (Diphtheria-Earthquakes-Flying Machines.) By Prince Kiopotkin To a Baby Kinswoiman. By Algernon Charles Swinburne.

The Late German Crisis.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

By Emma Marie Caillard,

The State as a Patient. By the Rt. Hon.

Sir Edward Pry. The Shepherd Beautiful. By William

A New Theory of the Absolute. II.

By Professor Seth.
The Fictitious French Claim

Madagascar. By Karl Bind. Leconte de Lisle. Ry F. Brunetière, Ed. itor of the Revue des Deux Mondes.



DECEMBER, 1894. Finaucial Facilities. By Robert Ewen Religion and Popular Literature.

By Rev. Thomas Hanoan. Sepulcrum Dulcissimi Cantoris. By

Rowland Thirimere.

The Art of Governing.




Foreign Views of Lord Rosebery :-

(1.) From a French Standpoint. By A ugus

tin Filon. (11.) From a German Standpoiot. By Pro

fessor Delbrück.
Robert Louis Stevenson : A Critical

Stady. By Stephen Gwynn.
A Threatened City-Pekin.

By M.
Rees Davies.
Modern Historians and their Meth-

ods. By Herbert A. L. Fisher.
Russia and the Balkan Peniusula.

By Edward Dicey, C.B.
A True University for London, By

Montague Crackan: horpe, Q.C.
The Crimea in 1854, and 1894. By

General Sir Evelyn Wood, G.C.B., V.C.
The Spread of Diphiberia. By Robson

Roose, MD.
Uganda and the East African Pro-

With Coloured Map. Ву
George S. Mackenzie.
The Heart of Life. Chaps. V.-VII. By

W. H. Mallock.
The Meaning of the American Elections. By

Fiancis H. Hardy.

The Enthusiast. By E. H. Lacon-Watson.
The London School Board. By Rev.

C. W. A. Brooke, M A.
Eirenikon to Socialists and Indi-

vidualists. By Principa! J. E. Symes, M.A. Ethical Tendeucies of Matthew Ar

nold's Poetry. By F. Bradfield. Truth about Female Sufl'rage

New Zealand. By Norwood Young.
Cultured colonisation. By Matthew

The Sexual Problem. By Barald Claydon.

“ Ought Private Lunatic Asylums to

be Abolished ? By J. F. G. Pietersen.

Contemporary Literature,

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JANUARY, 1895.

JANUARY, 1895 The Independent Labour Party. By | Russia and England. By Canon Mal J. Keir Hardie, M.P.

Coll. The Collectivist Prospect in Eogland. by Professor Grabam.

Recollections of James Anthony The Queen and Lord Beaconsfield.

Proude. By the late Mrs. Alexander Ireland By the Hon. Reginald B. Brett. Birds and their Persecutors, By Ouidat rh. Moral Aspect of DisestablishWomen under lolam. By Miss Lucy M. Garnett.

ment and Disendowment. By Canon Aurieular Confession and the Eng

Knox Little. lish Church. By the Rev. Canon Teignmouth Shore (Chaplain in Ordinary to the Sultan Abd-ul-Hamid. By ag Kastere

Queen). 'I be Paintings at Pompeli. By H. A.

Resident. Kennedy

Shakespeare and Furitanism, By Defne's " Apparition of Mrs. Veal." By George A. Aitken.

Professor J. W. Hales. Igbt Travelling in India. By Mrs. la gan.

Accident Insurance. By H. W. Wolf. St. Martin of Tours. By the Rev. Dr. Jessopp.

James Darmesteter. By M. Gaston Paris The Polítical Situation. By Sir Wemyss Reid.

The Colonial Conference. By Goldwin

Ntony Sinai. By E. N. Buxton.
The Triumph of Japan. By Professor
Robert K. Douglas.

The New Secularism. By Walter Walski,
Francesco Crispi: an Appreciation.
By Car W L Tiden late American Consui-

The Work of he London County General 11 RENNE).

Council, By Sidney Webb.


JANUARY, 1895.
In Memoriam: Dr. John Chapman.

JANUARY, 1895.
The Question of a Second Chamber:

A Short way with the House of
Lords. By J. G. Swift McNeill, Q.C.,

The House of Lords Since the

Reform det. By C. B. Roylance-Kent.
Rubinstein. By the Rev. H. R. Haweis.

Alien Immigration. By Geoffrey Drage.
Count Woltke, Field-Marshal. By
Sidney Whitman.

Lady Blennerha sett's "Talleyrando
By Frederick Clarke,

Historical Methods of Record Before

the Use of Written Characters, by
J. F. Hewitt
Wanted: A Newer 'Trade Unioniem,

By Matthew Stobart.
Wavted; A New Skepticism, By Sted-

dard Dewey.
Why New Zealand Women Get die

Pranchise. By Edward Recres.
The struggle for Healthy Seboels.

By Juseph J. Davies.
A Defence of the Modern Girl. By

One of them.
Towards the Appreciation of Emile

Zola. By E. C. Townshend.
Moscow in 1893.
The Cost of Elections. By T. Stapler

The Yosemite--Calirorpia's Wonder.

By Robert W. W. Cryan.
William Callen Bryant. By Thomas

Contemporary Literature.

Madagascar. By l'azaha.

The collapse of China at Sea. By (aptain S. Eardley. Wilmot, R.N.

The Crimea in 1854, and 1894. By
General Str Evelyn Wood, G.C.B.,V.C.

The Ethics of Shopping. By Lady Jeune.
The Heart of Life. Chaps. VIII.-XI.
By W. H. M llock.



Advertising Department.



MARCH, 1895.

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The Millstone Round the Neck of England. By William Laird

Clowes ("Nauticus'). The Good Sense of the English

People. By T. E. Kebbel. On some Legal Disabilities of Trade

Unious. By Bernard Holland. With Pres. atory Note by His Grace the Duke of Devon

shire. How to Organise a People's Kitchen

in London. By Edith Sellers. The Builder of the Ronnd Towers :

a Chronicle of the Eighth Century.

By the Hon. Emily Lawless. What is Church Authority? By the

Rev. Canon Teignmouth Shore. The Wanton Mutilation of Animals.

By Dr. Fleming, C.B. Rembrandt and Sir Josbua Rey

nolds. By Sir Cnarles Robinson (Surveyor of Her Majesty's Pictures). officers' Expenses in the Cavalry. By

the Right Hon, the Earl of Ainie. Written Gesture. (Witk Illustrative Fac

similes.) By John Holt Schooling. Maurice Maeterlinck. By Richard Ho

vey. The Chinese Drama. By George Adams. A Night in the Reporters' Gallery.

By Michael MacDonagh. Mr. Balfour's Attack on Agnosticism. By the Right Hon. Professor Huxley.

The Descent into Hadex, By Professor

Percy Gardner.

The Manchester School. By Goldwis


The English Failure in Egypt. By Cairene.

Experiences ofan Anglican Catholie.

The Meaning and Measure of « Unemployment." By John A. Hobson.

Religion and the State. By John Clut

ford, D.D.



MARCH, 1895. Presidents and Politics in France.

By Augustin Filon. Parliamentary Questions of the Day: (I.) Mr. Morley and the Irish Land Bill.

By T. W. Russell, M.P. (II.) Church Disestablishment. By H. M.

Bompas, Q.C.
Acting: An Art. By Henry Irving.
Lord Randolph Churchill. By T.H.S.

Two Modern Poets. By H. D. Traill.
Politics and the Poor Law.

By T.
Venetian Art at the New Gallery. By

Claude Phillips. The Method of Organic Evolution.

II. By Alfred R. Wallace, F.R.S. Stephane Mallarme. By Frederic Carrel. An Algerian Winter-Resort: Biskra.

By Major Arthur Griffiths. The Crisis in Newfoundland. By Rev.

William Greswell. The Heart of Life. CHAPS, XVII.-XX.

By W. H. Mallock. Correspondence:

Alien Immigration.-A Rejoinder. By Ar.

nold White. The Crimea in 1894 and 1894. By General Sir Evelyn Wood, G.C.B., V.C.

MARCH, 1895. The Evolution of Modern Society in

Its Historical Aspects. By R. D. Mel ville. History Told in the Arabian

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Nights. By J. F. Hewitt. Banks, Bankers, and Banking in North of England. By Robert Ewen. Should Capitalists Advocate State

Socialism? By W. Rhys Cole. The Bible in the Schools. By Rev. Wal.

ter Lloyd. A Tax on Ground Rents: Who

Would Pay It? By Ramsden Balmforth, The Tyranny of the Modern Novel.

By D. F. Hannigan, Modern Private Asylums. A De

feuce. By W. J. Handfield Haslett. The Ownership Vote. By Herbert T.

Wade. New Zealand-The Playground of the Pacifie. By Wm. Cunningham Mac.

gregor. Contem---ary Literature,


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Why do Americans think they must go abroad for fine scenery when they have so much grander at home? Make the trip to California by any line and you will see enough to keep you talking about it for years, but if you go via the Denver & Rio Grande railroad, which traverses more than a thousand miles of the Rockies, through its marvellous cañons and over its mountain passes, you will say that it is justly called the “Scenic Line of the World."

The journey “Around the Circle” on the Denver & Rio Grande road, from Denver to Silverton, Silverton to Ouray, and return to Denver; or Denver to Durango via the Denver and Rio Grande, Durango to Ridgeway via the Rio Grande Southern and return to Denver, comprises more noted and magnificent scenery than any other trip of similar length in the world.


The Scenic attractions “ Around the Circle" Denver, Castle Rock, Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs, Manitou, Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak, Cheyenne Mountain, Pueblo, Spanish Peaks, Veta Pass, Sierra Blanca, Phantom Curve, Toltec Gorge, Garfield Memorial, Indian reservations, Durango.

Via Rio Grande Southern Route-Mancos Valley and Cañon, Lost Cañon, the Cliff Dwellings, Dolores Cañon, Rico, Lizard Head, Trout Lake, Ophir Loop, San Miguel River, the Dallas Divide, Ridgeway.

Via Rainbow Route-Trimble Hot Springs, Animas Cañon, Garfield Peak, Needle Mountain, Silverton, Red Mountain, Ironton and Ouray Toll Road, Mount Abrams, Bear Creek Falls, Uncompabgre Cañon, Ouray.

Via Main Line-Uncompahgre Mountains, Cerro Summit, Cimarron Cañon, Black Cañon, Currencanti Needle, Chipeta Fall, Marshall Pass, Mount Ouray, Mount Shaveno, Sangre de Cristo Range, Salida, Grand Cañon of the Arkansas, Royal Gorge and Denver.

The Stage Ride—The stage ride forms one of the most attractive features of this most attractive journey, lasting only three hours, passing over the summit of ranges and through the depths of cañons, and the tourist will find this a welcome variation to method of travel and a great relief and recreation.

Write to H. E. TUPPER, Gen. Agent, No. 273 Broadway, New York, for mi

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