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have an organ of communication, called “The Journal of psycho-asthenics."

As the methods of teaching the feeble-minded and the other defective classes have become understood, they have modified the old methods of teaching children of normal intelligence. Child study is now interesting teachers, and already has led to the sending of many feeble-minded children to special schools for their training. The city of Providence, R. I., has recently led the way in a new movement, that of teaching in special classes the dull or backward pupils of the public schools. The movement is slowly spreading elsewhere, and, in justice both to the dull and the bright children, is of inestimable value, and, as such, is a hopeful sign of the times.?


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Note: A very radical experiment is being tried, particularly at the Kansas institution. The operation of castration has been performed on several boys, after which they have been found to be so improved that some were transferred from the custodial to the school department, some sent home.

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Statistics of schools for defective classes
Compiled from report commissioner of education 1896–77, 2: 2335-60

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