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This book had the potential to be disappointing after the great back cover and endorsement (I have seen this too many times) – but it was not. Instead, it was quite an incredible view of life
that seemed genuinely inspired.
The Book of Told is a deep read; it has so much in it that even as a seasoned reader I felt I had to stop and ponder before leaping back into it. I would be interested to see how it is received in a years’ time – I’d like to see it become a classic.
The author has layered the creative arts of writing a novel atop our world history, atop personal tragedy, and done so remarkably well. A deep insight and regard for God’s mastermind behind the plot of our existence flows throughout the story, leading the reader to feel an unquenchable longing for more of God’s presence. Internally, I was saying ‘yes, yes, yes!’ to the concepts drawn out in often beautiful prose, and as the end concluded with great satisfaction and theological accuracy. If the God the writer has described was glimpsed by more humans, we would observe a more public battle between God and the devil, and perhaps step into the fight “with our armor on” and a victory cry on our lips.
I would very much like to see more of this author’s work, and congratulate the stand that she has made against human trafficking. This was a huge undertaking for her eternal gain only. My prayers are for the success of this story and for many lives to be brought to freedom by this author’s passion.
Highly recommended.

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