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Recent Inquiries in Theology)

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“A work, that, in a less pusillanimous age, would awaken admiring sympathy, as well as provoke open and spirited opposition. ... The social and official position of the authors, their learning, their abilities, and their sincerity, courage, and earnest, reverential spirit, as attested by their joint publication, entitle them to an unprejudiced and considerate hearing." - Westminster Review.

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" The theme are handled with great freshness and freedom, and sometimes with conspicuous ability. The writers are men, evidently, who have discovered that reason was given them to be used, and not to be trifled with; and that the highest problems in religion, philosophy, and cosmogony, are not to be settled by the literal sense of the Apocalypse or the Book of Genesis. Their doctrine is, that the race is a collective man, to outgrow, in time, the regulative discipline of childhood, and be moved by the Spirit within, and not subject to authority without; that the Bible is not a book of plenary inspiration, or Christianity a universal religion, specially authenticated in Palestine; but that God inspires men ever and everywhere; that there is only one kind of inspiration, and all good men have it, as well as prophets and apostles; and that the doctrines of the Church, such as the Trinity and the Fall of man, are to be held in the light of a philosophical rendering.'" - Monthly Religious Magazine.

“ It is a most significant fruit of modern scholarship and of robust courage given to the treatment of the issue between the old traditionary faith and the new knowledge. Dr. Hedge has furnished an Introduction to this American edition, in which he shows how thoroughly he masters the whole scope of its contents, and how gratefully he recognizes the noble vigor and spirit of its writers." Christian Examiner for November. (From advance sheets.)

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